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1 Denial

Learned about this song on ATV off road fury. It's a pretty fun game considering that it is PS2. Anyway, this is easily the best song on the soundtrack and I can listen to it for hours on end.

Awesome. That is all

2 Enemy

This song is what introduced me to Sevendust and like many other bands such as Staind, Saliva and Drowning Pool, I found Sevendust through WWE. This song is a kick ass song with a great chorus and great verses.

I can definitely agree with this being number one. It perfectly encapsulates the nature of Sevendust and the style of music they create.

Really good song, catchy chorus, good instruments, and heavy. I think the lyrics are god.

Song gets you pump! Good to lift weights too.

3 Black

No 7dust song beats the groovy bass, bouncing riffs, and haunting vocals of this song.

Black embodies everything Sevendust is. You hear that intro,and you know your about to get your ass kicked.

Hands down. One of the best hard rock songs.

This song amazing, I love the beginning.

4 Waffle

What can I say that hasn't already been said? My personal favorite band, and some all around good guy. Out of all their songs, this one has my favorite hook and chorus.

Subtle, but phenomenal drums wired unique licks. Awesome pace, song best listened to on headphones blasted.

Amazing lyrics. Pace showcases great instrumentalists and Lajon's amazing voice. All around great song.

Best song of their's- if not one of the best rock songs ever.

5 Praise

Animosity is still one of my absolute favorite albums, and Praise has a lot to do with that.

Undoubtedly one of the best songs created in the past 20 years.

Vocals on this song far surpass any of their other songs. Its unique and very lively

Awesome song... Go running to this!

6 Crucified
7 Face to Face

Incredible melody in the chorus followed up with a kickass beat and amazing ambience from the guitars. Such a satisfying song.

Just a badass song. From start to finish

8 Driven

Enemy no doubt is their best song in my opinion but I voted for this song because I think its their close 2nd best and 11th place is a slap in the face to this song. VOTE!

Great song and awesome vocals. Loved it! Songs like this we need more. Thanks guys, do what you you do. Rock on!

This should definitely be in the top ten if not the top five.

Good beat and full of adrenaline. 11? Seriously?

9 Bitch

Absolutely love this song! It's incredibly fun to sing along to, despite how heavy it is. Death growls and thrasher drums aren't exactly the norm for Sevendust, but this song never feels out of place. It's just awesome! It's a heavy, angry song that's one hell of a good time to listen to. If you've been through a breakup, I would highly recommend this one.

This shows the versatility of the band, going from a power ballad to thrash metal, and back again.

Great tune! Shows the versatility of sevendust

A killer song. Great for the gym

10 Splinter

Amazing Introduction, commanding chorus, excellent riffage. Absolutely amazing song. Listen to it if you have not already done so. Ranked far too low.

Hardcore song! Love it. Definitely one of the best songs by them after Waffle and Enemy. Plus, Lajon's vocals are epic

This song should be in the at least top 5! Vote this one up more... Laugh out loud

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11 Broken Down

Great song should be at least top 5 if not number 1!
Must listen to it

12 Bender

Great Song! Lyrics between Chino and Witherspoon are amazing.

13 Feed

Very underrated track. A shame Sevendust seem to have disowned it cause there is no video of it being played ANYWHERE

14 Ugly

Are you kidding me? Ugly is their best song by far. The music and lyrics have so much meaning.

Its hands down their best song.

Can't believe how low this is top 5 for sure and my personal favorite

15 Shine
16 Burn

This song is AMAZING. It's one of their longer songs (from what I've heard), but every bit of it gives you a certain feeling that I can't really explain. May not be high on the list, but I do believe it deserves a listen by anybody who reads this.

17 Decay

This list needs to be updated badly, this whole album is some of there best work to date. Regardless, this song is way to far down on the list

By the time this song is a year or so old, it will definitely be (at least) in the top ten. Great song, really catchy.

The hard bass makes this song sound furious.

My first Sevendust song One of the Best!

18 Angel's Son

This song is just awesome. If this song isn't somewhere on top... You need to hear it once.

19 Live Again

Would have voted Burn, but the last third of the song doesn't appeal to me. This is the nevertheless a really full-on song with great lyrics and raw vocals. Love it!

Awesome song! Tells us about stories of our lives represented in the lyrics and especially in the instruments!

Hello... One ov their best songs... First song I heard from them... Awesome

20 Follow
21 Alpha
22 Pieces
23 Walk Away
24 Burned Out

How can you have a top ten of Sevendust songs and NOT have this song in it. That Clint Lowery riff absolutely slays!

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