Top Ten Greatest Hip-Hop Beefs & Feuds

The most recognized, and followed Hip Hop rivalries.
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1 Tupac vs The Notorious B.I.G

I think if society wasn't so messed up back then and Biggie and Pac weren't killed, I think Pac would've won the feud, because he was the agressor in the feud, but Biggie didn't do anything. Biggie would have to come out with a diss song eventually, but the damage would be done when Pac dissed back. They are both one of the best rappers of all time, but I think Pac's influence was too much.

Hit Em Up Hands down... While I got mad respect for Notorious B.I.G. , Hit 'em Up was by far the most aggressive and hard hitting rap diss ever...2Pac meant every word he said and it came out that way... Who Shot Ya was good... Hit 'Em Up was GREAT... Just my honest opinion.

Tupac was an absolute soldier. What he talked about was real. His songs were meaningful, powerful, and everything you can think of. Though Biggie did all that too, he wasn't an activist like Pac. Tupac is better than Biggie.

It was a huge beef with one side of the country against another, but it was horrible because it ended up with both of them getting killed.

2 Nas vs Jay-Z

Anyone saying that Nas sucks is clearly stupid. Nas is indefinitely one of the greatest rappers of all time. Jay-Z of course is also and I have much respect for him. Takeover was a great song but honestly Ether just obliterated Jay-Z. He legit put Jay-Z in his place. Jay-Z tried to come back with Supa Ugly but no one really listened or remembered that track because Ether was so hardcore. When the poll was issued asking who won the feud Nas got 52% of the votes while Jay-Z got 48%. Great feud though and boosted both their careers.

Jay Z had the more clever lyrics and if you take into account both songs with takeover and super ugly he clearly won in my opinion. And I grew up a nas fan.

I think Nas won with Ether though Takeover was a close one and a great diss track, Ether definitely was a little stronger of a diss.

Ether was so much better than takeover. This beef was amazing and I honestly think nas destroyed jay z in the end.

3 50 Cent vs Ja Rule

Ja rule was toast and his career is done despite releases involving Biggie. He just couldn't make a comeback. Although in his defense, 50 had tons of juggernauts backing him up such as DMX, Eminem and Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre and this includes associates like G-Unit, D12, Obie Trice, Tony Yayo and more.

Ja's beef with 50 cent included well known rappers that sided with 50 like the members of G-unit and D12. Ja had no chance with all those big names against him and had his career destroyed.

I bet if this battle was to happen in present day, 50 Cent wont win. At that time he got a lot of support in bringing down Ja Rule from Dre, Eminem, Busta Rhymes.

This was one of the most realest rap beefs ever, way beyond some Jay Z and Nas thing. 50 ended Ja's Career.

4 Eazy-E vs Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre just got mad because Eazy-E got him exposed. So Eazy came out with a diss track against him. Dr. Dre clapped back with a single. After that, Eazy makes a whole diss ALBUM against Dre. Eazy sure did know how to formulate a comeback, great job R.I.P. E.

I gotta agree with u, eazy e murdered dre in real muthaphukking g's. Dre came out with a single song against eazy e, but eazy e replied back with a whole album. Eazy e for life.

Dr. Dre is the best ever.
Eazy e died of aids and dre is the richest rapper on the planet, you tell me who won.

These two were in nwa. I have no idea why this beef happened.

5 Ice Cube vs N.W.A.

These Idiots know nothing about Hip Hop...Ice Cube absolutely murdered NWA to the point they wanted him dead, but knew they couldn't touch him...this is the best rap beef of all time...because NWA tried to ruin Ice cube for leaving and not being stupid, but if you listen to "No Vaseline! He ruined them...

Ice Cube is absoluetely the winner no doubt No Vaseline was infinity times better than any of N.W.A.'s disses towards him and in my view No Vaseline is the best Hip Hop diss song in the history of Hip Hop!

Look up the song "No Vaseline" and listen to it. Then you will realize why this should be ranked #1.

What!... Cube murdered the whole NWA Crew and this is no.7... those idiots know nothing about Hip Hop.

6 Kanye West vs 50 Cent

From the College Dropout to 808's & Heartbreak and from Get Rich Or Die Tryin to Before I Self Destruct. Apperentally Kanye won. that's why 50 ain't making no albums now because of his bet.

50 is a classic g-unit solder who came up by hisself. Kanye had help by Jay-Z and possibly the devil. I like the old Kanye better.

Sales don't lie, Kanye West sold more thand 50 and made a much better album.

What, people saying 50 is better? Kanye is a better rapper and artist, listen to LR and MBDTF.

7 Eminem vs Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Obsessed was such a mediocre diss track compared to The Warning.

Obviously em won and not only did he won but he won with one hell of a song! After Mariah Carey released "obsessed"(about eminem) em released the warning which is just a kick ass song which won him the beeg

8 Canibus vs Eminem

Eminem beat Canibus. He verbally shut down his career. He ended any chance Canibus had on blowing up.

