Top 10 Best Hollywood Undead Songs

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1 Undead

I searched up "Hollywood Undead most popular song" and this came up, and I'm like, 'Okay, so Undead or Hear Me Now is going to be number one...' Guess what? I was right! Undead is amazing. J3T has the best role in this song and great job, Deuce, on the intro. Next time, stay in the band, jackass! But anyways, Hollywood Undead is amazing.

This is the song I first heard by them, and I almost cried because it was so good. Love it, and I live in Australia. That's why this song deserves the number one spot, in my opinion.

This song is AWESOME. It makes all other Hollywood Undead songs look lame. This deserves to be #1 and is better than the rest.

2 Young

This is one of the three songs I like by this band. It has meaningful and very emotional lyrics, with Johnny Three Tears masterfully executing the verses and Deuce singing strongly during the choruses. The entrance of the children's choir often gives me chills, and the combination of keyboard, drums, bass, and guitars ultimately leads to an amazing song. This song is absolutely superior in every way to Undead.

There is no way that this song is number 2! This song has so much meaning I can't believe that it would be any less than at least number one. If you are the youth of America or anyone who feels that the nation has gone downhill, then this song is for you. Awesome job on this, Hollywood Undead, and I hope I hear more songs like this on another one of your albums!

3 Everywhere I Go

This song is absolutely great! Charlie Scene does a great job in his anthem. Deuce makes the chorus perfect. The humor in this song is great. This song pumps me up, and the beat is great! Great song, boys!

I always feel better after listening to this! You gotta love the humorous aspects in their songs. And the way they use the language!

Let's get this party started!

Great song by Hollywood Undead. Charlie Scene is the most awesome dude in the band, and this song proves it. Gotta love the party style of this song.

Hollywood Undead for life!

4 Bullet

People are saying that this song is overrated, and maybe it is, but for good reason. This song inspires many people, including myself, to take a bad thing and try to make the best of it. I love how the song flows, and I'm a fan of how it sounds like it'd be a happy song, but then you listen to the lyrics. And those people who judge others for saying that this song got them through hard times should probably know what they are talking about before they say it. You have no right to judge those who are suicidal.

5 Hear Me Now

It's really catchy and sounds good. The production itself shows that they have matured in terms of composition. They really have developed a sound for themselves, and it doesn't sound as primitive as earlier attempts (Swan Songs). But then again, Swan Songs was a really good album all the same.

Hear Me Now should be number one! The lyrics have so much meaning, and the beat, rhythm, and everything is just awesome! You can basically see the whole story just by listening to this song. I love it and believe it's the best song of Hollywood Undead.

6 Dead Bite

This should be way up on the list! It has hilarious metaphors, and the intro is just badass! Charlie Scene has an amazing part, but the first part with J3T is just amazing! The best I've heard him rap! I love the chorus, its being creepy and all. This deserves to be way up on the list. Definitely not at the bottom! I've listened to this on repeat over 100+ times literally, and it is amazing!

This should be way at the top of the list! Great song! I mean, seriously, the beginning and all throughout the song is just so amazing. Vote for it to be at the top!

7 We Are

How this song isn't number 1, I will never know, but the fact that it isn't even top 5 is insulting. I mean, come on guys, this is by far their best song.

Awesome song! Love it! I listen to it all day. I think Dead Bite and We Are are the best songs from this album. This should be in the top 3.

What? This should be at least #3, one of the best songs ever made. It's also when they drastically changed their masks. It's a boundary.

8 Been to Hell

How is this not the best Hollywood Undead song ever!

The rapping and the rhymes are perfect, and that riff is rad. This song is way underrated. This song is just plain SICK!

When I listened to this, I swear with everything I have, the world froze. It was just so pure awesomeness. Especially when it got to the chorus. Seriously, the chorus ripped it. I've listened to this for, like, a hundred times already, and still, it wasn't enough. The way it was sung (rapped)...


This song definitely must be in first place. The guitar riff is insane, and the chorus is awesome.

9 Black Dahlia

It is the best song of Hollywood Undead in my opinion. Outstanding voice, outstanding music, outstanding lyrics, and simply outstanding rapping. This song made me love J3T...

Out of all of Swan Songs, this is the one that Danny really can't replicate the emotion of. Deuce's soft voice perfectly fits the dark vibe of this song, and it's amazing.

This song needs to be number 1. It has the greatest meaning and is extremely emotional. Can't stop listening to this song. Hollywood Undead for life!

10 Levitate

Great song! Loved listening to Hollywood Undead since they started spitting their raps, but this song, aside from a couple of better ones, definitely deserves at least a number 5 rating!

Seriously underrated song! What's with the lack of love, guys? One of the best beats and choruses they've done.

This should be in the top ten. Great song with great rap. I think rap deserves to be in the top three. But overall, the song is the best.

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11 Day of the Dead

This should be #1. It's definitely their best song and what I was hoping the entire album would sound like. I'm all for the very serious tone that they had on "Swan Songs" and "American Tragedy" that returns for this song and "Does Everyone in the World Have to Die?" but isn't present in the other songs from "Day of the Dead" (the album).

Feels like a mixture that isn't blended enough. Everyone's part seems too on its own, and there doesn't seem to be a unifying mood to it. Also, most of their good songs have at least three verses. This one has two. Kind of a letdown considering that there are four rappers in the band.

