Top 10 Best Leaders of K-Pop Groups

Choose your favorite leader from your favorite K-pop group. Let's see who gets the most love.
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1 Kim Hyun-joong ~ SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

I would not comment on Kim Hyun Joong's leadership since I am not Korean nor do I live with them. We are just outsider fans, not their family or friends. We would never know. Only the SS501 members know about his leadership.

What I do know is that he led his group to become a famous boy band, and he has sacrificed a lot for himself through illness, injury, and collapse, etc. He is a hardworking artist that I've ever seen. I really admire him because he works hard to improve himself and become stronger.

He always gives his best through each performance. He is a talented artist and good-looking. I love his 4D personality and great character. He is not perfect because nobody is perfect. Though people always say he can't sing, for me, he can sing really well. I love his sexy voice. Every time I hear his soft and deep voice, I feel calm. He says he is not number one because that can be replaced, but he is the only one: Kim Hyun Joong.

2 Leeteuk ~ Super Junior Park Jeong-su, better known by his stage name Leeteuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor.

Just see how Super Junior has gone through all the ups and downs - accidents, controversies, loss of family members, etc. - and still thrives as they do now. One of the main reasons for the group's close bond and success is due to their leader.

Not to mention, Super Junior is filled with members who have huge personalities and a touch of craziness. Leeteuk is probably the only one who can manage them.

After what he went through in 2014, you can't help but wonder what this man's heart is made of. However, I'm pretty sure having the members stay beside him is also one of the reasons he could survive the tragedy. A leader and members who are as close to each other as family - what can be better than that?

3 Taeyeon ~ Girls' Generation

At first, it may seem like she isn't always there for her members, which is why I initially didn't think she was a good leader. But after much observation, I came to realize that she is always quietly looking out for them and knows them very well. She just doesn't express it openly.

She never wanted to become a leader, but after assuming the role, she has done a marvelous job.

Taengoo is the best kid leader in the world! She is always trying to put up a strong front and lets her fellow members take the spotlight. She treats her members like sisters, rather than just as girls who need to follow her instructions.

She cares for them equally. She stands up for her members and fans while maintaining composure and acting leader-like when she needs to. She is an approachable, respectable, friendly, dependable leader. She's also silly, cute, adorkable, lovable, and just everything!

4 RM ~ BTS

Specifically, with regard to leadership, I feel like he knows what he's doing. I don't know what's on his mind when he's on the job, but I hope he himself knows he's very good at leadership. I'm not concerned about how he cares for his members or his looks right now.

What catches my attention is his job as a leader specifically. I notice his leadership skills more than I notice him having fun with the members. I find that he only rests when the other members are not busy. But I still have a feeling that he can't rest because leadership has become somewhat of a paranoia for him.

I can't explain it, but I hope he rests well. I may be overthinking it, but I'm a 20-year-old male with no sleep time due to my job and taking care of my family and kids. So, I can see it, but if I'm wrong, then I guess I'm wrong.

5 Onew ~ SHINee

Onew is the kindest and most caring leader among all others in K-pop, without a doubt! He is so cute and lovely. His cute eye smile can make your day brighter. He is like the sun - so warm and bright.

He is just too cute to resist. He is very clumsy, even on stage, and that's what makes him even more adorable. He always looks out for the other members, is very responsible, and is incredibly caring. He is also very clever. He got second place in his whole school.

Despite having amazing hot abs, he still doesn't show off. Onew is a very down-to-earth person! Though he is the eldest in the group, he is actually like a baby. He has an angelic voice that can melt your heart. His eye smile and his laugh are the best in the whole world.

If you've had a bad day, just look at a picture of Onew smiling, and it will definitely put a smile on your face. He has that effect on people! He is the cutest, sweetest, kindest, most caring, loveliest, clumsiest yet most responsible, cleverest, and most talented leader in K-pop. SHINee is certainly very lucky to have him as a leader. A Shawol and an MVP forever!

6 G-Dragon ~ BIGBANG

He has a good fashion sense compared to other leaders. He is always creating new things and introducing fashion styles that haven't yet appeared in this world. He is good at producing quality music and leads the group well. He once said that he had met a good maknae, so I think he views himself as a member as well, whether in games or in everyday life.

However, when it comes to music, he leads effectively. I find his charisma in leading inspiring. He cares not just about his fashion but also about his members. When making songs for Big Bang's albums, he understands well and knows which part of the music suits each member's voice. So what if he has been involved in a drug matter before? It doesn't spoil the fans' image of him. What he needs is encouragement, not discouragement, from the fans. So, no matter what, he is the best!

7 Suho ~ Exo Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

He's an awesome leader, and he really cares for them like a family, as a parent or older sibling. He carries medicine just for the members and also deals with their constant teasing. Personally, I think he especially cares for Tao, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, and Chen.

Tao, because he is so adorable. Chanyeol, because he used to yell at him a lot during training days. Kai, because he knows he is uncomfortable with cameras. Sehun, because he is the youngest (Sehun even said he is the best). And Chen, because he always comforts him when he cries after they win an award. He is awesome.

