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1 Can't Hold Us

I love this song (the music video version, not the album version, because the music video version just has a better start and just gets better throughout). This is a song with a purpose, a song you listen to when going to fight, a song to get you ready and pumped for whatever it is you do. It doesn't hold back and, unlike some of the other songs, feels like it was made with literal passion.

I love Can't Hold Us. It's got a great beat and a hilarious video. If some guys are saying Thrift Shop is better than Can't Hold Us, why the heck is it number 1? I don't care what you think, this song is the best. I absolutely love it.

Here we go back, this is the moment, tonight is the night we'll fight till it's over so we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us. Can I kick it? Thank you. I'm so damn grateful. Laugh out loud!

Love this song (the music video is better than just the song) because it has such an epic feel to it. You can't help but get pumped after listening to it. Now again, if you're going to choose a version, go with the music video because the opening and ending have a better feel to it.

2 Same Love

This song brought me to tears. I'm straight but have always had friends and even family of different lifestyles. I have always believed no one has the right to tell you who to love! How ridiculous to deny any love in a world filled with hate, prejudice, and racism! Promote love, joy, happiness, compassion, peace, and equality for this sad planet!

Number 3? Really, had this song never existed, chances are, I never would've come out, because this is what I made my parents listen to while I did that. If this song never existed, I'd be in the closet my whole life, never would've gotten married to the love of my life (Chris), and my life would be a major bummer. This song seriously needs to be higher.

All of you out there that cannot accept LGBT marriages are all complete losers. I believe everyone has someone's love. I am not ashamed for being a bisexual. It doesn't make me a horrible and dishonored person. You are all of the ones who can't accept it.

Maybe you're just hiding on the inside that you are gay or lesbian, and that's all we know. Would you like it if we all made fun of you all being straight? I didn't think so.

3 Wing$

This is my absolute favorite song. Many rappers rap about drugs, drinking, and ignoring authority, but this is one of the few rappers who raps with meaning. What we wear doesn't define us. What we say defines who we are. An article of clothing that will be deemed "old school" within the next month shouldn't be the highlight of our lives.

I was once this person, and still am today, but this song has changed my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. I know Macklemore won't read this comment, but thank you. Words cannot describe how much I am thankful to have rappers like you influence this generation.

If you've ever played basketball or, well, lived life, then this song is for you. If you're not into rap, then this song will change that. It moved me to do what I dreamed of when I was a child and continues to motivate me to this day. If possible, watch the music video. Its impact on my life is incredible, and I hope it does the same for you and anyone else out there.

4 Otherside

Honestly, this song tells a story. It makes you cry. It makes you realize what's wrong in life and what we need to make better. Drugs are a big problem in the world and kill people daily. Otherside is a song to listen to. It's the best.

This song has a lot of meaning behind it. It's the complete opposite of a lot of songs and different, and I absolutely love it because of that. This should be number one because it addresses so many things at once.

Being in love with someone struggling with addiction is also a battle. This song gives me goosebumps every single time. It's opened my eyes, and the music video is phenomenal. When I see Macklemore rap in the official video, I see the passion in his eyes.

5 Thrift Shop

I really love Can't Hold Us, but Thrift Shop is just amazing. I have to admit, Can't Hold Us made more sense and involved more skill, but still, something about Thrift Shop is totally epic.

Thrift Shop and Can't Hold Us are the best songs I have ever heard. But I'm gonna pop some tags and only got $20 in my pocket.

This song is 10 times better than Can't Hold Us. Please vote for this and get it to number 1. Great work by Macklemore, R. Lewis, and Wanz.

6 Ten Thousand Hours

The greats weren't great because they were born painting. The greats were great because they painted a lot. This song is good, inspirational, and should be closer to the top.

An amazing song. Their best in my opinion. Can't Hold Us and Thrift Shop are great, but I've heard them so many times they have kind of lost their appeal.

This should be closer to the top. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis spent over 10,000 hours working on The Heist.

7 Downtown

The first song that got me into Macklemore was Downtown. Although I'm still currently only playing this song, I am going to check out his other music thanks to this gem. This was after I heard 'Thrift Shop'. Not saying I hate it, but this song is really different and what really caught my ear.

So, if you are fed up with generic Hip Hop and want a rapper who is literally different, then you should try some Macklemore up for size! I double dare you to name me a rapper who you've heard in the last decade who has stood out more than this guy right here!

The raps in this song are the most amazing. In comparison to 'Thrift Shop,' I can't say which is better, but Downtown is better because the featuring artists also did their best. I vote Downtown as the #1 song of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. And the video is really awesome.

This song is like a cold lemonade on a hot summer's day. It will fill you with energy and motivate you at the same time. Just an amazing song, this one should be number 1 on this list.

8 Starting Over

This song is amazing! It is about his relapse with drugs, and you can just hear the emotion he puts into it. It has a great beat, great lyrics, and a great chorus. I wish more people knew about this song!
"And you know what pain looks like,
when you tell your dad you relapsed then look him directly into his face."

