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1 Brave

I love this song so much! It's probably my favorite song! She has encouraged me to stand up for what I believe in at my school where it is so hard because whenever you do stand up for what you believe in, the teachers think you're talking back. Sara has an amazing voice and is one of my favorite female artists! You rock, Sara!

First heard this on a Windows Phone advert and it instantly got my liking, actually thought it was Katy Perry when I first heard it only to find out it was by Sara Bareilles, although this song and 'Love Song' are the only 2 songs I've heard from her, this one gets my vote, pop at it's finest. Love Song is also great by the way

2 Gravity

This song is my go to whenever I am going to sing somewhere. I don't have to worry or prepare because I know its such a beautiful song it will get a good response. I won a talent competition with it as well. I can never stop singing it all the time and it has been years since I started.

I first heard this song on The Vampire Diaries then I downloaded it and fell in love with it! It is such a beautiful song and I love the high note "down" in the bridge of the song. It is my favourite song and I never get tired of it.

3 King of Anything

An awesome uplifting song that encourages people to speak their mind. Most importantly, the song calls for not being excessively selfless but at times being selfish. Don't sacrifice your happiness for others' happiness.

Before I go into a debate round, I listen to this song and remind myself that no one can tell me who to be. This song gives me confidence I lack when I feel like people are judging me. The upbeat tune is an extra feel-good plus.

In my head I change the lyrics to queen... Regarding a certain female in my family. She tries to be a controlling B! Love this song! It's all I rock and you can F off!

4 Chasing the Sun

Just gorgeous in every way, from the metaphor about being "stuck between the dead and the living" and a soaring chorus that perfectly displays Sara's vocal prowess. Sara is criminally underrated as it is, but this song is even more!

This is such excellent lyricism. It's impossible to not appreciate life after reflecting on this song.

Some of the most beautiful lyrics and analogies!

5 Love Song

Let's just be real. All of Sara's songs are amazing. There should be no fighting here :/ so I am taking the approach of saying what I like about each song.

Love Song is a bonafide 2000's classic and one of Sara's best. While definitely the most well-known, it holds such a special place in my heart as it was the first real song I learned on piano and the chorus never fails to make me happy. It has kept me going in life through some of the hardest times. I will sing this as loud as I want in whatever supermarket is playing it. I don't care because I love it too much

6 City
7 I Choose You

Ssra Bariellas has such amazing vocals that blow me away & not only that the lyrics are so heart felt in the way she sings them with so much emotional depth. Excellent job Sara. Another thing I love about her that I've noticed following her career she has the most genuine smile when she performs. I will follow your career straight to the top.

Can't stop listening to this song! Makes me remember my girlfriend every time!

This song pours happiness & love all over my mood. Should be in the top 3!

8 1000 Times

This is Sara Bareilles' best song. Then again, I've said that way too many times. She just has so many songs good enough to be someone's best. 1000 Times just perfectly encapsulates the desperation someone with an unrequited love feels.

I really don't get why this song is so underrated! Every time I find it in an awful spot among the lists! It's my favorite Sara song.

This song is amazing, and captures the feeling of unrequited love perfectly.

9 Breathe Again

Beautiful song I love the lyrics: "Car is parked, bags are packed, but what kind of heart doesn't look back? " Gives me chills every time. And the chords are so beautiful...

Heard it on the vampire diaries... It was beautiful... Heard it again on in plain sight... It was beautiful as usual... This song is so magical, mystical...

This song is my favorite.! I heard it in vampire diaries in 2nd season (Katherine remembering the day she left)! It should be no. 1!

10 Uncharted

Not only a wonderful song to play on piano, but this song rolls along with such brightness and attention to detail that it cannot go unnoticed. Her melisma and vocal prowess shines vibrantly here.

Bro this song truly DESERVES to be in top 2 rank! So amazing, that amazing that I can't spend one day without listening to it. Way better than her any other songs. Hands down! The greatest song is here.

The lyrics are so purposeful. Never does Sara write lyrics just to make them rhyme! This song is so professional and needs more love!

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11 She Used to Be Mine

It should be first. I love this song so much. It's kinda sad, but it's great and I can't survive a day without listening to it

A great song. If her new album will be as awesome as this it might be her best!

Simply the most beautiful song.

12 Manhattan

You know it's a good song when you haven't experience the subject of the song yet you feel the emotion it tries to convey. Everything about this song is emotional. The writing, the vocals, the simplicity of the piano.

A beautiful, brooding song by Sara. She is just amazing. It gives you the chills and the way her voice shakes at the end of the lines is just beautiful. An amazing song by a great artist. She deserves that Grammy Nomination

How is this not top 10? This song is so beautiful-the lyrics are simple but gorgeous and mean so much. It's also such an amazing song to harmonize to while you fall asleep

13 Gonna Get Over You

Excluding anything from Little Voice, Gonna Get Over You remains high and far away Sara's best song to date.
The bouncy piano line, the lowly-layered snaps, the groovy guitar and bass lines, and obviously Sara Bareille's excellent singing, make this an extremely fun piece of hers, and so do the lyrics. Approaching a break-up in a very inquisitive and loose way, Sara once again nails the singer-songwriter vibe, taking a very observational approach of herself without getting in the slightest bit pretentious, and trying to keep an optimistic head to things. Hell, you wouldn't even notice that she's sad in the first place, that's how good of a job she does at playing this role in the song. And of course, as with any Sara Bareilles song, the melodies and chord progressions are ON POINT! Get this song higher guys.

14 Winter Song

A beautiful ballad with Ingrid Michaelson. I just love the lyrics and the feel of this song.

"They say that things just cannot grow
Beneath the winter snow,
Or so I have been told.

They say we're buried far,
Just like a distant star
I simply cannot hold."

The harmonies in this song are gorgeous!

15 Bottle It Up

I listen to this song over and over again... This is most beautiful song I've ever heard.. Maybe because I relate to this song

Its beautiful and caught my heart the first time I heard it! Love this songs so much

Best song ever, so catchy and cool!

16 One Sweet Love

I think this is Sarah's best love song it is so powerful so evocative. It's like she has no choice love impels her to be devoted to her love

17 Once Upon Another Time

Such a simple yet hauntingly beautiful melody. The lyrics are just as poignant, showing that Ms. Bareilles truly has a way of capturing pure and raw emotion in song like none other.

The eponymous track from her latest EP, it distills the poetic beauty of Sara's music to create something truly inspiring and touching.

Gives me shivers every time I listen to it, suck a beautiful song with perfect harmonies!

18 The River
19 Hold My Heart

I love to listen to this song. I can really feel the sadness and desperation that Sara expresses, but it inspires hope as well. I think it's something everyone can relate to at some point in their lives.

20 Hercules

Interesting harmonies and layers, and also a very simple but cool piano part

21 Satellite Call

Quite different for Sarah - shows her diversity. Definitely a favourite

22 Many the Miles
23 Between the Lines

The lyrics to this song are just so genius. So awesome. Awesome rhythm. Amazing vocals. Love it

Really! This one should be the first

24 Sweet as Whole

Think this is another one of her sentimental ballad type songs? Give it a listen. You'll be in for a fun surprise! Only someone as charming as Sara could pull this off, but she does.

25 Little Black Dress
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