8 $.Coups ~ Seventeen

He does so much to make sure the other members are healthy and happy. He always goes out of his way to ensure they are taking care of themselves. He never forgets to thank them for believing in him, even though he feels like he's not a good leader.

Whenever there's a situation where someone could get hurt, he always volunteers. He would rather get hurt himself than risk anyone else getting injured.

S.Coups, whose real name is Seungcheol, allows twelve other boys to lean on his shoulder whenever they need to. They struggled to debut, but they are now a well-known name in K-pop and around the world. Seungcheol suffered from anxiety during the tour and took a break. He is now back and better.

People make fun of his anxiety - why? Mental health is not something to joke about. He loves his members and has said before that his members are more important to him than the agency. Not only does he love his members, but he also loves Carats.

Yes, Seventeen is my ultimate group, and I might be coming off as biased, but it's truly hard to lead a group with so many members, with many looking up to him. He brings himself down at times, but the members and Carats love him for who he is, and we thank him a lot for being one of the greatest leaders.

Thank you, Seungcheol, for everything you've done for Seventeen and Carat. Please support Seungcheol and Seventeen.

9 Bang Chan ~ Stray Kids

Bang Chan and the rest of Stray Kids have worked so hard. He always puts the other members before himself. While this may not directly relate to his capabilities as an amazing leader (although he is one), he is always incredibly kind to Stays.

I'm proud of you and the boys not just for your talent, but for remaining humble and wonderful people.

- A (very) proud Stay

He works really hard, writing and producing their songs with Changbin and Jisung. Chan is talented. He can sing, rap, and dance really well. He cares deeply for the team and is not overly strict, even acting like the maknae sometimes.

He even did a series of V-lives where he shared his favorite music with us and talked about any difficulties we were experiencing. Overall, he is just a super talented, kind guy with a sexy accent.

10 YunHo ~ TVXQ Jung Yun-ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ.

Yunho isn't just an ambassador to the media, which is where expectations for group leaders often end. He wasn't appointed leader because of age, popularity, or good looks. He is humble and resilient. He is respected by his members and effectively keeps the group in line, handling their problems as much as he can.

While other idol leaders worry about getting camera time or resting in between tasks, Yunho is busy relieving some of the burdens off managers and staff. He may be clumsy and aloof sometimes, but he is excellent at reading people and situations. This innate skill has come in handy over the years when he has acted as a crisis negotiator between friends or other celebrities.

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11 Shownu ~ Monsta X

The reason I became a Monbebe is because of Shownu. Rarely do I see a leader in K-pop groups who is so talented, patient, kind, humble, and selfless like Shownu. He knows when to be strict with his members and when to have fun. His members adore him and have literally zero complaints about his leadership.

For example, he even gave some of his lines in their song 'Beautiful' to Hyungwon because he thought it would make the song better. In the competitive K-pop industry, getting lines in a song is akin to a lifeline. Members rarely give their lines to others without being prompted, yet Shownu voluntarily gave up his. That is why Shownu is one of the best leaders out there.

12 Yong Hwa ~ CNBlue

He is the best leader in K-Pop. In an entertainment show I saw, BigBang's Seungri asked Yong Hwa if CNBLUE's members buy clothes using his personal card to pay. He answered yes. In another show, CNBLUE's members also said that during the year they debuted, only Leader Yong Hwa was working and participating in all activities.

As their name became known, Yong Hwa could have shown some kind of attitude towards them, but he didn't. Not only that, but Yong Hwa also divides all the income fairly with his members. He is such a good brother and an excellent leader. Keep it up, Yong Hwa Oppa!

13 CL ~ 2NE1

CL is such a loyal leader. She genuinely cares for the other three members and does much to keep them happy and ensure the best working conditions for them. She always considers their opinions when helping with concert planning, performance preparations, and so on.

Once, she even stayed up overnight to surprise the members with handmade shoes! (Check out 2NE1 T.V. season 1.) Her personality is great, her fashion is good, and she's extremely talented. She's independent, strong, and brave. She's everything you look for in a leader.

14 Victoria ~ f(x)

This goofy, flexible Chinese leader is like a mother to her members! She takes better care of them compared to other groups. Victoria, fighting!

Victoria is so perfect to be the leader of f(x), and she's my bias like Sulli. I support her in every K-drama she has. I totally love Victoria and f(x), and I'm very proud she's the leader of f(x).

Victoria, fighting, guys! Fighting, F(x)! More love and support from me! Love you!

She's very kind to the members and is like a mom to them. Instead of being snippy about being so much older, she takes care of them and has befriended all of them.

15 JR ~ Nu'est

No doubt, he never fails to impress me. He became NU'EST's leader at the age of 16 and has held his head up high, regardless of all the struggles and obstacles thrown his way. He's truly an amazing leader.

He's proven why his country gave him the title of Korea's National Leader, indeed.

