Top 10 Best Yelawolf Songs

Born as Michael Wayne Atha, Yelawolf has made a name for himself with his distinct style that's rich in storytelling and infused with southern swagger. Whether it's his reflective lyrics or the energy that he brings to every track, there's no denying the appeal that draws listeners from all walks of life.

But the question remains, out of all his albums and collaborations, which songs truly stand out? You might have your personal favorites that you play on repeat, but do they match up with what the masses believe?

This is your opportunity to vote for the songs that resonate with you the most. Think about the tracks that hooked you, the lyrics that moved you, or the beats that just made you dance. It's all about your connection with the music.
The Top Ten
1 Daddy's Lambo

This song is dope and is actually the first Yelawolf song I heard. I believe he's got many great records coming in the future #GhettoVision #ShadyRecords

What a horrible song mahn... Equally horrible artist... Yelawolf is easily the worst rapper alive... Worse than Lil Wayne...

Only number one because it was the most mainstream. Not even in my top 10

2 Best Friend

It's a great song! Yelawolf is a truly gifted artist! This song was made even better due to Eminem being featured! This should be number one, tied with Till It's Gone. Yes Daddy's Lambo is a good song, but its mainly a bass song for a bumping stereo system.

Yela's back on his grind with the 5th single of of his 2015 album Love Story. With Em backing him up with a hard hitting verse, complimenting Yela's sick verses and one of his better hooks, this is undoubtably his best song to date.

I think this should be number 1. Why is it no. 31? It's a great song! Both Eminem and Yelawolf rock!

3 Pop the Trunk

This exact song is why YeoaWolf was signed to Shady Records. This is an amazing song, and in my opinion should be number 1.

This is now my favorite Yelawolf song, this is real and makes him appear to be a bad ass #dope

What man! Make it number 1 for the sake of humanity.
Nice beats with great voice of yela.

4 Hard White

This was the song that made me a yelawolf fan.

5 Let's Roll

This song is outstanding! It should definitely have a higher ranking than it does I agree with the last person it is very top three worthy! This song KICKS some major ASS!

Come on Vote this song higher! Kid Rock and Yelawolf in a song together is Epic. And they killed this track. Top 3 worthy!

My honest oppinion this song, throw it up, and the hardest love song should be the top three, I mean those songs go hard.

6 Till It's Gone

This song played on Alt Nation and made me a fan. He can rap, he can sing, and he can write. This track should tie for #1 with Best Friend.

I absolutely love this song. The beat, the chorus, and all the lyrics are just perfect.

A truly beautiful song - could listen to it all day and would never get bored of it.

7 Throw It Up
8 Get the **** Up!
9 I Just Wanna Party

How ain't this #1? This song has an awesome beat and very catchy hook and awesome bass and yeller killed it and gucci was great too

10 American You

I'm an old school uncle of Yellow Wolf and also an ex-musician of 35 years and I have to say I really do like his "AMERICAN YOU" song the best. That's mostly because I was raised in the Country and Southern Rock type music. Its good to see you made it and doing well.

The Contenders
11 Honey Brown
12 Billy Crystal

Great harmonic beat; intense lyrics.

13 Marijuana
14 Trunk Muzik

This track should definitely be higher ranked. The bass line is insane. The full experience comes when listening with a system with large subs. Catfish kills it.

This song is such a great song by a great artist with a great beat and a very catchy hook.

Chorus and verses are sick. But you can't go wrong with any Catfish Billy song.

15 FU
16 Worldwide Choppers
17 Animal
18 Good to Go
19 Tennessee Love

This is the best yelawolf song I've heard./.. The lyrics reflects his love life... It relates to people as well...

Amazing song. I love how he proposes in this song.

Beat song by yelawolf the beat's great and the story behind is inspiring

20 The Last Song
21 Twisted

Beautiful, definitely belongs in the top tens..

Yelawolf's rap in this is amazing, made me a fan.

22 Write Your Name

If I need to describe it in a single word, I'd choose the word 'positivity'! Works as a boost every time I'm in need of a little pump up.

23 Box Chevy Part 3

How isn't this even on the page? I had to add it. Crazy beat, hard bass, Yelawolf's crazy flow and lyrics makes this song one of his best.

24 Lick the Cat
25 Empty Bottles
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