Top 10 Best Sia Furler Songs

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1 Chandelier

A revolutionary song with a powerful and important meaning, as well as amazing vocals. Why shouldn't this be number one on the best songs of the 21th century (so far)?

Chandelier is amazing. This song shows so much emotion and the lyrics tell an amazing story. Sia's voice is so powerful. Her voice shows so much emotion. This song is perfect 5/5

It's amazing. Did you know that there was a challenge that witch celebrity could sing sia's songs and nobody could sing it as strong as sia.

This song is absolutely beautiful and sad and meaningful. Sia's voice gives me shudders and this song just makes me feel what she feels.

2 Elastic Heart

This song is so beautiful and the video clip is a powerful work of art. Putting gender aside we see 'two Sias' battle it out as they try desperately to escape the cage. There is mirror movement yet such contrast in their dance. In the end only the young innocent Sia can break free leaving the savage, angry Sia within. Music these days no longer seems to capture me emotionally, but there is something about this song, something that is so heart wrenching, listening has become an addiction. Once you experience it you will crave this song and video clip the way you crave the air you breathe.

Love the song, it has a meaningful lyrics, even better than chandelier, except I don't like the video it looks cheap to me, it deserve way more than that.

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful video. This list gives me a good idea of what other songs by Sia to check out!

You guys may disagree but one of the lyrics sound like this : The joblet at my pizza shop. I don't know. But nice song though

3 Cheap Thrills

Cheap thrills was my favorite song at first listen. It was buried deep inside my brain after hearing it at a party or something, then I found it in my recommendations and…wow. I could only think "Oh god, I'm gonna play this 5 times every day, aren't I?" I was correct. I'm playing Cheap Thrills as I'm writing this, for crying out loud!

Sample "Bounce Booty Girl Dance Booty Girl Buda Bum Bum"come on come on Turn the radio on its Friday night and it won't be long I gotta do my hair put my makeup on its Friday night and it won't be long! I don't need no worrirries as long as I can feel the beat! I Love Cheap Thrills! " come on come on it's Saturday night and it won't be long! I gotta put on my highheels on"Its Saturday night and it won't be long! " it is also in Pitch Perfect 3

Addictive, catchy tune. Puts you in a good mood, it really does! On repeat worthy? Definitely! Unstoppable down there is awesome as well.

Needs to be on second place
Amazing voice, perfectly composed..!

4 Titanium

I'm Titanium it never gets old I wish it was like the first one but chandelier was pretty good to!

This song expires us to be our best even when we get bulled witch is the shot lets you down you do not get upset don't be the victim be the STAR! and rely on your heart not to be rude back but to earn that you are you not any one else and that u can be you just do not listen oh! please please subscribe to Its Funneh to join the crew and please look at some of my quizzes and if you want to make your own quiz link into my description bar bellow of my channel!

This is the best rhythm and the best voice the singer can have. If Sia would sing all songs she wrote (Diamonds- written for Rihanna) she would be Number 1 famous on world.

I still like this song more than Chandelier and Elastic Heart.

I love this song. David Guetta and Sia are made for each other.

5 Breathe Me

Still remember the summer I discovered this song. Remember listening to it the first day back at high school, absolutely gutted so I was haha - perfect song to soak up the sadness. In all seriousness though, this is a go to song for me as I find it really soothing.

"Hurt myself again
and the worst part is there's no on else to blame"
"Be my friend
Hold me
Wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
And needy
Warm me up

And Breath me"...

I really like her music, but this particular song is way to high in my opinion. This deserves to be in the 20's or something not 4.

This song literally broke my heart, the best sia's song. The sadness you can feel in the words is indescribable.

6 Alive

Anyone who has been through depression after someone you loved betrayed can relate to this song. You feel you won't ever feel happy again but one day you look back and realise that as Sia sings that person took it all but you are still breathing, you're alive. And you have a life to live and fight for.

Vocals and the meaning of the song. Despite everything that you have been through, you're still're ALIVE.

Just listen to it, and you will understand why it deserves to be in this list.

Alien this, a true alien. Sia's voice is made outta steel!

7 The Greatest

Happy to see this song number 10 only after 5 days of being released hope to see it number one soon! For now it's number one on my play list such an amazing powerful sad happy

I The emotion in The Greatest is astonishing. I love Sia and her songs and I think that the
main dancer, Maddie Zieglert choice for cast and I think she was exeptional..

Should be in the top three... No one could have sung it like Sia... Her voice pumps me up in this song

Want a motivating song? Listen to the greatest.

8 Bird Set Free

@ZenithDeenZine. #11 are you guys serious this Song is incredible it's in the League of Chandelier and Alive...her vocals span incredibly in the song and Not to Mention this song was intended for ADELE...Think of that haven't listened to it :( you've been missing out. SIA rocks all the way "and it looks like she's just getting started"

PStakoo. Come on not even top 10 the other comment is right this song was Made for Adele and it's expectations are's better and has new material

Beautiful melody, powerful lyrics what else is required. A under rated song, loved it

Breath-taking ballad. Very personal piece of art.