Macklemore has been through some tough times. You can really tell he means it when he says he regrets what he's done. He's encapsulated those feelings into a song that can change lives forever.

Nobody knows this song, but it is incredible. Listen to Otherside, then Starting Over. I listen to it on replay. If I can be an example of getting sober, I can be an example of starting over.

9 Inhale Deep

I hate the fact that this is under Thrift Shop. I hate that people recognize Macklemore more for that song than his older stuff. This song is deep. Listen to it, and listen to the rest of his older stuff, and you'll see.

Interestingly, this is one of the best on this list so far. If only more people listened to more of Mack's earlier work.

This is one of the best songs I have ever listened to. This song is not on top only because not many people know it.

10 My Oh My

I was born in Seattle and I was only 8 when Dave Niehaus died. But my dad was always a hardcore Mariners fan, and he grew up listening to Niehaus' commentary, just like Macklemore. My dad would take my brother and I to Mariners games when we were little all the way up to now.

After they put up the statue of Dave as a tribute to him, we took a picture next to it every time we went to a game. You can watch us grow up next to him, even if it was just a statue. Beautiful tribute to a great man. Seattle!

This song brings me chills and tears to my eyes, and I'm not even from Seattle. The way that the song leads into the call is unbelievably perfect. Chills!

My Oh My is just an amazing song. It talks about his history, and I think that this is enough to make it reach the top 6.

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11 White Walls

Damn, this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Really, even more than Eminem's Beautiful. Listen to the song once again and I promise you, you would want this one to be in the top five at least!

I heard this song and I am just simply mesmerized. Macklemore has a crazy good flow, Hollis does an impressive and beautiful job at the chorus, and Schoolboy Q came right on time to deliver another dope verse. Everything about this song is just perfect. Please put this in the top five. It deserves better!

The only reason this song isn't in the top ten is because no one knows it! Everyone has to listen to this song. It's definitely top 5!

This should be way higher. So good. He wanted a Cadillac, so he put in the hours and got his car. So good.

12 Gold

This is the best song ever.

13 Irish Celebration

This song is so inspiring. It should be number 1!

This is one of the best.

14 Neon Cathedral

This should be #1. I'm not a fan of his "fun" songs. For example, Downtown, Thrift Shop, Penis Song, and so forth. This song, however, along with Starting Over and Ten Thousand, are the songs that really connect to the soul.

This is a great song about Macklemore's personal battle against alcoholism! How is this not in the top 10?

This is an overall great song about alcoholism and how it can ruin one's life.

15 Brad Pitt's Cousin
16 American

This is funny and actually somewhat poignant (to me anyway). If you're offended by it, you're probably "that guy".

So. Flippin'. Funny. Not only that, but it's still relevant to politicsā€¦ Way to go, Mack.

Probably one of the funniest songs by Macklemore. Still really catchy.

17 Hold Your Head Up

The moment I heard "Inhale Deep", I added it here. Now that I am listening to "Hold Your Head Up", I am adding it here too. It's one of the best songs!

18 Jimmy Lovine

So catchy, good meaning, not just some rap about greatness and all that crud. Macklemore is the best rapper. His raps have a really good meaning.

19 Make the Money

The music in this song is just amazing. I love it because this song is great, and we should learn from the lyrics, which tell us the truth.

Make the money, don't let the money make you. It's been making me reconsider my job choice.

Honestly, I think this song needs more attention. It's amazing from start to finish.

20 Thin Line

I've listened to a lot of his music. This is still my favorite. Wouldn't expect it to be higher though, as I understand that the majority of listeners are content with the more superficial tracks in "White Walls" and "Can't Hold Us". It's a real relatable track. "Yeah, let's keep swimming in the snake pit, get bit, get out, then jump back into the suffocation."

This is so amazing! One of those songs you put on repeat and listen to over and over until you get bored of it. Number 4 behind Thrift Shop, Can't Hold Us, and Wings.

Please listen to this song. It is truly amazing. Give it a chance. The chorus is amazing. It's probably the best chorus in all of his songs.

21 Dance Off

Love this song! Such a good beat, and it really pumps me up. Helps me with problems. I'm feeling bad and I listen to Macklemore. I could vote for Can't Hold Us, Thrift Shop, Wing$, Same Love, or Downtown, but this needs a bump. Amazing song.

This song is amazing! Come on, guys, vote for this song. It really needs a bump up higher!

This is my legitimate favorite song! I honestly don't understand why it's down at 22.

22 Vipassana

This song still pops into my head when all others have faded (of Macklemore's).

Absolutely one of his top songsā€¦ I hope more people hear this song, honestly.

This is his greatest ever song.

23 Glorious

I could play this song a hundred times over and not get tired of it. Inspirational rap and the chorus is amazing. It lifts up my spirits.

I can't believe this isn't in the top 5! It's a belter song with a total feel-good vibe!

24 Victory Lap
25 Let's Eat
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