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Trapt is an American rock band that has been making heads bang since the late '90s. While they may be best known for their early 2000s hit "Headstrong," Trapt's musical repertoire extends much farther, offering up plenty of stellar tunes that beautifully showcase their unique blend of post-grunge and nu-metal.

Formed in Los Gatos, California, in 1997, Trapt found their stride in the world of rock with a distinctive sound that blends impassioned lyrics, engaging guitar riffs, and powerful drumming. The band's discography spans numerous albums and singles, each delivering a diverse range of songs to suit various moods and tastes. From heart-pounding anthems to slower, more introspective tracks, there's a Trapt song for every rock aficionado.
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1 Headstrong

This song is the best of trapt. It belongs here. No doubt about it, it's so awesome and amazing. It's every rocker theme song. It's one of the best songs ever! I love them. Yeah

It gets me pumped up! You know that when a song does that-it's good. All of it-to the lyrics to the beat-it's just plain aweshiss!

Such a great song. Gets you pumped up, with a great chorus and pace.

2 Still Frame

Best trapt song, besides Waiting.

3 Stand Up

Definitely Trapt at it's finest! This song is what would happen if I were to snap from being angered by the many jerks in our world. Everything about this song is great and is my favorite song from them.

Stand up is one of the best Trapt songs out there! It makes me want to give all those jerks a good kick to the head. Long comment short: STAND UP ROCKS!

This song is awesome! Every time I hear it I want to give someone who is bothering me a roundhouse kick to the face.

4 These Walls

This is easily the best Trapt song. It's got a rocking chorus and a nice mellow verse. And it's impressive to see him play this live, because he sings and plays the guitar, and it looks so impossible.

Oh man, this song should definitively be higher. I love all trapt songs but this one is the one that I think is the most underrated.

My personal favorite Trapt song, but overall it should at least be top 3-5! Such an awesome song

5 Echo

Ok this should be in the Top 3 at least amazing song about how his ex and how hard it was for him to let her go.

Deserves top 3!

6 Waiting
7 Sound Off

What is wrong with you people? Shouldn't this be in like the top 5 at the very least? I know Headstrong is #1, but this is a really amazing song with a great message, and you will see that by watching the music video as well. Come on people, vote this up!

This song should easily be in the top 3... it is played constantly on the top radio networks now. Why do we let great songs not get rated properly? It's up to you!

That riff melts my face... come on guys vote up to 2nd!

8 End of My Rope
9 Hollowman
10 Bring It

Makes you feel invincible!

The Contenders
11 Enigma
12 Disconnected

This song is right there with Victim. Emotional, angry, just great.

13 Contagious

This isn't my all time favorite Trapt song but I'm voting for it because it deserves to be at least #3. Such a great song, good chorus, great vocals, well written, it's all around a fantastic song.

BEST BY FAR! It's very catchy, has powerful lyrics, and very good metaphors. It's should be #1 on this list for sure. I can listen to it forever and never get bored of it

I love this song! She recalls the relationship with my ex-girlfriend! That was cool! And this song - it is cool!

14 Come Together
15 Wasteland
16 Made of Glass
17 Black Rose

This song has such great meaning to every word and when you listen to it you feel the emotion he is singing. And if you like breaking benjamin type songs where the lyrics make the song great then this song is for you.

This song is can be classified by beautifully simply by the extended metaphor used throughout the entire song. That being said, the vocalist's emotion brings out the true feelings the song tried to convey.

How can you not love the lyrics of the song. Everything about it just flows together. We all know we have felt this way before. This should be in the top 3 for sure!

18 Lost Realist

Best trapt song in my opinion! Never get tired of it!

Best Trapt song in my opinion!

Incredible chorus and guitar, one of the few songs I have never got tired of listening to

19 Who's Going Home With You Tonight?
20 Stay Alive...
21 Strength In Numbers
22 Living in the Eye of the Storm
23 Victim

Why the heck is this on 22? Seriously, people?

This one should be in the top 10's!

24 Love Hate Relationship
25 Going Under
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