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1 Pittsburgh

This is quite the beautiful song. It's not only a song that can get you completely hooked to the band, but it sounds incredible, and speaks such utter beauty through the pain. Not even mentioning the music video is bomb as well.

Why is this song not in the top 5? Seriously just listen to it and it will be one of your favorites as well!

So beautiful... I never cry in songs... But this one brings tears to my eyes

2 Open Letter

I love everything about this song. It really makes me happy and it's got an amazing Chorus w/ phenomenal lyrics!

This was the song that introduced me to the bad. It's simply fantastic.

A very poetic song with a fantastic instrumental track.

3 Don't Lean on Me

Definitely one of the best songs they got. Love it so much that my phone case is the lyrics, "Just hold me in your heart and let the ocean take me". love it.

This song shows the true beauty of The Amity Afflictions music and their talent. This will forever be one of my favorite songs.

Such an amazing start to the song, very emotional and heavy hitting. Amity's best song by far!

4 The Weigh Down

This song is simply amazing and should really be at least in the top five.

It can't beat 'Don't lean on me', but it is definitely top 5 worthy.

This deserves # 1 with no competition!

5 Chasing Ghosts

This is one of the most emotional songs I've ever heard. Every time I hear it I cry. This and Don't Lean On Me are the only songs that can do that.

This is tough man... Can't choose one. But this is probably my favourite.

Beautiful, just like everything they write.

6 Born to Die

This should be number two, after Pittsburgh. Its one of the best metalcore songs ever made as well as emotional. This deserves to be at top 3

Lana, hate to break it to you but Amity version is king.

7 Death's Hand

Such an incredible song!
The tune in the beginning just me feel amazing...
I love the opening lyrics: " I held Death's Hand this evening! " is just phenomenal and just how brilliantly they incorporate near suicide to death being a person who they can have an actual relationship with...
Absolutely incredible!

I just love the "get stuffed" attitude of this song. Oh and the beat... My god the beat is just so powerful and catchy it make me start head banging every time I hear it.

I love this band so much. Their music express profound sincerity and sentimental melodies. They are great.

8 Anchors
9 H.M.A.S. Lookback

One of my favourite songs of all time! The picture it paints in my head from the combination of the beautiful lyrics and melody and the vocals is just beautiful. Very underrated song but it is truely deserving of a top 5 spot.

I'm glad it's top ten, but I think it should've been a bit higher.

I will have this song and album tattooed on me! This song is beautiful

10 Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice

Just a good overall song with thought out lyrics and catchy tune

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11 Lost & Fading

The australian metalcore is the best.

12 I Bring the Weather with Me

This song is amazing, great riffs. The guitar towards the end is unbelievable, vocals are spectacular. Should be higher on this list.

It was the first song I listened from them and its just a beautiful piece! What a pity this isn't even in the top 5

13 Youngbloods

Amity's most well known along with Anchors, probably their best chorus.

Don't Lean on me should be number and this should be number 2.

14 I Hate Hartley

Amity's go to song, a fan favorite. Also the first Amity song I heard and still love it as much as ever.

Easily Amity's best song. A joke that a cover (Born to Die) is ahead of this. This should be number 1.

15 R.I.P. Bon
16 Forest Fire
17 All F**ked Up
18 My Father's Son
19 This Could Be Heartbreak

I love this song. It

20 F.M.L.

Veeery underrated song, in my opinion... Not the best, that will probably have to be Chasing Ghosts, Anchors or This Could Be Heartbreak...

Cam relate to the meaning in this!

21 Tearing Me Apart
22 Soak Me in Bleach

Just a banger!

23 Some Friends
24 I Heart Roberts

One of the best Amity songs off of their debut Severed Ties!

25 Life Underground

One of the best song ever by an Australian band!

Easily a top 10 song

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