Top 10 Best Five Finger Death Punch Songs

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1 The Bleeding

This is a well deserved #1. By the way it should be a criminal offense that "salvation" is not on this list.

I find it interesting that although I agree with this song being #1, I am not really too high on numbers 2-5 on this list. I prefer salvation, never enough, and many others instead.

Based on my opinion I couldn't tell you of any of their songs which one is the best. I do know that according to Jeremy Spencer's book this is the song that when Ivan Moody sang it, they knew they found the perfect vocalist for their band. For the reason of being the origin of an awesome band, this song is the best by far.

Great song when I'm at the gym, or wherever I am. Shows the idiots of the world how Five Finger Death Punch can do more than scream, and how they should start listening to good music like this, instead of their weak music that just talks about weed and themselves

2 Far from Home

This song is a masterpiece. It's short, but just awesome. Jason Hook is so awesome and Zoltan Bathory kicks ass at playing rhythm the vocals are perfect, and the drumming suits the song perfectly. I don't know enough about bass to critique the bass part but I would assume its good. The bass is the thing that you don't notice, but it gives the song punch and makes it pop out, so because of this I would assume the bass is good.

This should at least be top 5, its softer tone during the verses changes the traditional Five Finger Death Punch hard rock/metal ways. He actually sounds really good when he's not singing so hardcore (don't get me wrong hardcore is good too, that's what the chorus is for).

Far from home is not just the best song from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH but it is the best song in the world in my opinion, just feel the lyrics and get your self deep inside the meaning, simply beautiful voice and amazing drums mix, I just love this song more than any other because this is the only song, I hear 20 times and I still don't get bore of it! Simply it should be at the top...

3 Wrong Side of Heaven

I absolutely love this song. It's more that the music shows how good this song by showing just how much this band appreciates our armed forces. I loved how they used the music video to raise awareness of homeless veterans.

This has the best music video ever. This music video, along with all other Five Finger Death Punch music videos, actually make me emotional. They get the message across the better than any other band I've seen do.

This song does everything right. Beat, instrumental, lyrics, and vocals are all amazing but more importantly it's hard to not listen to this and be affected somehow.

Top 5 at least...

4 Under and Over It

Great combination of screaming and melodic singing. Ivan Moody has such a great voice, especially in combination with the instrumental in this song.

I absolutely love 5fdp. But this should be way way higher on the list. This explains exactly how I feel about a lot of things amazing song and just everything.

This is 1 of the best songs I've heard in a long time. The song title says "Under and Over It", But I never get over this song

5 Coming Down

It's very disturbing that thing song in #16. The vocals, the guitar, the lyrics, the mid-song breakthrough, all of that is masterful. Bad Company, The Bleeding, and Coming down are not only the best Death Punch songs; they are some of best Nu metal songs of the past few years.

I love "The bleeding" But "Coming down" Should be at number #1 in my opinion. The amazing instrumentals, meaningful lyrics, and a melody that fits perfectly with everything else makes for an incredible song! One of the only songs I never get tired of playing of repeat

This is, honestly, one of my favorite songs, ever. I absolutely love everything about it, and I believe the true meaning behind the song is a valuable message. This is their best song, and the reason I love this band so much!

6 Bad Company

In my perspective, this is my favorite cover by five finger death punch. They did it so much better than the original and I loved how Ivan Moody didn't use his heavy voice for the vocals.

Bad Company is one of Five Finger Death Punch's best songs. This song should be number 1 on the list. By the way, this song is also the best metal song out of the 2000's and they have very aggressive vocals and good guitar riffs, too.

Metal bands, in my opinion, do the best covers of classic rock hits. Bad Company is no exception. It is my favorite song by FFDP and really inspired me to listen to more of their albums. Deserves to be higher.

7 Remember Everything

I love this it hits deep in the feels and I personally know all the lyrics by heart that is how much I listened to this song on repeat. The lyrics are greatly sang by Ivan Moody his voice suits the guitar and the bass perfectly

It's like a letter that says 'I can't forget what happened, nobody can undo what happened, and what happened to me haunts me. I wish something, anything, could let me forget or stop the pain that I feel when I remember, but it's impossible. I'm sorry that I hurt you when I lash out in pain, I'm sorry that I let you down and I can't change. I'm fighting a war that only I can see, and as a result, I have to fight alone. I'm sorry.' This song is sort of my story in the struggle I have with PTSD.

Remember everything is very deep it just speaks to me. In my opinion this is the best song ever. It starts low then rough then low agian, it really plays with your emotions. Whenever I want to relax and hear real music well this song is always the winner. I can write days expressing and describing this song, so I just want to say that this song is amazing and it should be number 1.

8 Lift Me Up

Awesome song guys. Jeremy Spencer is an outstang drummer! Don't know how he drums as fast as he does. Five Finger Death Punch is a true example of a band that is going to be around for a long long time. If I could say anything to them person to person it would be,all of you remain friends 1st and foremost, and remember your doing this because you love music and you all have a message that needs sent to the world.
Love you guys, keep knocking them out!

This song was amazing I just heard it today and it rocked. Its original to because of rob halford who is a great singer (don't think he's as good as ivan) what I wonder is how is 5fdp not as famous as slipknot. I like both bands but 5fdp is definitely better epically when you workout. Its hard to listen to slipknot when you work out beat they really aren't that fast paced and intense as 5fdp

Amazing song, I listen to it daily, in the morning, after school, during dinner. I'm a big Five Finger Death Punch person! Recommend this this song to any rock song lover.

9 White Knuckles

Great song. By the way it is a shame that Salvation didn't make this list. Just saying. My top: 1-the bleeding, 2- never enough, 3-salvation.

