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1 Wannabe

I was about 13 when Wannabe came out and had no interest in music whatsoever and wannabe just instantly cheered me up and was automatically catchy and fun. It goes well with their spirits and concept. What makes spice girls unique to every single artist or group to have ever existed is that back when they were 5 they literally were like animated, real life cartoons with such a charisma

I LOVE THIS SONG! <3 It's great! It's fun and catchy! It gets stuck in your head easily but it's okay because it's such an amazing song! I LOVE all the Spice Girls! Posh, Baby, Ginger, Scary and Sporty all the way!

2 Viva Forever

SImply beautiful and so was the last song the band sung with Geri as part of the group.

Somewhat... mystical. The Girls really do have some great voices.

The goodbye song from Spice Girls is one of the biggest hit of 1998 and of the band of course

3 Spice Up Your Life

Spice up your Life was the first smash single from the sophomore SpiceWorld album, and was probably the time at which the girls were at the pinnacle of their popularity.

The super-cool video was on MTV every five minutes..and the imagery, which showed the word Spice major corporate logos "Spicebucks" "Burger Spice..." The message? Girl Power was seeping through every aspect of society, and the Spice Girls seemed truly unstoppable.

This song always cheers me up, I probably heard it over 1,000 or more times now since 1998 when I first was watching Mtv The Box. It was amazing seeing these awesome hot dominant chicks with girl power flying around after being in their spice girls space ship in their music video. It blew my mind, I always listened to my parents classic rock then these girls opened my music doors to all different types of music from 90's to now to oldies. Thank you girls please release all of your unreleased songs for us. Some of them should be in this list like Woman and Pain proof, a day in your life and etc. B-sides should be in here too like Outer space girls and Step to me. I suggest listening to those songs too if all you know is wannabe, Spice Girls have tons of great songs for everyone in different styles too :) Some people who only know and dislike wannabe really missed out big time. Spice Girls opened doors for so many of your current favorites like Adele for example. Spice Girls, Alice in chains, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Offspring and smashing pumpkins are the best in my opinion of the 1990's era :) These are the perfect girls to listen to when you wanna listen to the females

4 Stop

Ironically, their only single not to reach the UK #1 spot. It stopped short at #2!

This is such a good song and should be AT LEAST #2 on the list.

I thought this would be higher!

5 Say You'll Be There

Stop it's a very optimistic song but it's clear than is their less better song of the Charts. For me Say You'll Be There will always be at least no. #2

Best of their work, hands down. Wannabe is in number 1 just because it's the one that made them famous and the most popular one.

Very beautiful tune, I'm glad I could listen it in Youtube any month. Thank you Spice Girls

6 Too Much

I loved this song from the very first time I heard it, the opening to the Spiceworld movie. Too Much of something is baad enough~

7 2 Become 1

It's my favourite along with Viva Forever. I know these girls can't sing at all, but in 2 become 1 editors did wonderful job and the song sounds great.

This song needs to be number 5 at least, is a pretty great one.

Beautiful. The chorus, in particular, is touching.

8 Goodbye

Underrated! Such a beautiful message and a laid back song, quite different to their other bigger hits. Also a record breaker as it gave them a 3rd Christmas number 1!

Viva Forever and Goodbye -- the two greatest Spice ballads. One with Ginger, and the second about her..

Whenever I fell un love for her. This is their song!

9 Who Do You Think You Are

Maybe her most disco-friendly song. The one that even a non fan will dance. Remember this song gave us the iconic Geri's Union Jack Dress

The Brit Awards. Geri's Union Jack dress. "Who do they think they are? " Superstars!

Talk about memories of 1997. 'Funny how time flies!

10 Mama
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11 Holler

How this wonderful, unique, beautiful, calming, awesome, original, class, rightful, lovely, amazing, super, genuine, masterpiece, good looking song isn't top?

Underrated. This should have been a bigger worldwide hit... I wish the girls did a bit more promo as a foursome for this.

Sounds like if a precious girls came outta' nowhere when you're down in the beach at night looking the big stars on the sky but then the girl get close to you and he starts to solt whispers in your ears.

12 Let Love Lead the Way
13 If U Can't Dance
14 Never Give Up on the Good Times
15 Saturday Night Divas
16 Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

The Girls' last song - from their last album 'Greatest Hits'. A winner.

17 Move Over

Pepsi new a good song when saw one, and licensed it for a massive ad campaign. Yet it remains underrated.

18 Time Goes By
19 Outer Space Girls
20 Naked
21 Love Thing
22 Last Time Lover
23 Get Down with Me
24 Voodoo
25 Something Kinda Funny
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