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Four kids from a small town in eastern Germany have turned themselves into one of the country's biggest selling acts. Tokio Hotel have sold over six million albums.
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1 Monsoon

Monsoon isn't their heaviest rock song but certainly is their best. it was the break that got them famous, in my opinion it has the best music video of all time because of its powerful contrast, setting and mood. something about this song makes every tokio hotel fan SCREAM in delight and I can't say I haven't either. this is the true essence of all their talent especially bills powerful voice every one who hears this song has their heart touched and the word 'Monsoon' really defines TOKIO HOTEL.

2 World Behind My Wall

When I listened to it for the first time, the word that came out of me was "WOW"... It is their best song and deserves to be number 1. Tokio Hotel is the best band, believe me, I am not lying. This song is the best. The lyrics are... amazing! The line "I am writing down what I cannot see" resonates with me.

I can only say this: Tokio Hotel is the best band of all time, and this song is the best song of all time. VOTE FOR IT because it deserves to be number 1. Tokio Hotel.

This sing is by far one of the best emotional songs ever!
Hits so close to home. My heart breaks for the lead singer who belts out the lyrics with such a soulful appeal that draws any listener with a heart in.

3 Automatic

This song is truly amazing. It has so many meaning behind it and I have heard this song so many times but it has never gotten boring or old, I still feel the same amazing feeling I got when I first heard it. Tokio hotel songs are the best I have ever heard they have such strong meanings behind them.

Once You Listen To This Song You'll play It Again and Again Until You Die. Tokio hotel songs are the best I have ever heard they have such strong meanings behind them. Automatic is one of their bests, I honestly can't choose between their songs. I just can't!
Peace and kisses to all my Alien friends!

4 Don't Jump

When I listen to it I can't stop thinking about bill and I always cry when I see it's video. Tokio hotel is the best band right now and will always be the best. Bill I love you. Tokio hotel keep going.

This song absolutely saved my life... In hard times I used to listen to it and repeating with myself that I'm not allowed to jump... Thank them for this amazing song, best song ever

This is the first song I've heard by tokio hotel... Hmm that's is it's my favorite song

5 Love is Dead

This is the kind of song people generally didn't like so much. However, I give it a lot of credit. Just check out the lyrics feel the rhythim... That's probably one of the best ever.

Best lyrics EVER. they should try to write more songs like that, gosh!

6 Ready, Set, Go!
7 By Your Side

This is actually one of my fave songs besides Hurricanes and suns. It describes the friendship I have with a lot of my friends. It's been my ringtone for almost... Well since I got my new phone in January! Laugh out loud

This song makes me cry.. Especially the line "turn around I am here" it makes me feel that no matter what bill is always gonna be close to us..

I love this song so much, Tokio Hotel is my favourite band that isn't from au/nz. This song is beautiful, I don't know why, it just is, I prefer most of these songs in German though.

8 Hurricanes and Suns

It sounds so good! I jump around to this one! It's so good!

9 Rescue Me

When for the first time I heard this song I thought myself how the lyrics are talking about me.. The sentences were always hiden somewhere in depth of mind and it really talks about my heart

It is an amazing song... Surprised it is not on the top!

10 Alien
The Contenders
11 Pain of Love
12 Darkside of the Sun / Sonnensystem

WHO! I love this song! It pumps me up so much!

Hello! Hello!

The futures just begun, on he dark side of the sun!

Tokio Hotel rocks!

13 Hey You

This song should be way more popular.

14 Humanoid

I can't understand why it isn't higher up! Really! Because, honestly, the beat in this song is SICK. And the lyrics are amazing. Why would nobody vote for this? COME ON MAN.

Is the best song after Monsoon.

15 Break Away

It's a great song. It sounds better in concert.

Great song and its even better in concert. I love all songs of theirs and it was acctualy a hard disision of which one to choose!

16 Love & Death

I love this one. His voice...Ugh. Perfection!

17 Forever Now
18 Phantomrider
19 Schrei
20 1000 Oceans
21 On the Edge
22 Sacred

My dearest cousin had cancer before she die she sang it to me and we started to cry and sing it together... She died 1 hour later.. Now every time I hear this song.. It reminds me that day...

Such a beautiful song! It has so much meaning in the lyrics, and Bill's voice is so heart-breakingly raw and emotional here. I wish I could hear them perform this live! One of my top TH songs, for sure.

Awesomeness... anyway dude before me, its sacred, what are you talking about? Listen to the song. not scared, what? Its sacred, this song is so sacred.

23 Scream
24 Heilig
25 Attention

There are many songs of Tokio Hotel I love but this song have a big place in my heart.. Its very touching and beautiful song

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