He's just very humble and selfless. NU'EST has gone through a lot due to circumstances beyond his control, yet he blames himself for not taking care of his group well. He's the nation's leader!

I love JR so much. He's a humble and caring leader! He's mature but also really cute at the same time.

Truly a national leader!

16 JB ~ GOT7

JB once cried to 2PM's Nichkhun because he felt like he was lacking as a leader. GOT7 had just reached their second year as a group then, and he could feel that his members were feeling depressed and homesick. After that day, the group has only reached new heights, and their friendship is goals, for lack of a better word.

The group's bond is unique. They're more than just friends. They're family. JB doesn't just offer his support. He helps them, sweats beside them, and encourages them. I remember when Jackson was getting a lot of hate, JB said that he looks at Jackson and wishes he could do his China schedules for him. If that's not the definition of a leader, then I don't know what is.

17 Kahi ~ After School

She wasn't just the former leader, main dancer, main rapper (when Bekah graduated), lead vocal, and co-choreographer of After School. But she was the one who hand-picked the original members of After School. She teaches the members their routine if they have a hard time.

She waited for ten years to finally become a singer. She abandoned everything, even her own family who didn't approve of her dream, to reach her goal. She's even one of the foundations of Pledis Entertainment, together with their CEO Han Sung-so and the first artist under the agency, Son Dam Bi. If there's a leader who embodies being a real leader, not just for the label and image, it's Park Kahi.

18 Sunggyu ~ Infinite

Sunggyu, in my opinion, is the best leader. Although he may be stern and strict at times, especially when it comes to performing on stage, he is actually very sweet and thoughtful towards his members. He would even notify the manager if the members are feeling stressed.

In addition, he is very easy-going and goes with the flow of the other members, rather than just caring about himself. He doesn't even mind being called nicknames like "Last Gyu" during Ranking King. Beyond his wonderful personality, he also has charming looks and a beautiful voice, which he uses for singing. Sunggyu really tries his best at dancing and can even rap. As a multi-talented leader, Sunggyu definitely wins over other leaders.

19 Jonghun ~ F.T. Island

I think people mistake Hongki for the leader because he is the main vocal and always energetic. Jonghun is shy if you really pay attention. I have noticed that. He is a fantastic leader who works quietly "behind the scenes," but you can feel his powerful aura.

He takes care of the members and knows them well enough to know how to calm them down. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is very sexy. I could go on, but what I am saying is that Jonghun is the multi-talented, caring, and sexy leader of FTISLAND.

20 Taecyeon ~ 2PM

Yeah, Taecyeon is the best and a comedian! Let's go, Taec! We, the Hottest, are going to support you always.

Let's go 2PM! Let's go 2PM! Let's go 2PM!

21 DooJoon ~ BEAST

Doo Joon is the best leader. I thought he should be on a higher ranking than this. I really love how he takes care of the other members of BEAST. He's mature, and that's why he can lead BEAST very well.

Doo Joon also has open-minded thinking and a bright personality, especially when people mention his weaknesses. There's no doubt he's one of the best leaders. I support Doo Joon and I love BEAST!

The best appa of the group, he always worries about his members and their welfare. He loves surprising and teasing them, which makes the whole group lively and enjoyable. He knows when it's time to be serious and when to goof around with his members.

Charismatic, charming, good-looking, and with a voice to die for.

22 Eric Mun ~ Shinhwa

When it comes to the title of "Best Leader," there is no one else in K-Pop I could possibly think about besides Eric Mun. Being a good leader has nothing to do with the talent you have. Rather, it's about the qualities and unwavering support they provide for their members. In this way, Eric Mun defines what it means to be the best leader.

Eric has proven time and again his loyalty to his members. He has selflessly given up contracts, roles, and overall career advancements, all in the name of Shinhwa. Not once has he regretted it. In fact, he's stated in previous interviews that these decisions were some of the best he has made because he was able to stay with those he considers brothers.

He isn't the type who commands respect from his members. Rather, his members hold such high respect for him because of everything he has done to ensure that Shinhwa and its members remain together for over 17 years. His members respect and trust him because he has shown time and again that Shinhwa is, and will remain, his first priority.

While there are leaders on this board who have definitely held their own, there is no one like Eric Mun. Regardless of the years, his loyalty, and unwavering love and dedication to his members and Shinhwa Changjo prove that this lovable 4D leader deserves the title of Best Leader.

23 Bo-ram ~ T-Ara
24 Irene ~ Red Velvet

Irene is the best K-pop leader. She tries not to cry in front of her members and acts as their mother.

Our nervous yet elegant group: Red Velvet's leader, Irene.

She voiced one of the K-pop trolls in Trolls 2!

25 Soyeon ~ T-ara

Best T-ARA leader ever. I've watched all the T-ARA documentaries, videos, and shows, and I can see she's a natural leader even when it's not her turn. She's not the type to order people around, but her opinions and the way she delegates with members and others are really professional.

Hands down, the cutest leader of all time. Cute, yet really mature.

The most beautiful, cute, and talented leader of all time.

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