Top 10 Best One Direction Songs

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and let's not forget Zayn Malik who was there at the start - these lads are everything! Born from the legendary stage of The X Factor UK in 2010, they zoomed straight to our playlists and our hearts.

1D gave us everything from bop-worthy tunes to tearjerker ballads, making us feel every emotion on the spectrum.
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1 What Makes You Beautiful

I love this song! It's amazing and is at the top of the list. It's the best song on the Up All Night album!

I'm a guy, and I hate to say that I love this song and One Thing. They are very catchy songs, and they're a fresh break from all the generic stuff, so that's probably why I like them.

This song is a little bit better than One Thing, but they are both great. Vote for this song, okay?

I like almost all of them, but this one is like a rain of positive things that you can't ignore with these voices. And Harry's mini solo at the end is amazing!

2 Best Song Ever

I love this song since it's so diverse. All of the singers have a part in this song. I don't like it when people only think of One Direction as Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. I mean, there are other members too.

Have you ever thought that Liam is hot? In my opinion, he is way hotter than Harry or Zayn. Also, Niall looks so cute. He's like the baby of the band. I mean, he has no tattoos when everyone else does. His blonde hair is the best part.

And Louis is amazing. He has an amazing voice. He is multi-talented, with great vocal ability, dance skills, and good looks. My ranking of the band members from least to greatest would be: Zayn (not that hot and he left), Harry (I hate the hair), Louis (he is an amazing singer. His voice is amazing), Niall (he's so cute, I could just squish his blonde hair), and finally, Liam (he's so hot). It's true. Liam is as hot as a ghost pepper.

3 One Thing

Every song is wonderful and amazing, but when I hear this song, I cry! I love this song, and I love One Direction! I love Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis! I listen to this song every day! Sunny

This song makes me feel wanted, and it's just different - just like me. It's not too upbeat but still cheery all the same. I love this song, along with every other song. Way to ruin the moment, haha!

The point is, the song makes everyone feel good about themselves and has that "magical" touch. It makes me feel special, quite frankly. And everyone should be able to feel special, feel like the sun was made for them, feel loved by someone, and feel like they have their very own Prince Charming waiting for them. Feel free to be whomever they like, and feel free to do whatever they like. Feel like themselves. Yes, that was pretty deep, wasn't it? Haha!

4 Story of My Life

According to me, One Direction is the best band ever, and this song is one of their best. The beauty of this song is breathtaking, and the lyrics are just amazing. No doubt, this should be in the top three.

As for the video, everything is perfect. The boys all look really nice: Zayn and Waliyha are the center of attention, and they're the cutest siblings ever. Harry is adorable with his mom, being a cupcake as always. Liam looks like a cute little chubby rabbit. Niall is a daddy's boy, and Louis is a tiny little duckling.

Everything was just beyond awesome in the song. No wonder why I have voted for this.

5 Live While We're Young

When this song came out, it was catchy and fun, and I was thrilled to have a One Direction song like this. But now that they have matured so much, it just seems very fake. It wasn't about the boys' real experiences, and it was clearly inauthentic.

Now that the band has started writing their own songs and singing about real things happening to them, it is easy to see how manufactured this type of boy band pop is.

I love this song very much. I think that this is the best song in the whole world. East or west, this song is the best. You will never get bored while listening to this song. You will definitely enjoy it, as it has got a very good beat and rhythm.

This song is better than Baby by Justin Bieber, honestly. I love this crazy, cool, nice, amazing, and awesome song. One Direction, you rock, as well as this song.

6 Night Changes

I had to double-check to see if I missed this song in the top ten. Then I looked down at the contenders, but it still wasn't there. This is unbelievable because this is a really good song. Although I'm not a big 1D fan, this song is so good. It tells the truth, and the video is like footage of my life. It should be in the top 3.

Songs that I really like are, in order:

1. Night Changes
2. Story of My Life
3. Steal My Girl

Night Changes is my favorite song off of FOUR. Ha! Oh, Niall. The lyrics are so romantic and sweet, and the video is perfect!

But are they trying to give their fans heart attacks? It felt like I was actually on a date with each of them! Laugh out loud.

7 They Don't Know About Us

"They Don't Know About Us" is my favorite song ever, and I wish it had received more attention and been released as a single. It perfectly captures the essence of relationships, especially when your parents are telling you that you're not in love, but you know you are. I listen to it all the time and it just makes me smile.

When I'm sad or mad at my family, this song is my go-to for some reason. It showcases all of their voices, especially Zayn's. I love all the members and adore this song. The lyrics are spectacular. I played this song for my family, and they didn't even know it was by One Direction.

