Top 10 Best Temptations Songs

When you think about the epitome of soulful tunes and harmonious melodies, it’s hard not to have The Temptations sprinting to the forefront of your mind.

The Temptations, with their smooth choreography and distinct harmonies, have been making us swoon and groove since the '60s. Their music, a seamless fusion of soul, R&B, and funk, coupled with profound lyrics, has influenced countless artists across genres and generations. It’s a journey through soulful ballads, funky grooves, and rhythmically rich anthems that have the power to transport you back in time, or make a moment stand still, resonating with various emotions and memories.

Reflecting on their vast array of hits, you get to experience the enchanting vocal prowess of members like David Ruffin, whose voice has the undeniable ability to make a song linger in your soul. It's also an opportunity to delve into the intricate musical arrangements and lush melodies that have become synonymous with The Temptations’ sound, contributing significantly to the Motown legacy.
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1 My Girl

When I was a teen, I fell asleep listening to My Girl and woke up to My Girl one night. It stuck in my head. I am 65 and still sing it. It's my wife's and my favorite song of all times.

Wow! That has been my favorite song for years! I remember hearing it in the '60s, and it has remained my number one favorite ever since.

The true meaning of a love song. The blending of their voices is second to none. Indeed, The Temptations set the standard for male groups.

2 Papa Was a Rollin' Stone

Papa Was a Rolling Stone was the first song of its kind. It was called 'psychedelic soul,' and it was dark and lingering. The Temptations had never done anything like it before, and a lot of rock bands loved it. Rolling Stone actually performed it during their 1974 tour, but it didn't have the same magic. This song, by far, was their greatest song.

Just saw them perform Saturday. Wish they had played this entire song. It's a favorite!

I like "My Girls," but I LOVE this one! Someone called it too long, but if you love it, it's not long enough!

3 Ain't Too Proud to Beg

This and Imagination are the two best songs ever! Not just for the voices, but the production, writing...

This is my favorite - no one like David Ruffin!

Best in the world - no one can sing like David Ruffin!

4 Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)

The way Eddie sings this is extremely wonderful. The notes he hits are incredible and the emotion behind it makes it a timeless classic. This song was produced before I was born, and it, like the Temptations, will stand the test of time.

Best love song ever written, in my opinion, and it brilliantly compliments the Temps' voice!

Eddie Kendricks' smooth falsetto is just heavenly in this song!

5 I Can't Get Next to You

My number one Temptation song of ALL time!

I love the changes in tempo of this song.

6 Since I Lost My Baby

Something about this song makes it my favorite. Beautifully mixed.

7 The Way You Do the Things You Do
8 Cloud Nine

Norman Whitfield at his best. I like how the 5 members share the lead (Whitfield's idea) and Dennis Edwards' emotional delivery. A different side for The Temptations. The 1970s were something else!

9 I Wish It Would Rain

Great song... I have always loved it.

10 You're My Everything

This should be #1. The power, enunciation, and emotion are incredible. Also, the weaving in and out of Eddie and David's voices takes me to infinity and beyond! Oops, did I get too excited? Sorry, I love this song!

The Contenders
11 I Want a Love I Can See
12 (I Know) I'm Losing You

I think this was the best of this ten, whether it be David Ruffin or Dennis Edwards!

13 Treat Her Like a Lady

I'm old school. Grew up with the original Temps. This song gets me rocking with my cane!

14 Get Ready

Honestly very surprised to not see this in the top 5 or 6. Like most of their work, this makes you want to just get into it, plus it's much more famous than the rest of the songs around this 7-15 level.

15 Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)

This song is an excellent synopsis of the social climate when it was released and somewhat to this day. It should be in the top five if not the top three.

This song is an accurate synopsis of what is happening in the world today. It is timeless.

16 Lady Soul

This is so hidden from all their other classics it's not funny. I wish this song was well known to many and to any who listen to The Temptations.

I have been looking for this song or album for the longest time, the one with My Lady Soul on it. I really do want it. It is a beautiful song.

This is one of the best songs ever.

17 This is My Promise

Love this song! Great wedding song!

18 Silent Night

Great Christmas song. And to me, it's sung by the very best vocal artist ever.

19 Some Enchanted Evening

This whole album (For Lovers Only) is phenomenal. It would make a great gift! The arrangement and performance of the Classics is pure genius! Ollie Wootson has outdone himself! Do yourself a favor and check it out. You and your significant other will have quite a night!

This song needs to be bumped up, way up! Please check out the whole CD, "For Lovers Only". You will be hooked. David and Ollie are definitely two of the best of all time. As much as I love David's voice, I have to concede to Ollie. Miss them so much.

20 Masterpiece

A pure blend of vocals and a funky orchestra. The tension, the excitement, purely a masterpiece.

21 Runaway Child, Running Wild
22 I Could Never Love Another
23 Heavenly

Love all of their songs, but have to choose Heavenly and You're My Everything.

24 Shakey Ground
25 Stay

Such a great song. Truly in the spirit of the early Temptations.

Beautiful lyrics, great voices.

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