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1 Who's Next

Nothing with Keith Moon really disappointed me, but this album is definitely king to me. Amazing from start to finish, especially the opening and closing tracks(Baba O' Riley and Won't Get Fooled Again). However, those two songs are certainly not the only good songs on this stellar album! Bargain, Behind Blue Eyes, Getting in Tune, etc. Like I said, it's amazing from start to finish!

I just listened to this album a couple hours ago. I can't resist it. From songs like Wont get fooled again to getting in tune, every song is written with thought, meaning and endless expression. I'm glad this is at the top.

2 Quadrophenia

Not only the best from The Who, but a contender for best album ever. The story, the horns, the flow, it all works. Pete Townshend outdid himself with this one, and the band was clearly at their peak. Listen to "The Real Me" and find out why the John Entwistle/Keith Moon combination has no equal. You can't even call them a "rhythm section" as throughout the album either took the lead on many tunes.

A work of genius... A phenomenal work. Pete Townshend made the definitive story of alienated youth. just the sad opening of 5.15 draws you in and breaks your heart. this is a must if you have not heard this record. the film, Quadrophenia is a must see also. the gifted Phil Daniels and Ray Winstone (two of England's working class actors) bring a whole new meaning to the music. but hear the album first. keith moon's drumming is truly a work of art in itself.

3 Tommy

Obviously the best album by The Who. One of the best plots I've ever heard and in my life, this album was my introduction to The Who. Every song is good from the opening "1921", to the epic ending, "Listening to You". And the film in 1975 is just as good. The album shows Pete Townshend at his best. They tackled questionable humor with Cousin Kevin and Fiddle About, while also having somewhat endearing sections like in See Me Feel Me. And let's not forget Pinball Wizard, which is a joyride from start to finish. And my personal favorite, although often overlooked, os Go to the Mirror. The whole album is just such a good concept, and it deserves number 1 on this list.

4 The Who Sell Out

This album is the product of a young Pete Townshend breaking out of his creative shell. The appreciation of pirate radio stations is brilliant conceptual work. The songs are written well, and some are quite humorous.

Excellent album. The unreleased songs off the deluxe edition are a must to hear!

5 My Generation
6 Who Are You

This album is, for some inexplicable reason, ALWAYS underrated on best of lists. This is totally wrong, as it is one of their absolute finest. Daltrey, Entwistle and Townshend are all at the top of their game here, and Moon's much discussed decline is nowhere near as bad as people make out. John's 3 contributions are three of his best and Pete's different writing styles all work beautifully. This band was always much more than just blunt headed power, and their various other sides come together magnificently on Who Are You. Listen to it again.

7 A Quick One (Happy Jack)

It's not as good as the Tommy Who's Next Quadrophenia trilogy but it comes in close fourth.

8 The Who by Numbers

This deserves much more praise. In a hand or a face, slip kid, and however much I booze are masterpieces, there are only two songs that I dislike in the album.

I love this one, squeeze box and slip kid are terrific tunes.

9 Live at Leeds

Best Live Rock Album of all time from the greatest live act of all time. You can never beat that, centuries from now people will watch this with awe and wonder why they were so underrated.

Got this because heard nothing but good things about this album and I'm literally in awe. It's so incredible, I don't even think words can describe it.

This is a really great live album, even if the magic bus is 8 minutes, not even mention my generation totaling a whopping 14 minutes and 27 seconds long.

10 The Kids Are Alright
The Contenders
11 It's Hard

Underrated album with some excellent songs. Perhaps not their best work but well worth a listen the whole way through

12 A Quick One
13 Face Dances

You better you bet is a really good catchy song.

14 Magic Bus
15 Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970
16 Endless Wire

Love how mature this album is. I wish they just released it as the boy who heard music instead of going the whos next route oh well still rocks

17 Odds and Sods
18 Greatest Hits Live
19 Then & Now

This album has one of their finest. Real Good Looking Boy is great.

20 Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy

Even though this is a compilation album, every song on this album is perfect.

21 Thirty Years of Maximum R&B
22 Live At Hull 1970
23 Who
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