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The top ten songs from one of the most influential alternative bands.
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1 Where is My Mind?

Okay, this is a great song, and it has a great beat, but was anyone else freaked out by that ending? Sounded like a crying ghost demon thing.

This song is just amazing. You can hear from it what an influence it has had on other songs!

Two words: Fight Club. Need I say more?

This song is as epic as the movie itself.

2 Hey

This is not only the best Pixies song but arguably the greatest song of all time. It never gets old. I have been listening to Doolittle since it was released. Arguably, Doolittle is the greatest CD of all time.

What if we put every song in the world together, now just leave every good part, and let all that awesomeness explode in three and a half minutes? Now imagine something infinitely better. That is "Hey."

The best Pixies song that didn't appear in a popular major motion picture. Although that one is great as well, this one never gets old and is catchy as hell.

3 Here Comes Your Man

This one may be a lot more poppy and simple than most other Pixies songs, but it's definitely Black Francis's catchiest composition. Kim Deal's harmonies and David Lovering's drum flourishes at the end are the icing on the cake.

Why is everyone saying this should be number 2? This should be number 1. Where Is My Mind? should be number 2. It's awesome.

Amazing song. One of the best songs of the late '80s.

4 Debaser

Outrageously ecstatic, bizarre, manic fun. The only song I can think of that I really didn't like upon first listen (Debaser screamed endlessly) until it settled on me and I got it. Now my favorite and a classic like no other.

What an amazing song. This song introduced me to the Pixies!

Best song from the best album ever. Insane and surreal.

5 Monkey Gone to Heaven

"If man is 5, if man is 5, if man is 5... Then the devil is 6, then the devil is 6, then the devil is 6, then the devil is... And if the devil is 6 then GOD IS 7! THEN GOD IS 7! THEN GOD IS 7!"

Simply awesome. I can't stop singing This monkey's gone to heaven.

"And the ground's not cold, and if the ground's not cold, everything is gonna burn!"

6 Gouge Away

One of the best Pixies songs, pure balls-to-the-wall insanity with great music. By the third time the chorus comes around, you should be in awe. This should be 1 or 2. Come on, people!

In my opinion, this is the best Pixies song! It has a mysterious feel to it. I feel like I'm tripping on acid when I listen to this song. Awesome!

This song made me love the Pixies. It's such a soothing but amplifying song at the same time!

7 Bone Machine
8 Wave of Mutilation

Honestly, I don't think this is the best Pixies song, but this is no doubt top 10 material. Maybe top 5. I love this song.

Not the best Pixies song, but I had to vote for it because it deserves so much more than number 19!

9 Gigantic

I have been a Pixies nut for 25 years. The production on this song is faultless.

This song has a great story behind it. The bass on it is also awesome, as well as the singing.

This is definitely not one of my favorite Pixies songs, but it deserves to be higher.

10 Dig for Fire

My desire is to be digging for a fire.

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11 No. 13 Baby

I completely agree with commenter number one about the hypnotic qualities of the incredible instrumental outro, but I disagree about the first half.

The first half is encompassed in the outro. The outro is the bare bones structure of the song - a downward spiral, an inevitable tragedy. When the singers and the instruments start expanding freely, the tale is complete when they've won - fade out.

You cannot jettison the first half and have that second half. Where is it going to flow from? It's a highly dynamic composition with a sonic narrative, and highly commendable. Magic.

12 I've Been Tired
13 I Bleed
14 Vamos

Funny song with some great drumming and vocals.

15 Velouria

Underrated! After "Here Comes Your Man," this is my favorite. The angelic melody, dissonant guitar opening, and wonderfully catchy chorus make this one of the band's greatest accomplishments.

Very good song. I agree with the other comment that it is underrated. Best when played loud.

16 Caribou

Inaccessible as it's on the not widely available Follow the Pilgrim. Standout track from there, but the rest of this EP doesn't compare to their LP output.

17 Motorway to Roswell

How is this not even on the list? This should be an instant top 10. Then again, not many people have listened to it since it's on Trompe Le Monde, a great but overlooked album.

Their best song, in my opinion. My favorite rock ballad of all time.

18 Cactus
19 Alec Eiffel

I love the hypnotizing synth riff at the end. It adds to the already decent melody of the actual song. The best off Trompe le Monde.

The end of the song is awesome, making contrast with the beginning.

20 The Holiday Song
21 Planet of Sound
22 The Happening

Love this one so much. The real standout track from Bossanova. It saddens me that the top 20 is dominated by Doolittle. Sure, it's a kickass album (arguably their best), but I can't help feeling that there are some songs from Trompe Le Monde (U-Mass, Head On) that are tragically underrated.

Don't even get me started on Come on Pilgrim. The fact that every single track from that legendary album isn't in the top ten is enough to make me rant for days. But some of the best Doolittle tracks aren't even in the top 10: Mr. Grieves at 30? Crackity Jones at 39? Cactus at 23?

Other assorted tragedies:
Nimrod's Son at 42.
Levitate Me isn't even on the list.
Holiday Song at 37.

One of the biggest problems about the Pixies is that literally any of their songs could be top 10, and that in itself is worth a whole other rant.

23 Tame

This song defines the whole genre of grunge. If anybody asked you for an example of grunge, you could not choose a better song than Tame. Black's screech is otherworldly.

I saw the Pixies in concert at the legendary Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA in 1991. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. And this song rocks.

Great song, and it's my favorite Pixies song.

24 Levitate Me

Ridiculously low on this list. Brilliant song.

Brilliant early one. Just a great riff to it.

25 River Euphrates

Greatest pixies chorus celestial harmonies from Kim that complement frank blacks growling. Sinister, nonsensical but above all incredible

I think this deserves a much higher place, it's also my favorite Pixies song.

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