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1 Shine

This is the most out of order list I have seen yet. Mostly because Shine is not number one, but holy moly. Where is December? The World I Know? Run? Yes I see them, but why are they where they are?

Shine is an amazing song! it is post-grunge and alternative at its best! the world I know would be my second vote, that is also an amazing song but this one just beats it!

Shine is one the best songs ever made... This is Collective Soul at its best.

2 December

I'm a real stickler as far as music goes, but this is considerably the best song I have ever heard.

Great really catchy song. Really deep and artistic. I can't understand it but it is really cool. The beet is sweet

The riff is so smooth. Dreamy and relaxing. The buildup in this song is unreal as well.

3 Heavy

It's got to be HEAVY! This one sticks in your gut. Great drum beat, great heavy guitar sound, catchy little riff and lets the chords ring, the vocals are sung in an understated mood - not screamed, great bridge before the solo, the solo is manic and it's all under 3 minutes. Years ago producers would insist that all songs be under 3 minutes.

I just cannot stop listening yo this song; It is so addicting. There are multiple stages of the song with each being equally brilliant.

This song is why god gave me ears. If I could only take 10 songs with me to a deserted island, this would be HIGH on that list.

4 Gel

Really don't understand why this song is not in the top 10 or even top 5. Still one of there best song and my personnal favorite.

Should be in the top five. Great energy to keep you rocking' throughout.

This song is amazing one of my all time favorite!

5 The World I Know

The world I know is totally the best and Number one song of Collective Soul for me.. I agree that Shine was the Breakthrough and all, but speaking of class and quality, according to how talented Ed is, this has been his first best written, composed, performed throughout this whole time... Almost every song is great Great! But this one, just beats all O them...

The Word I Know is by far in my opinion the best they have recorded. It stands out in the confusion of the CD which has no real direction.

Absolutely Ed's best work of art! Soothing vocals and great message of the circle of life! Viewing the video is a MUST! AWESOME!

6 Where the River Flows

One of my Favorite bands. Only Blackberry Smoke and Hootie and the Blowfish are better IMHO.

Great heavy riff, this is tied with heavy but I vote for this since its lower on the ol list

7 Why, Pt. 2

Hard rocking kick ass song.

8 Run

Best Song by Collective Soul by far. Run deserves a higher spot on this chart. The lyrics are so soulful. How does this so not make it to the top three.

Awesome song. I love this whole album. I really think that this is one of the better songs on it though!
The beat... The lyrics.. Come on people.

Run should Be top 3... The fact that it isn't even listed on here really slams this website's credibility.

9 Untitled
10 Fuzzy

Deserves its place as it is such a catchy and different track. Quite brilliant.

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11 Better Now

This song is extremely energetic and GREAT live! I've seen these guys TWICE and Ed Puts Extreme effort into it. And I'd have to say the guitar solo at the end (live) was pretty crazy

12 Compliment
13 Blame
14 Georgia Girl

Listen to it, then listen again and again. You will agree its one of their best

Can never turn it off

15 Energy

Really don't understand why this song is not in the top 5. This one is my favorite with Gel and where the river flows. Come on people shine is so overrated.

Come on, come the sexy eastern Europe sound of this woman. Come on...

16 Listen
17 Precious Declaration

Wow. I am sad this is so low. This is such an inspiring song, but then again the band does have many great songs.

My favorite. I associate with my first child's birth. She is my precious declaration, to the world.

Definitely my favorite Collective Soul song. Should be much higher.

18 Boast
19 No More, No less

I was shocked to come on this page and not even see this song on the list. Come on people this song is incredible

20 Tremble for My Beloved
21 Simple
22 Vent
23 Smashing Young Man
24 Counting the Days

Rock Something Else. You can call it Roll if you want, but there is definitely some real Rock in here.

25 Needs
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