Best Music World Tours of All Time

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1 History Tour (1996-1997) - Michael Jackson

Even though this was lip synched quite a bit, he still had a hell lot of energy and some frikin' amazing' dance moves for someone almost 40! He did not let down, but he should have done an american leg. Would have been so cool. Truly the best

He's a legend, the most popular, most awarded, highest paid, most albums sold etc... and why did he achieved that one factor is that he can pull out the best tours simply because he is the complete package...

Wish I was born to see this.

Michael should be #1!

2 Welcome To The Universe (2006-2007) - 30 Seconds to Mars

MARS is the hardest working touring band there is, which is why their 'This Is War tour (2009-2011) earned them a guinness record. Its just a testament of how passionate they are about their music and fans.

3 Confessions Tour (2006) - Madonna

Madonna has each time redefined music and concerts. She is an absolutely phenomenal showgirl. From her dance and performance to the huge production including humongous screens, numerous hydraulic lifts and excellent props simply add on to her shows. I have to date been to three of her tours, the first being confessions tour where for d first time I had seen what technology and the queen of pop could combinedly do, the next was sticky an sweet tour and the last was her MDNA tour. All 3 of her tours were record breakers and she is the ultimate Goddess of the touring and muic industry.

Could people please stop giving Michael Jackson a pity vote! I like him too, but I don't think he's as good as, let's say, Madonna. She has redefined music unlike MJ. And in the touring business, Madonna has an incomparable knack for theatrics and performances - they're like a slideshow of true art. Other artists - including late MJ and 30 Seconds To Mars - just come, dance a bit maybe, sing, and leave.

The lights, the synthesizers, the dancing, the singing - wow. The album was a spectacular one, and the tour was a journey to another world. Music Inferno, in particular, can get everyone dancing.

Probably, one of the best concerts ever created. So powerful an complete. Definitely, an amazing journey to witness.

4 Dangerous Tour (1992-93) - Michael Jackson
5 Bad Tour (1987-1989) - Michael Jackson

He was at his peak...The moves were smooth and sharp...Pure showmanship by MJ.

6 Blonde Ambition Tour (1990) - Madonna

Madonna at the peak of her career. Yes, the tour caused many controversies and one of them was her 'Like A Virgin' performance. But, you can't deny how artistic the show was and how good her voice was. This was definitely her best tour.

This was the best tour Madonna ever did. She completely redid her look, style, performance and set the stage for future female artists. No female pop star comes close to what Madonna has done in her career.

7 The Biggest Bang Tour (2007) -The Rolling Stones
8 Awakening World Tour (2014-2015) - Jackie Evancho

Building on her amazing Dream With Me tour,
Her voice is maturing and changing, and even more magnificent.

Each concert is better than the one before.

9 PopMart Tour (1997-1998) - U2

Pioneering the way in touring with this tour as usual, within their most eclectic, adventurous era.

A total visual mind blower, plus great music from U2's most creative era

10 World Tour 2007 (2007) - Aerosmith
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11 Oral Fixation Tour (2006-2007) - Shakira

Best still then

12 Circus Tour (2009) - Britney Spears

The concerts were so fun! Circus tour was awesome!

Always like his tour

13 The Farewell Tour (2002-2005) - Cher
14 World Slavery Tour (1984-1985) - Iron Maiden

Epic in both scale and imagery. Fire, sets, lights, puppets, rock! The gold standard by which metal tours are compared.

This was one of the greatest tours ever. From August 9th, 1984 through July 5th, 1985. 193 shows.

Best tour ever by the best metal band ever.

15 The Sweet Escape Tour (2007) - Gwen Stefani
16 My Love Is Your Love World Tour (1999) - Whitney Houston
17 The Sun Comes Out World Tour (2010) - Shakira
18 Up! Tour (2003-2004) - Shania Twain
19 The Monster Ball (2009-2011) - Lady Gaga

This is the best tour from the 2010s. Time's when she was good, before that crap of generic electronic ARTPOP...

20 I Am... World Tour (2008-2009) - Beyonce

This show just had everything a great show must have. Great music, great dance numbers, surprises and Beyoncé is Beyoncé. She's the Michael Jackson of 21th century. She can dance, sing, entertain with soberany and glamour. She incredible and should be on the top of this list.

21 1989 World Tour (2015-2016) - Taylor Swift

Amazing production, great show and best vocals she's ever had.

Best tour in the world

Taylor is my favourite of all time and 1989 world tour best of all time

22 Regine and Martin World Concert Tour (2003) - Regine Velasquez
23 Magic Tour (1986) - Queen

Best Queen tour ever!

24 Use Your Illusion Tour (1991-1993) - Guns N' Roses

47? This have to go for the top ten, was one of the most largest tours of all the time! 192 showsa in three years!

25 ZOO TV (1992-1993) - U2

How in the hell is this not even in the top 3. I mean the concept was amazing and super original with one of the greatest stages and set lists.

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