12 Street Dreams

Since listening to this band when they were starting up on Myspace, I can say this is arguably the best song they've produced. The way they create a song around a person who is obviously dealing with mental problems, such as seeing the world in flames when they sleep among other psychological issues, is just beautifully portrayed in this music. If the ideas in this one song could be lengthened and expanded upon into a book about this individual's life, it would certainly be one I would read again and again. Would love to see them make a music video for this song that perfectly mirrors the lyrics.

13 Paradise Lost

Without a doubt, my favorite song by my most favorite band ever... and that's saying something. This is an absolute godsend of a song and everything I love about J3T and HU in general. It's a crime for it not to be in the top fives.

Are you kidding? This should be number one! The crescendos and mix of the beautiful piano with their usual style is amazing!

Deuce's part in this song just tops it all off. Every time I listen to this song, I just become speechless.

14 No. 5

This song is amazing. The band outdid themselves with this song. Deuce4life. This band was my all-time favorite when Deuce was in it.

This song is amazing. The band outdid themselves with this song. Deuce4life. This band was my all-time favorite when Deuce was in it.

I just have a strange feeling that this should be in No. 5 position. Great song! It's the best song I've heard in a long time! It kicks so much ass!

15 Lion

No, no, no, no. 24?! Seriously! Most songs above this are just about sex and drugs. People look at Hollywood Undead and immediately think that. Just a bunch of cursing and yelling. This song has the best instrumental of all time, literally. It may not seem great when you first listen, but if you let this song grow on you like I did, you will think it's one of their best songs. Open up Lion, blast the volume on your headphones, and once you get to the end of the song, you will feel like you are in a different world.

This is the song that got me into Hollywood Undead and it remains as my favorite song of theirs because of both the beautiful lyrics and incredible beat.

16 Comin' in Hot

This song should be way higher. Really good song, and where are all of the other songs from American Tragedy like Glory, Coming Back Down, Mother Murder, and their other stuff? Great band.

Just lost my Comin' In Hot virginity, and it felt AMAZING! This has to be one of the best rock songs to get drunk to. Holy crap!

It's not the message that makes me vote for this, but the amazing vocals and how they have such a great beat going with it.

17 New Day

This song is one of the deeper songs, and I honestly love it. I'm not sure how many times I've listened to it, but every time I have, it just seems to take the stress of the day off my shoulders. Amazing song.

This song is so underrated! It saved my life. The lyrics and delivery are so powerful that they give me intense chills!

This song is probably my favorite. It stinks that not many people have heard it due to it being exclusive.

18 Circles

When I first liked their song, I thought this band was about rap only. Their music is diverse, and you wouldn't disagree after listening to this song. Their lyrics reflect their views about life and various other topics. This band has seriously produced some serious music that needs attention around the globe.

When I found this song, I was shocked. You would expect that there would be only cursing, but it goes so much deeper.

I just love this! It should definitely be in the top 5.

19 Sell Your Soul

Really good underrated song from their debut. It seems like a song a lot of people missed because of all the other singles on the album. People were too busy listening to No. 5 or Everywhere I Go.

Why is it only 15th? This should be top 5. The screams, the guitar riffs, the vocals, and the piano are amazing. Plus, it's this song that made me discover Hollywood Undead.

The intro to this song is amazing. An amazing song, in my opinion.

20 Outside

Why the hell is this not higher up on the list? It's got to be the greatest song they've ever made. The lyrical content is absolutely stunning. My only complaint is that Johnny sounds a bit too high.

Love this song. I had listened to Hollywood Undead for years, and then I finally heard this song and couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

There are so many songs out there called 'Outside'. This is the only one I listen to. To each their own, but this is definitely my favourite.

21 City

This song is the most realistic portrayal of how awful this world is, completely unfiltered and honest. It is original HU (I do enjoy new HU as well, don't get me wrong) at its most intense and most meaningful. Every other song that they sing about our world can be wrapped up by this one. The fact that this song isn't about partying, romance, or intimidation shows their maturity in their views and their writing. This song should really be above We Are.

Dude, you guys are forgetting songs like Circles, The Loss, Medicine, New Day, Levitate, etc. You guys picked some okay songs, and some of these, like Young and City, need to be on top instead of Undead. These need to be on top.

22 S.C.A.V.A.

Even Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold once said that the rapping parts in this song are the most insane things he has ever heard, and he is right. I love the rapping parts in here. Johnny Three Tears

Love this song. J3T has the voice of an angel in this song. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. The Kurlz is a badass as usual. And it's one of mine and my girlfriend's songs.

Amazing song. This is the song that shows you (and myself) that Hollywood Undead is a meaningful, incredible group, not just white trash.

23 California

Should have been in the top ten!

The chorus is awesome, and HU rocked!

24 Mother Murder

Not going to lie, none of their songs will EVER beat the lyrical creativity put into this song. It's very detailed, dark, and just a great jam as well. HU will always have its good moments, but nothing will top this masterpiece.

I adore this song and think it definitely deserves a spot in the top ten.

This is my favorite song, in my opinion.

25 From the Ground

This is by far the best song that HU has produced. J-Dog's verses are filled with so much emotion that you can actually start to feel the pain he's experiencing throughout the song. The screaming especially drives home the idea that he's going through terrible pain and agony. Just look at the lyrics and see for yourself. It's such a perfect mix of despair and desperation between Danny and J-Dog's parts. The emotion that this song has created has actually made me break down in tears. If a song can make you that emotionally invested, it deserves to be at least in the top 5. It crushes me that a song this amazing is so underrated.

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