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Stone Sour is an American three time Grammy Award-nominated rock band from Des Moines, Iowa. They are made up of singer Corey Taylor, guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand, bassist Shawn Economaki, and drummer Ray Mayorga.
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1 Through Glass

Through Glass is one of the best songs ever. It gives me chills, everything from the perfect slowness of the guitar to the depths of the lyrics. The symbolism is great.

The music speaks to me in ways that ignite my very soul. Definitely their best song.

Wanted to use this song as a wedding march, then decided to go with it for our first dance. Love this song, and Corey Taylor is intense with this ballad.

Can you call this a ballad?

This is one of the best songs ever. Very powerful message and very good lyrics. Not only their best song but one of the best songs I have ever heard, period.

2 Bother

This is the best song ever by Stone Sour. It has so much emotion, and you can't help but just sing along with it! If you don't believe that this is the best song by Stone Sour, then you probably should consider listening to it!

The most emotional song I can think of. Great lyrics and meaning. The song sounds so hopeless, and the guitar sounds like it's crying.

It makes the whole experience cathartic. Beautifully done by Corey and the boys.

A heartbreaking and beautiful ballad. "Bother" grabs you by the heartstrings and doesn't let go until it's bled you dry.

3 Absolute Zero

This is the only song I've ever heard which tells the story of actually having crossed the abyss. Absolute Zero sums it up and points out that there is just yourself and everything else, and all you can be is what you are, nothing.

Stone Sour's best song. Not only are the riffs and the vocals amazing, but this song shows what Stone Sour is. They are not just Get Inside and not Zzyzx Rd., but they are something between them, even if these two songs are great.

This shows it clearly. You can see it, I think, don't you?

Share my opinion? Fact: "Absolute Zero" is the best thing to happen to hard rock since "Back in Black" came out in 1980. Nope, better.

4 Say You'll Haunt Me

Stone Sour is so wonderful because it has heart. This song is one of the best love songs ever written. It is unlike any other love song out there, and no one can deny that.

There is nothing "typical" about this one. It conveys an emotion most love songs don't.

This kind of reminds me of a beautiful sort of desperation. I can relate, and the way I interpret this is he is so scared of losing the ones he loves.

Whoa, way better than Through Glass. This song has good lyrics, great vocals, and is a bit fast. It doesn't get you bored like Through Glass.

5 Get Inside

My personal favorite Stone Sour song. Heavy and reminiscent of Iowa-era Slipknot. Corey sings fantastically on this one.

Kickass song! It sounds like Iowa-era Slipknot had a baby with Alice In Chains!

6 The Conflagration

Stone Sour is one of my top 5 bands, and it's really hard to pick just one, but this song has a really special meaning to me. I listened to this song (and the whole album) a lot while driving to the hospital to see my dying son, who passed away this year.

This song still brings tears to my eyes.

Dwell upon the lyrics, the meaning, and the feel of being helpless in his vocals and tune. Only then will you know what it means a lot.

This is simply the best song by Stone Sour! The melody is so beautiful and so mature. Vote!

7 Hesitate

This is Stone Sour's best song. This is the song Stone Sour is well-known for. This one should be ranked No. 1 without any doubt.

You'll love it the first instance you hear it. So, vote up, people!

This song describes the pain I feel! This song describes the emotion I and many other people have perfectly! Just awesome, hands down number one!

I heard this song and felt every emotion Corey has. I understand the song and the feeling. This should be number one, amazingly powerful song.

8 Inhale

Will always be my favorite, would love to see it live. Don't know why it isn't more popular.

Always my favorite Stone Sour song, the first Stone Sour song I heard.

9 Do Me a Favor

This is my new favorite SS song! It's so funky and groovy and probably has the best chorus I've ever heard.

Extremely catchy and easy to listen to. It really has got everything.

I just don't know why this isn't so popular. It's just perfect. One of the best songs I've ever heard.

10 30/30-150

If "Through Glass" is Stone Sour's "Nothing Else Matters," then this is almost their "Enter Sandman." Their best or second-best song.

How can you not love this song? It's impossible to listen to without getting up and either screaming your head off or punching someone in the face!

How is it not number 1 with its amazing riffs and unbelievably catchy chorus? Corey and Jim are awesome.

Awesome riffs, great chorus. How is this not number one?! It's a wild and crazy song, one of the first songs I heard by Stone Sour, and it made me a huge fan.

The Contenders
11 Zzyzx Rd.

