Top 10 Best Lordi Songs

Top 10 songs by hard rock Eurovision winners Lordi.
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1 Hard Rock Hallelujah

Powerful song! This is their anthem and all in all a fantastic song! An underrated song that deserves more recognition because of how awesome it is. Starts off softly then turns into the great song it is.

Amazing song. The lyrics are fantastic and the instrumentals are simply outstanding. There is a reason that this song is their anthem. And there is a reason Lordi is among my all time favourite bands.

The first time I heard this song, it blows my mind! Now lordi is one of my favourite bands! Hard rock halleluja!

Not a fan of lordi but love this song.

2 Would You Love a Monsterman

A great song. It's fast, it's got awesome guitar and it's has great lyrics. Personally, I think it's one of their best songs. I do prefer "Pet the Destroyer" though.

Well this 1 is pretty awesome but you totally forgot to put a lot of good songs here... Beast lose in paradise, Bite it like buldog, Dead bugs bite...

How is this not number 1? It's easily their best song! Love the chorus, I can't listen to it without singing it. The insturments are perfect too. LOve that Guitar! ]

3 Blood Red Sandman

I LOVE this song. Even the music video is cool. This and Pet The Destroyer are my favorite songs by Lordi. Lordi forever!

Most awesome music video ever.. And the guitar and the beats match the video.. Top class!

This and Pet the Destroyer are the best!

Music video rocks and so does the song.

4 Devil is a Loser

This is a great song. But this guy on the lower part of the posts is saying that we are satanism please put thumb down for this guy

5 Beast Loose In Paradise

This song is very underrated! It's my favorite after Hard Rock Hallelujah.

6 Who's Your Daddy?
7 The Chainsaw Buffet
8 It Snows in Hell

Very good slow hard rock / old school metal song. I just love it the guitar kick ass, Lordi voice is amazing and the keybord create an amazing ambiance. Just love it

Simply the best of lordi song period. If you never heard this song go on ytube right now and listen to it.

One of the best hard rock ballad I've heard since a very long time.

This song is so awesome! I would place it in number 3, right after Blood Red Sandman

9 This Is Heavy Metal

The solo is epic

10 Not the Nicest Guy

Wow, this one is amazing. It has more positive atmosphere than most of Lordi's other songs. I love the guitar solo. Why "This Is Halloween" is on this list?

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11 Hate At First Sight

So catchy! Sick Song. Love his voice in this one

12 The Riff

The most powerful song can be written after a group of dead members.

Really, the riff hear is quite catchy.

13 Deadache
14 Rock the Hell Outta You
15 My Heaven is Your Hell
16 Pet the Destroyer

This is my other favorite song next to Blood Red Sandman. Both killer songs! These are songs I could never get bored with. Rock on!

Best song ever!

17 Night of the Living Dead
18 This Is Halloween
19 Bite It Lika a Bulldog
20 Mr. Killjoy
21 We're Not Bad for the Kids (We're Worse)

Best Opening Song they ever had! M/

22 Something Wicked This Way Comes
23 Get Heavy
24 Rock Police

They have the right to ROCK the hell out of us!

25 Sincerely With Love
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