8 Kiss You

I think Kiss You is One Direction's best song, especially because it is so upbeat. Everybody likes What Makes You Beautiful and Little Things, but to me, those songs are overused. On the contrary, Kiss You never gets tiring.

I used to love the songs Up All Night and Live While We're Young, but now I think that Kiss You is the best! Even my stick-in-the-mud sister likes this song. What I love about this song is that it never gets tiring. Everyone should at least know it!

I never want to stop playing this song. When it comes on the radio, I tell everyone around to be quiet so I can listen to it. It never gets tiring, and I can always turn to this song when I have nothing else to listen to.

Even What Makes You Beautiful can get a little tiring and boring, but this song never does. Love it!

9 I Would

I personally think Take Me Home is the worst One Direction album because of how rushed and inauthentic it sounds. However, I Would is a classic tune that I love to listen to. This song sounds more mature than some of the other tracks.

Amazing song! The lyrics are just so sweet, and the tune is very catchy. I never get tired of listening to this rocking song. It's very sweet, very cute, and absolutely fantastic! Go One Direction!

What Makes You Beautiful is only at the top because it's the only song that people know by them. I Would is definitely the best. Take it from me, I know every song by them by heart.

10 Little Things

Personally, I think this is their best song yet. I've always had a thing for these extremely attractive boys with stunning voices, and this song is what really made me fall for them even harder. There need to be more songs like this. I can literally feel the emotion through their words, and it's just soothing, soft, and melodious.

Most of their songs have been the jumpy, dance-along kind of thing, but this one is a beautiful collaboration of slow, harmonious music that brings a smile to my face. It reminds me that despite our imperfections, there is someone out there who still loves you. Why isn't this song higher up the list? I have no clue! Vote for it!

The Contenders
11 You & I

This is one of my favorite songs. It's better than other songs from the top. I love Zayn's high note and the way Harry sings his part. All of the boys have such beautiful voices in this song.

It's one of their best songs.

This is one of the best songs from all three albums. The highlight is admittedly Zayn's amazing high note! The song has a wonderful meaning for the fans and is also sure to be favorable to people outside the fandom.

It's an absolutely great song!

This song is amazing. It's by far the best song on "Midnight Memories." All of the songs are great, though. The only other song that beats this is "Got to Be You."

12 Rock Me

I love this song. At first, I hated One Direction. My friend is a huge fan. So when I was at her home, she turned on the whole album, which is an hour long.

She was killing me! Guess what I did the next day? I downloaded a song - Rock Me!

This song is so awesome, it should be number one or something. Who wouldn't like this song? I think everyone should vote for this song and listen to it 24/7, like I do.

It's insane that this song isn't in the top ten songs! This is, like, the best song ever. I'm in love with it and just get crazy when I listen to it. Please, vote for this amazing song, everyone!

13 More Than This

One of their best songs! Niall's solo is my favorite. His voice is so amazing. I love One Direction. I've been up all night listening to their music over and over again.

This is the song that made me fall in love with them. I don't understand how What Makes You Beautiful is number 1? That's like their worst song. This song is better.

The lyrics are so amazing. It's everything a girl wants a guy to tell her. Their voices in it are just beautiful.

This is a really great song, and I just love the whole thing. However, the part I love the most is Zayn's section. They are amazing!

I pray that you will see the light shining from the stars above.

14 Gotta Be You

This song actually made me feel each and every word said. It's a truly great song. If you haven't heard it, then you don't know what you're missing.

This song is by far my favorite! Harry can go so high in this song, and it just makes me so happy to listen to it! It has an empowering quality to it when the chorus starts.

I could listen to it over and over again and never get tired of it. But, I feel that way about all of their songs!

I love this song so much! Love you, Niall! Love 1D! But this song makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it's really nice that 1D made this song for her.

Sad because imagine if she had rejected them!

15 Happily

This is one of those songs that, when it starts playing, you can't resist dropping what you are doing to sing along.

I love this song, and it's my personal favorite from the album Midnight Memories.

This song makes me so happy every time I listen to it. It's my absolute #1 favorite.

16 Drag Me Down

I really do think Drag Me Down is a great pump-up song. It came out right after Zayn left the band and made people take them seriously again. The song has become quite a hit with its classic repeated lyrics.

No other 1D album has a song quite like Drag Me Down.

I love this song. My name is Madison, and I am 19. I am a huge Directioner. Harry had super long curly hair. I'm typing this in 2019 because he looks different now. I still love One Direction to this day.

