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The Corrs are an Irish Celtic-rock band. They have produced some really beautiful and delightful songs over the years, and are my favorite Band.
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1 Breathless

I was on utube and it came up on my list and I had no idea what the song "Breathless" was. I was hooked the first time I watched the video and played it all day. I was familiar with their song Runaway but Breathless is so melodic and addicting. Breathless is by far my #1 Corrs followed by Runaway then Summer Sunshine.

Topped the uk chart as Number one & well deserved.
Well put together, Caroline drumming really shows why
Caroline is one, if not greatest drummer in todays music.

'Breathless' is their most famous hit and I fully agree. This song is very beautiful. I still listen to it and always will

2 Runaway

I love this song, this song is so beautiful. I don't know why, but it makes me feel safe listen to this song.

Brilliant melody and emotion. Comfortably their greatest song in my opinion

Closed eyes ill just fill your heart with melodies...

3 What Can I Do?

The number one song by the corrs. It is a classic. Inspiring invites to reflection. Play it when you are alone. By the way the first original version, of course.

The best and the sweetest song by the corrs.. It deserves to be at the top. Better thAN breathless. Every time I listen to son.

The song that got me into The Corrs. Though the original version is 10 times better than the remix which became the hit.

4 Summer Sunshine

This is the top song of the corrs. Short enough so you do't get sick of it.

5 Toss the Feathers

Best watch with Caroline & Mick Fleetwood on drums, ( Caroline also plays Bodrin)
Sensational drumming perfect timing.
Caroline shows displays pleasant smile throughout, shows her enjoyment.
This being on St Patrick Day Royal Albert Hall 1998. Great end to a wonderful show.

The piano, the violin, the flute and the resulting tune... Just Sublime!

This is what one would listen to Celtic music for.

6 Only When I Sleep

A mesmerizing piece of music! That's too low for a song like that..

This is their best song! Fell inlove with it the first time I heard it.

7 Dreams
8 Radio

This is my favorite Corrs song hands down. The In Blue version is my favorite which is the minority opinion I know but it is beautiful and haunting...

Radio topped the singles chart at number 2, still in my opinion the album version
on "In Blue" although completely different musically my opinion is better.

Just love it. Plus cararoe jig, paddy mccarthy, toss, haste, and erin among the best. I can listen to their music 24/7. But that's just me...

9 So Young

Has a light-hearted, catchy, fun rhythm that I just love. A celebration of being young!

A really, really nice song. It's difficult to get tired of listening to it...

10 Make You Mine

I think this song is highly under rated. Powerful lyrics and awesome rhythm. Touches the heart

This song was almost left out of their album. I'm so glad it came out...

I agree. This song is is really lovely.

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11 I Never Loved You Anyway

This should be the first 1 on the list!
I'm just hoping it beats BREATHLESS on the list!
Don't know why that is first on the list!

I just find the song so addictive. When I listen to it, I can't help myself from playing it again, and again ;) I find that Talk on Corners has so many great songs, with this just about my favourite.

Very superb song... Can't stop listening it... It will make on top!

12 All the Love in the World
13 Angel

The melody and lyrics is just so beautiful.

14 Don't Say You Love Me

What the matter with you all? Don't Say You Love Me was the best song that they ever made!

15 Heaven Knows

This song is more than just brilliant. I still don't know why they didn't make it a single. It would be a hit. The song is deep, beautiful and very inspirational

One of their most underrated songs - but one of their best if not the best.

Love this song, think it comes joint first along with No Good For Me

16 Irresistible

I wonder why this song is rated low, it is better than the breathless song which is at the top spot, the good voice and simple lyric makes it perfect!

This song should be way further up the list. It is strange that it is so low

17 Erin Shore

Watch the video stunning views, just takes your breath away.
plus simply smoothing music, (easy listening

Greatest music corrs ever created!

18 Joy of Life
19 The Right Time

I am surprised that this beautiful song is not even in top 20. It must be in top 5.

20 Would You Be Happier?

I think this deserve a higher spot... The song is just so optimistic. Good tone, better delivery and best message.

Awesomest reality song ever
There can be number 1 who will hate this song!
Hear it and then comment!

21 Give Me a Reason
22 When the Stars Go Blue

This is a great song. Bono does a great job.

23 One Night

This is one of the most beautiful and touching songs I've ever heard.

24 Long Night

One of the best ballad song of this band. From melody to lyrics. It's a sad song though but you can feel the Andrea's emotion in this song. Plus the beat of the drums and the melody of the violin.

I don't know why none of these guys haven't heard the best the corrs! Its ridiculous!

25 Old Town

This song is just full of joy and very addicting!

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