Come on now Em murdered

Canibus was better lyrically, Eminem didn't even try with this one

9 The Game vs 50 Cent

I'll give this one my vote because id say it deserves to be higher. Both were good rappers, but I was cheering for the Game!

50 cent sold 10 mill in 2003, game sold 5 mill in 2005, 2006.
Numbers don't really count in my opinion but these 2 were selling millions and has the industry shook

G,G,G, G-Unot. Game took down the big dog in the yard at the time, and anyone else that spoke up.

10 Lil Wayne vs Jay Z

Lil Wayne is best

Jay Z obviously won

Jay z is twice the rapper lil wayne is & 10 time richer than lil wayne

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11 LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee
12 Eminem vs Insane Clown Posse

They kinda tied, both being popular.

13 BDP vs The Juice Crew
14 Eminem vs Benzino

Benzino thought that will beat Eminem in "Pull Ya Skirt Up," because he works for The Source. But Eminem knows what a good diss track has to go, so listen to two of his greatest tracks: "Nail in the Coffin" and "The Sauce." Benzino tried to gain more support, but happens to get kicked out if every record label there is, gets fired from The Source, and he is now a nobody. Eminem is the champion, and let's don't forget the other disses like "Bully" and "Go to Sleep."

Big credit goes to Eminem. He put a big scar on The Source and brought the whole thing down because of Benzino's "below the belt" moves to attack Em.

Eminem completely destroyed Benzino, and Benzino never was heard from again. We all know who one this beef.

This was the most mismatched feud in the history of fueds. And 'nail in the coffin' was the most exposing and personal diss track of the 2000's

15 Rick Ross vs 50 Cent

50 would have destroyed him... Ross won just because of one mistake by 50. 50 made a fool out of himself and paid for it. If 50 wasn't dumb enough to release that sex tape, he'd be in a completely different situation, and he wouldn't be bankrupt.

In this beef 50 cent destroyed rick ross, 50 cent is a monster. 50 had beef with ja, game, buck, jay z and many more. And he had destroyed many of artists careers. Fifty ate rick ross..

16 Bad Boy Records vs Tupac

Who in the hell said that biggie was "deeper" than Tupac! are you crazy? he may be more lyrical and had fancy wordplay, but as far as depth, passion, and content Tupac ran circles around biggie!

This battle not only ticked biggie, but tons of suckups to biggie like mod deep. Tupac single handedly defeated the east coast.

Tupac came at Bad Boy with Bombs First. Then they started coming at each other

Nobody's big enough to face a label, and deathrow isn't better than bad boy anyway.

17 T.I. vs Lil Flip

T I obviously. Flip sucks. I hate him.

12 years later and I fucc with both rappers but let's be 100 here Flip murdered T.I.P

18 LL Cool J vs Canibus

One of hip hops greatest, since canibus was the new kid in the game and LL was like a 15 year rap veteran and canibus destroys LL street credibility with 2nd round knockout, and just to make it worse he managed to get mike tyson on his song to take down LL, although canibus never hit it big, this surely did hold LL's career back

19 G-Unit vs The Game

Game killed it, between whole albums dissing gunit to a hilarious dvd... didn't do much to hurt gunit but it helped his career a lot

G-Unit Was killing it back then. It was a crazy beef.

This was easily one of the best beefs!

20 Ludacris vs T.I.
21 Young Jeezy vs Gucci Mane

Gucci killed Jeezy's friend in self defense. He did it because he had to not because he's cold.

Gucci killed Jeezy's friend which makes him a savage.

Greatest beef of all time, not up for debate.

Jeezy, say no more.

22 Eminem vs Tupac

The hell? Eminem was an underground wardog while Tupac was a legend around '96. Eminem idolized the legend and admitted to him being far better than him. But if such a beef happened, I think it would be Pac by an inch because disregarding what feel for both of them, it is noticeable that Eminem is a heavily built battle rapper who dominates the art of dissing and has extreme and intriquite rhyme schemes but Pac holds a bigger legacy than Eminem and has significantly smoother flow. He also showed extreme diss stregth when he went toe to toe with Biggie himself. You could also tske account Pac's death at 25. Eminem is currently 44 as of now which means he is now a "veteran" in the game and his experiences had toughen him up overtime. If Pac reached 40, he would be unstoppable but very few can create a match.
This is all an opinion stated through gathered facts. I have a lot of respect for both sides.

Can't compare Eminem to 2pac. 2Pac is the greatest of all time. Look Eminem now doing songs like " I'm the rap god" that's just bull!

Wasn't a beef... Pac died before Em was famous so there was no way they had beef.

Such a beef did not even happen and if it did it would have been legendary

23 Eazy-E vs Death Row Records
24 Foxy Brown vs Lil Kim

Kim went at Foxy first, and ten years later this beef is still alive.

25 Beanie Sigel vs Jadakiss
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