Best Poison Songs of All Time

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1 Talk Dirty to Me

One of my favorites

The best glam song!

Rock On! this one I learned to know because of guitar hero iii or 3

2 Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This is the best song by them ever, no doubt. It may be way different from their other rock songs, but it does give off a broken-hearted cowboy vibe, which always makes people sad but also gives people the time to realize that you shouldn't try to break your lover's heart when you truly love them. Seeing past lovers that broke your heart is always a hard thing to deal with, even if they or you are with somebody else. This gives the song much more meaning, which is always great for songs like this. It also means that, to me, Every Rose Has Its Thorn is Poison's most famous song because of the meaning behind it and how truly beautiful it is.

My favourite song of all time! It's probably up there for best rock power ballad of all time. The emotion I gives me is just so nice. The solo is great too

Listened to this song since I was 3 maybe 4 years old.

Best poison song ever made!

3 Nothin' but a Good Time

I personally like this so much more than Every Rose Has It's Thorns, because this feels like a party anthem, where as ERHIT is too slow for my taste. I'm not saying I dislike ERHIT, I'm just saying I like faster/louder songs better.

My favorite Poison song by far...always makes me happy and excited no matter what's going on in my life.

It's such a feel good song! I turn it up every time it comes on the radio.

This is no doubt Poison's signature song, their ultimate anthem.

4 Fallen Angel

By far their best, the song, the beat, the guitars, love it!

This is the best Poison song,One of my favourite songs,In their album "Flesh and blood" compared to other songs this song is the best.Actually songs like " Talk dirty to me" & "nothing but a good time" are also masterpieces.But at least this song should be #3 in the list.But I enjoyed all the Poison songs So far.But the fact I'm really worrying is all these songs are so much underrated.

Awesome riff. Pure 80's

5 Unskinny Bop

This is the one song I can play over and over, without ever getting tired of it.

This is a fun, upbeat song. It make's me want to get up and dance.

6 Something to Believe In

I scrolled the list to just see what songs were at the top and saw this one. This song to me was better than Every Rose. Just was a little haunting.

Sad song, perfect story and lyrics. Got Brett emotional when he recorded it. Worth the listen

7 Look at What the Cat Dragged In

Their best metal song

8 I Won't Forget You
9 I Want Action

Why this so underrated.This song is the best after Talk dirty to me.I think this should be higher in the list.

10 Cry Tough

Rikki sure does rock this one with the drums! And it just is a great song about the rise to success

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11 Ride the Wind

A real song with a real hook, no soppy ballad, no F me suck me song. A solid rocker.

Great song of my favorite band!.

12 Life Goes On
13 Your Mama Don't Dance

Better than the original

14 Valley of Lost Souls

Their finest effort, shame it was never a single.

This is a good song, just needs to be higher.

15 Little Willy
16 I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine
17 Until You Suffer Some (Fire and Ice)

My favourite Poison album is Native tongue.And I'm looking for more songs like this.Poison is such a great band.They did many songs with different styles.

18 Flesh & Blood (Sacrifice)

Love this song so much! !

19 Want Some, Need Some
20 Stand

Great lyrics great singing which includes a Los Angeles choir

21 Body Talk
22 Rock and Roll All Nite

What can I say, it is Rock and Roll at it's finest.

23 Look but You Can't Touch
24 Life Loves a Tragedy

Go back and listen to this song three times and you will be hooked.

25 So Tell Me Why

Best Poison song ever!

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