This song not only the best their song it is anthem of them them. Its always number one, Hard to see number 2, the bleeding is 3, ashes is 4 and war is the answer 5

Only Metal Song they Have ever written truly laugh out loud. Ok the first album I guess was good but nothing else

10 Battle Born

This song is just... whoa. They completely outdone themselves with this song! Certainly deserves top 10 at least! The lyrics are so inspiring and meaningful, and if you're an Anti- Scream person like me, you don't need to worry, because this song doesn't have any of that. It's just an amazing song to say the least.

This song is the best song by FFDP with no doubt in my mind, and one of the bets songs I've ever heard, the interments, the melody, the voice the everything is beutiful while still having authority. It must be this low only because of how new this song is

If we can stop judging 5fdp by how much distortion they use and listen to what they are saying, this would be much higher on this list.

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11 The Way of the Fist

This song is not only my favorite 5FDP song but my favorite song ever. It combines excellent instrumentals, fast paced vocalists, and phenomenal lyrics. I can see why people chose the other songs, but I can't help but get pumped by this song!

Awesome song! I just love the lyrics because they are short and sweet. And the rhythm of the song just gets me pumped up every time I hear it!

Beastly song. This is the second song I've heard from FFDP and by far my favorite. War is the Answer, Burn it Down, and Salvation should be on this list.

12 The Pride

This song needs to be higher up on the list. This is by far one of there better songs, its faster and even if the lyrics are confusing they put so much time into it. I love the chorus lyrics, they are getting me through some depressing times right now.

Are you kidding me. It's the pride. This is my motivation song. It's so energetic and it's message is right on. I'm not saying that it's the best, but it should be a lot higher than this.

Thus is by far their best song!
I know its new and all but it is instantly and awesome song about today's life as a teenager!

13 Hard to See

I love how it is so easy for me to relate to this song. But it is equal with the rest with Bad Company (well the cover) and Far From Home. I much rather "War is the Answer" than "The Way of the Fist".

I found this song through guitar hero and ever since it has become my favorite song. I can truly relate to the meaning of the song and the song itself is nothing short of being bad***!

Amazing song, I can listen to this song at every mood, this song deserves to be number one, I can play it a thousand times and never get tired of it, love this song!

14 War is the Answer

I get a lot of worried look when I tell people that this is my favorite song too. Some people just don't appreciate that it takes talent to write and sing songs like this one.

At least top 5. This song is what Five Finger Death Punch emboddies. A head banging, Bass beating, God drumming, guitar soloing group that will please any metal head. This is by far one of their greatest masterpeices.

This is one of their best songs, head banging, awesome guitar, I mean really guys come on!

15 My Own Hell

This is one of their hardest and best songs. The fact it's not even in the top 10 and coming down is shows the kind of people who listen to FFDP now. A true gem like this shouldn't go unnoticed.

This song is deep and meaningful, but still heavy and easy to get pumped to. Definitely should be higher than this.

Describes everything I'm going through right now, just isn't a more perfect song right now.

16 Never Enough

5FDP is one of those bands that just about every one of their songs are their best, but they are never going to known over a lot of other bands. I know, its really stupid, but its hard to say what the best 5FDP song is.

My heart goes out to the person that had to feel such heart ache. Love the verse " l would rather you hate me for who am, than love me for who I am not". So true, never settle in love.

Seriously? 5fdp does have good slow songs but the more angry ones are the best! Why is this not in the top 10?

17 Blue on Black

I love the integration of country and metal in this song. I also like how they make it apparent when the move into the main chorus of the song unlike the original.

This should be way higher up on this list. One if their most iconic songs.

18 Walk Away

One of my favorites, right up there with Coming Down.

Why is this song 19? What?

19 Burn MF

Should be so much higher than this, great song. I love to listen to this when I'm burning things, it's my pyro song

Best five finger death punch song! Such a brutal catchy chorus!

The guitar riffs of this song are awesome the guitar solo is very original to my opinion at least

20 Salvation

This is simply the best or top 3. I don't think enough fans of this band have fully listened to their albums. They must have only bought the top sellers from 5FDP on itunes, I guess. Of course I'm old-school, and stop by my local best buy or order cd's from amazon, so I don't miss out.

I guess the top songs on this list are too calm for me. they are good songs too, but salvation is a true, heavy, slighly brutal and awesome metalcore-song which fits far better to five finger death punch

21 American Capitalist

I think that this song should be number one because it has lyrics that simply get suck in my head.

This song has to be one of the best off of American Capitalist! Has one of 5FDP's catchiest chorus too!

What can I say? It's the song that turned me on to FFDP, way back in 2011. My all-time favorite because of that.

22 Dying Breed

Not a doubt in my mind that this is one of if not the BEST song in 2009's War Is The Answer. I jam to this song every day and even then it doesn't get old.

Oh my God, where do I start? Even better than the bleeding. The chorus is amazing, and brings an even deeper meaning to the song. An awesome mix of brutal growls and singing. Best song!

I haven't heard all of their songs. But I have heard quite a lot of them and by far this is my personal favorite. a lot of energy, the lyrics are very good and I love the chorus.

23 Burn It Down
24 No One Gets Left Behind

Without a doubt one of the best songs written about the war in the Middle East. It really gets the message across that politicians are greedy cowards for putting the troops through hell for a lost cause. The chorus is catchy and just awesome in general. "Have you no honor, have you no soul? What is it they're dying for, do you really even know? ; Have you no backbone, have you no spine? What ever happened to NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND? "
The "HOORAH" two minutes in is also probably the single most bad-ass sound ever uttered in any FFDP song ever.

I think this song needs to be higher on the list.

This song spends a epic feeling!

25 The Devil's Own

Where did you go wrong, this song is a top 10 song for sure.

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