Honestly, this should be way higher on the list! It's different than their other songs and is much easier on the ears, with a pump-up tune!

17 Last First Kiss

This is a really good song! It has meaningful lyrics, and everyone in the band has at least one solo. They each have the same number of solos. It's also really catchy and fun to dance to.

This has to be in the top 5! Really? Please vote for it. There is no song better than this. Listen once, and you will be flattered. Please vote for my favorite song!

I just love this song because it gives me hope that a guy out there is waiting for me! Definitely Not 18 deserves to be in the top 10!

18 Stockholm Syndrome

This song is literally my favorite song in the entire world, ahead of every other song I've listened to. Stockholm needs to be in the top ten because it is just amazing.

The lyrics are woven together so well, and the beat is so different and cool. Ten out of ten.

This song is amazing. Their voices in this are incredible, and the '80s vibe is great. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It should be number one.

I love this song very much, and it should be at the top of this list. I love the line "Baby, I'll never leave if you keep holding me this way."

19 Forever Young

I love this song. It's so amazing, and even though it's a redone version of another song, it's still the best song ever. It completely describes how you feel when you think about growing old and how much you want to stay young forever. If you haven't heard it, go search it up on YouTube or something. It's a phenomenal song.

I love how they sing this! I'm so sad that you can't buy it on iTunes because it's a cover. But I have it recorded, so it's still good. They sound amazing, and sometimes it brings me to tears because it just totally fits them.

20 Nobody Compares

I love the music in this song, especially when it starts saying, "Cause no one ever looks so good in a dress, and it hurts, cause I know you won't be mine tonight." It's awesome. I could replay it over and over again.

Number 19?! It should be at least in the top 5! This is the best song I have ever heard. It's cute and sweet, and their voices sound better than ever!

This song is the bomb digity! It never gets old. Come on, guys, vote for this song! It should be in the top ten!

21 Moments

This song cannot be described in words. It's my all-time favorite song. Even before I liked One Direction, I loved this song. It was actually the first One Direction song I ever bought, and it must have been what made me fall in love with them.

This song is extremely haunting and something you'll never forget. Sit down and listen to the lyrics. They were beautifully put together by Ed Sheeran, who is a true lyrical genius. I'm not going to explain what I think this song is about because I believe it will mean something different to everyone. But I guess all I really want to say here is that I love this song. It's amazing. Thank you, Ed and 1D!

22 Up All Night

Love it, just simply love it! It's better than What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing, duh! The music and the song just blend together. I also love the backup singers too.

The leading vocal was just simply WOW! I love this song. I loved it, I love it, and I will love it!

As cheesy as it is, this song will always have a place in my heart. Its fun nature seems very real to me. Some people hate their first album, but I think it was an experiment to discover who the boys were.

Their music has gotten much better.

Really cool! I like Niall Horan a lot, but I'm not obsessed with him. I think it's a little overwhelming to have people saying I LOVE you when they don't even really know you as well as they think they do.

But that's just my opinion. Thanks for your time! Stay true, Niall Horan!

23 Everything About You

I love this song! Why is it here? It's so catchy, and all the solos are perfectly done. It's everything about you, you, you. Everything that you do, do, do. From the way that we touch, baby, to the way that you kiss on me.

Awesome, you should listen to it, guys. I'm absolutely in love with Zayn's voice. He's an amazing singer, and so are the rest.

It is one of my personal favorite songs! The song is refreshing and mind-boggling. It should have been placed at a much higher rank than this. Guys, let's vote for this song to make it number one.

24 Stole My Heart

Why is this song at the bottom? I think this song is different from the others because it has a bit of the oomph that other artists would use. That's my opinion, and we all need to respect other Directioners like us. The lyrics are divine!

Why do some people on Twitter and Facebook post nasty comments? Just keep loving One Direction, Directioners! I'm Filipino - laugh out loud.

I am in love with this song. However, the last time I checked, there were 5 members, not 3. This song really speaks to me, and I love Harry's part in it!

This song makes me so happy and makes me want to get up and dance! "Under the light tonight, turned around and you stole my heart with just one look!" I love it!

25 Back for You

I thought this song would be in the top ten after hearing it! It's so catchy that it won't leave your head. It's amazingly catchy!

It's a song by One Direction that I'll never forget. It's a melody that will stay in my heart forever. I love it, and I love One Direction!

I love this song by One Direction. It's track #11 from Take Me Home. Truly, it's the best song ever!

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