Best Michael Jackson Duets of All Time

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1 Scream with Janet Jackson

I love this song with Michael and Janet so much as they are trying to get across the message to the media leave Michael alone, stop pressureing him, putting Michael in a fish bowl all the time. He is an INNOCENT man and he is only HUMAN with FEELINGS not a ROBOT!

I always believe in you MICHAEL

I could go on and on on why I love this duet the most out of all overall They make a good team together! I wish they had made more songs together it would have been awesome

Love this video and song! Michael and Janet together pure brilliance! Nobody could make videos like Michael Jackson

Well this is with his beloved sister Janet... What a great duet they did. It was unique and it was sweet seeing them together making music... They should have got together more often I think... xo MJ

2 I Just Can't Stop Loving You with Siedah Garrett

I just love this song, it's one of my favorites. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" should have been Number 1 (at the TOP of the list), but, it still is in the Top 5. What a beautiful song it IS, too.

The best LIVE version, in my opinion, is the one from the movie "This Is It." Michael's voice sounded great, even though he was fifty years old, at the time. His rehearsal performances give proof that he NEVER lost ANY of his abilities, as he got older.

Michael Jackson's voice is the best in this century, no one can surpass Michael Jackson...

I love this song... It's just simply Perfect...

I think that is a great song...

3 Beat It with Eddie Van Halen

Great song! Probably my favorite duet. Amazing music video. Pretty funny story behind trying to get Eddie Van Halen. Eddies guitarist skills beat all other guitarists including Slash, Jacob Stibby, and Mark Nopler. Best. Song. Ever.

Best guitarist with best singer equals great song.

4 Dirty Diana with Steve Stevens

Great song. But it was not Slash on the guitar. I think it must have Billy Idols guitarist, wasn't it?

Great song, but Slash wasn't the one who played guitar on this.

An incredible song. MJ and Slash in one song, all I have to say to describe it's "iconic"

5 The Girl Is Mine with Paul McCartney

Probably the second best of there duets together, the best being "The Man". An excellent balance of their sounds, while "Say Say Say" was a bit too Jackson, and some may think that "The Man" was a bit to McCartney.

Two awesome voices that compliment each other. Amazing duet!

I love this song and Paul McCartney is more good, Michael is the best! "

Second best. I love it!

6 Say, Say, Say with Paul McCartney

Two greatest legends sing together greatest song. Number 7? Come on, it is one of the best Michael songs, it is best duet in the world, not only Jackson's!

How is The Girl Is Mine above this? This one is more upbeat and much less cheesy than The Girl Is Mine. Love this song, his best duet besides Scream.

Great song!, two legends together singing a great song. This should be at least in the top 5!. Come on people!, vote for this. Or listen to it, its such a good song

As if this isn't number 1!? It's got Paul McCartney another legend. So its pretty much legend against legend! Such an awesome song.

7 Thriller with Vincent Price

Quite simply...this is a 5* class act!

I love that song

8 Give In to Me with Slash

Best Slash solo ever coupled with heart wrenching vocals of Michael. Best duet ever

9 Just Good Friends with Stevie Wonder

They just came together and killed this track. They did it in a way that it accented both of their talents equally; Showing off Michael's genuine Pop style while being perfectly accented by Stevie's background in funk and soul.

Stevie and Michael have a lot in common. And they love(d) each other a lot. Great song. Thank you both...

10 More to Life Than This with Freddie Mercury

That's not the title.

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11 Whatever Happens with Santana

Amazing song. Amazing album. Didn't know it was with someone else.

12 Why with 3T
13 Somebody's Watching Me with Rockwell
14 Bad with DJ Buddha
15 All in Your Name with Barry Gibb
16 D.S. with Slash
17 Hold My Hand with Akon

Everyone please listen to this song and then only you will know that it is an awesome song. It is like touching your heart. Please listen to it and vote for this song if you want. I want to make it one of the most popular song in the world cause it deserves that place!

Every time I listen to this BEAUTIFUL SONG, it makes me both happy and cry (in a good way) at the same time. I miss Michael Jackson, even though I don't know much about him before he passed. He will always be an ICONIC LEGEND, no matter what.

This is the best song of Michael jackson since 1995-2010 and this is the best heart touching song of mj since 1958 to 2010. Don't you agree with me?

This song should be at number 1 rank. This the best ever duet and heart touching song of all time

18 Love Never Felt So Good with Justin Timberlake

The best ever Comeback of the King...

Best song duet for me

19 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 with Akon
20 Beat It with Fergie

This ain't with fergie

21 Jam with Heavy D

One of the songs with the most powerful message of brotherhood, neighbourliness and love.
Yes and can't forget to mention Michael Jordan too.
Sexy Michael, sexy dance moves... I love you.

22 Unbreakable with Biggie Smalls

This song is good both biggie and Michael Jackson did good go Michael

23 The Man with Paul McCartney

Wait, what? I must listen to this now!

24 There Must Be More to Life Then This with Freddie Mercury

Queen & Michael Jackson! It doesn't get any better than this!

The two greatest voices!

Should be higher!

25 Privacy with Slash
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