Top 10 Best Sean Paul Songs

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1 She Doesn't Mind

Best song I've ever heard of Sean Paul. I want more songs like this from Sean Paul. Just love this song. It's an amazing song of Sean Paul.

This is the first song I have heard of Sean Paul. Love you, Sean Paul. This song justifies its top position. It must be part of all the top lists of songs in the entire world. At last, I want to say, you should listen to this song. I love the way he sings this song.

I love this song! It's really catchy and puts me in a party mood! It's so far one of the top 3 best songs of his. He totally deserves an award.

He is one heck of a singer. Love most of his songs, but this one is standing on top. It deserves to be. Now keep hitting the thumbs-up for this song.

2 Temperature

It's a huge turn-on and has a sexy tune. Incredibly catchy stuff. It seriously gets you off your feet and dancing to the beat.

I love this song so much. It's so catchy, and I love the way he sings.

It's his best song ever! You have to listen to it just once to get hooked.

3 Got 2 Luv U

Sean Paul is just the best! Love him and this song! I haven't really listened to Alexis Jordan, but I have to say I really do like this song. It's catchy too. I love all of Sean Paul's songs, but this one is just the best! X

Best song of Sean Paul. But I love Hold My Hand and Temperature too. Sean sings great.

Awesome song. Alexis is just rocking with Sean.

4 Get Busy

This song is probably the best song Sean Paul has done, though. Personally, I would put it at number 1. Sean Paul, you are amazing. I love all of your songs, but this has to be my favorite!

This song gets me pumped every time. Best song!

The best one, Sean Paul.

5 Give It Up to Me

This song is one of the best songs from Sean Paul. He is still rocking with his ability to provide amazing songs like this. This is one of the top songs in my playlist.

I think it's better than the others. It has more rhythm than anything else. I love that style!

6 Baby Boy

This song stays on my mind. I think about it all the time. I hear it in my dreams.

The song is hot.

7 We Be Burnin'

This is best after Temperature, and She Doesn't Mind should be third!

I just love it. I don't know the whole song, or the way Sean sings, so you have to listen to the song 30 times to understand!
If I had to choose from this, She Doesn't Mind, and Temperature, I couldn't choose any of them.

From Romania!

Best song of Sean Paul. His newest songs aren't as good as in his early times. Together with Temperature, it's number 1.

You're kidding, dude! It should be number 1.

8 Like Glue

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, feel that amazing song now! Yeah, yeah! Sean-a-Paul, whatever else he says. But I don't really care what people say!

I love Sean Paul.

That song is terribly amazing.
How come this is not in first place?

9 Bailando

This song should be on top of this list!

So nice and sexy song.

Amazing song! When I listen to it, I feel so much fun. Best duet of Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul.

10 So Fine

Listening to it right now. It's still a classic from 2013!

It has some nice words.

I like it. It's a good one.

The Contenders
11 Shake that Thing
12 Hold My Hand

I listen to all of his songs, but unfortunately have to choose just one. I just love this number. The lyrics are awesome, and the music and collaboration are perfect.

Sean Paul is just the best! I love him and this song. I haven't really listened to Alexis Jordan, but I have to say I really do like this song. It's catchy too. I love all of Sean Paul's songs, but this one is just the best!

Best song from Sean Paul.

13 Press It Up

Just an awesome song. Moreover, I'm a die-hard fan of Sean Paul. Listening to this song makes me dance all the time. It deserves to be in the top 4. Of all Sean's albums, The Trinity and Tomahawk Technique were my favorites. Awaiting Sean's new raps.

It is awesome. I just listened to it on Grooveshark, and it had me dancing in class. Laugh out loud. Vote, y'all. It's an awesome song, and the beat is hard.

Sean Paul is the truth! This is a jam!

14 Cheap Thrills

I love his style of singing. Awesome.

Should be in the top 5. Seriously.

Very nice song.

15 Ever Blazin'
16 Gimme the Light
17 Break It Off

Best song ever.

18 Come On to Me

Sean is the best. Love the song. Sean and Major Lazer rock. Why don't Sean Paul fans listen to this?

19 Lay You Down Easy
20 I'm Still in Love with You

Great song. Good meaning. It has a sexy beat and tops my list.

21 Do You Remember

Sean Paul nailed this song!

22 Other Side of Love

What a touching song this is! It should be ranked first for sure. Just an amazing song with deep and meaningful lyrics.

Should be in the Top 10.

23 Hey Sexy Lady
24 Tik - Tok
25 How Deep Is Your Love

The music is very catchy. Love this song!

Bombastic songs in my view.

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