I have overcome, fallen, and now am crawling out of the hole. It has made me realize all the stupid things, whether material or people's opinions or other trivial stuff, do not matter. I'm going to be stronger, and it has made me something I thought I'd never be... fearless.

I knew I loved this song, especially it being a ballad. All overcomers are my heroes!

This song will bring you to your knees. I listen to this song all the time, and it's still a gut-wrenching emotional journey each time. This song is like a metalhead's version of a quart of ice cream on the couch with a box of Kleenex and a chick flick.

12 Gone Sovereign

My favorite Stone Sour song - a fast, almost thrash-like song that manages to be rocky (and even heavy) without somehow overdoing it. It opens what is arguably the band's best album to date in style.

It precedes another great creation of the band in "Absolute Zero." A great song in every way you look at it.

While it's not necessarily my favorite of theirs, I believe this to be their best song. Get Inside is a very close second. My all-time favorite is Taciturn; that song means a lot to me.

All of their work is amazing. They have yet to make a bad song.

13 Fabuless

The first Stone Sour song I ever listened to, and it led to an obsession. Now that I've listened to all of their songs and listen to most of them regularly, Fabuless is still one of my favorites.

Top 10 material for sure, maybe even top 5. Definitely not 39, that's for sure.

It may be very new, but I think this song is great! I'd even say it's one of my favorites!

14 Reborn

The first Stone Sour song I heard, still the best. It's not their most known, but it's definitely worth listening to. Amazing vocals!

In my opinion, this is one of their best songs. It hits hard and heavy with a lot of grooves.

I don't know what this song's really about, but I think it's about something demonic! It's great though!

15 The House of Gold & Bones

Great song. I won't say it deserves to be higher or not. I'm sure it does, but the song has something wonderful that captures Stone Sour's power in it. It still has the good vocals from Corey. Listen to the chorus. Listen to the ending chorus with the duo. I'm sure this song is great, but it may be in 30 and may be in 1.

I say it because Stone Sour songs are, along with Slipknot's, some of the best in this world, but Stone Sour's most underrated. If this world could listen to Corey singing, he would have 40 million more fans. Well, there isn't a best or worst Stone Sour song. They are all great. LOVE THIS BAND!

16 Sadist

People seem to be quite content sticking to the old records. There is no reason this song doesn't deserve to be the best. It surpasses every single song in their entire career. Everything is so perfect here.

It really feels pathetic that this is so unnoticed.

One of my favorite Stone Sour songs. Should be at least in the top ten.

Amazing track, my favorite Stone Sour song. They have way too many good songs to be able to choose my 10 favorite songs. The House of Gold and Bones albums are incredible musically.

17 Tired

These lyrics are what make the song. They resonate too well with how I personally feel. Maybe that's not true for other people, but it's true for me, which is why this song got my vote.

Not to mention the melody matches the tone and lyrics well enough that this song can really make one feel something.

Lyrics make me feel less alone in this sometimes unforgiving world, not to forget that James nailed the vibe and theme with his beautiful part as well.

This is the best song from Stone Sour. It's not that metal and not that soft. Exactly what you need. Perfect solo, riffs. Everything just perfect.

18 Wicked Game

They killed it. Corey's raw emotion was fantastic. Best cover of this song to date.

This is an amazing song but no better than the Three Days Grace cover.

19 Red City

My new favorite, what a great, great song.

20 Come What (Ever) May

After years, this is my first comment on this website since I was so shocked this track is not in the top five of the list!

So shocked this isn't up in the top five. It's a killer tune. Put it on, and you'll get lost.

One of the best off that album. The whole album rocked, but this and Zzyzx were two of the best. Also surprised Socio or Hell and Consequences isn't on here.

21 Taciturn

Spectacular song from their last album. There are some spectacular versions of this song in acoustic mode! Check them out!

This song makes me feel happy. There is something magical about this song, but I don't know what! You must listen to this masterpiece.

22 Last of the Real

Why no comments? This song is great. For me, the best epic chorus with an epic riff.

23 Digital (Did You Tell)

Strong and heavy song! Freaking love it!

24 Song #3

Critically underrated in my opinion. Maybe it's just because it's newer than the other songs on this list, but it should definitely make the top 5. Top 10 easy.

25 Influence of a Drowsy God

I listened to the album several times while driving my car, and this song stuck in my head. I didn't know the title but later found it quickly. Two parts of the House album are both impressive, but still, I make it louder when it comes to this song.

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