9 Fire Meet Gasoline

Absolutely my favorite Sia song, also my favorite song. It should be at the top.

Such an explosive song

This should totally be #1!

Love it best song

10 Unstoppable

This makes me think how strong I really am even though half the time I don't know how strong I am until I listen to this song. I love you Sia thank you for bringing out my inner strength!

To all those who are just scrolling down the songs... Do this.. Listen to this song... And then think about any other song sia had made... Believe me. This is the best song of sia

This is honestly one of the best Sia songs. The lyrics are so inspirational and it shows off her great vocal range. Should be number 1.

No lyric awards for any of her songs. After sampling all her top songs, this is the one -and- only Song that made its way to my Collection

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11 She Wolf

So very Epic! Love Sia and her song writing! This is so powerful and yet no one hears it. That's good in some ways so we never get tired of it! I agree...should be up at top!

I feel like this is such a powerful song... I LOVE IT!

Lovely song Sia is one of the best artists around!

The beat is breathtaking.

12 Soon We'll Be Found

That voice kills me every time. She has started singing it on her tour again and sings it better than ever - so strong. I love her song-writing here. It's so raw and natural. Some people have real problems is a brilliant album.

Most Sia songs are just average but this is pretty awesome. I don't understand how people love cheap thrills or fire meet gasoline more than this.

Definitely her best one- Before her poppy phase, which is also great, but differently.

This should have been on top 5. It's so different and so good.

13 Eye of the Needle

Seriously needs more votes. How is "Burn the Pages" better than this?

One of her best songs! How is it not in the top ten?!

Why isn't it in the top ten? Are you people crazy? Move it up to the top ten

One of my favorites of hers. So great!

14 Wild Ones

One of the songs of life

15 Guts Over Fear

Whoa! To my opinion I would say that the best singer met the best rapper. Sia reached her Optimistic and Eminem(slim shady) gave it a Flavour. Great song! NDOSEBERRY

This is one of Sia's most inspirational songs.

Why this isn't a huge hit? It's better than these ones with rihanna

Now this is a collaboration worthy way more recognition than it has

16 Buttons

Strange and fun song saw it live a while ago.

LOVE IT! Quirky and original.. this song is over 10years old so is truly before it's time

Love it so much!

This is so good!

17 Clap Your Hands
18 I'm in Here

This song moves me and gives me goosebumps everytrime I listen to it.

I can relate to it so much... story of my life

It's such an emotional song that has a very mysterious and cool melody

Very emotional song that I can relate to in many ways, also one of Sia's best song

19 Burn the Pages

This is beautiful but also super upbeat.

20 Big Girls Cry

I only started listening to Sia's music after I noticed she had co-written 'Diamonds' by Rihanna which I really liked and couldn't believe how good her music is. This is another great example. A wonderful moving song with a great hook melody. Not sure why it is only 29th in the list currently but it should at least 20 places higher.

A really great song. So catchy with heartfelt lyrics. The only surprise is why it is so low down the list. For me, it is one of her stand-out tracks along with Chandelier, Breathe Me and Elastic Heart.

Music is awesome, but the lyrics are destructively strong and touching. Sia does have one of the most pleasuring voices I've ever heard.

This song is beautiful and Sia brings her creative writing style to the song along side some beautiful memorable lyrics.

21 Cloud

Very emotional. When you're. Singing. Along to it

22 Broken Glass

Please make this song higher! This should be at least in the top 25. Her voice towards the end of the song is amazing, it is one of her most energetic songs when it gets to the end, honestly the amount of energy towards the end of the song is comparable to Chandelier!

Worth a listen! From the opening, jing-jangly chords to the lyrics to Sia's pleading delivery is perfect! When she hit those key changes I cried my eyes out- never cried so hard. This song made me fall in love with her...and I went out to buy all the Sia albums I could find. But nothing really comes close to this one.

A beautiful song, easily one of the best off of This Is Acting. It's beautiful and heartbreaking, and it has TWO key changes. The lyrics are gorgeous and poetic, and the music is so nice. It really shows that Sia doesn't just sing well, she's an amazing songwriter.

Why is this not number 1? It became my favorite song in a day and my friend overheard me playing it and told me that I found her new favorite song.

23 Dusk Till Dawn

Amazing song. Should be number 1

I love this song. Should be top 10

Utter beautiful song

24 My Love

Almost like a ballad. This song takes me to beautiful, ancient China when I listen to it, and never fails to lift my mood. Thank you Sia, for this exquisite work of art.

Very emotional and beautiful song. Always give me goosebumps when I'm listening to it

Most underrated song in her amazing catalog.

Most beautiful ballad in recent years!

25 Beautiful Pain

This song touches the soul. And I feel alive..

This song is so inspirational and just helps me when I'm feeling down. so beautiful

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