Top 10 Best Leaders of K-Pop Groups

Choose your favorite leader from your favorite kpop group. Let's see who's gets the most love.
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1 Kim Hyun-joong ~ SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

I would not say how was Kim Hyun Joong leadership since I am not a Korean nor live with them.. We just an outsider fan(not their family or friends), we would never know.. Just SS501 members knew about his leadership.. I just knew he lead his group became a famous boyband & he has sacrifice too much for himself through illness, injury, collapse and etc.. He is a hard working artist that I've ever seen.. I really admire him because he worked hard to improve himself and become more stronger.. He always give his best through each performance.. He is talented artist & good looking.. I love his 4D and great personality.. He is not perfect because nobody is perfect.. Though people always say he can't sing, but for me, he can sing really well.. I love his sexy voice.. Every time I hearing his soft & deep voice, I'll felt calm.. He says he is not number 1 because its will be replaced but the only one, KIM HYUN JOONG..

I have been following Kim Hyun Joong career since the debut of SS501. I love the fact that he takes on the caring and supportive role of his peers. He has a genuine heart of compassion for those he is around. I really enjoyed watching him on Barefoot friends. Kim Hyun Joon takes on new challenges with an enormous charisma that only he can pull off. His singing ability is very unique in style. Great range. I will always support him because his personality and spirit demand respect from all entertainment levels.

Boy, you ain't seen nothing yet, until you get to see and become a part of his world. KHJ always exhibit charisma and sincere deliverance within each of his performances. When you watch him with his boyband SS501, you can feel the love he has for each of his brothers because he is not afraid to display his emotions in loving them as his family. They bring such joy when they prank on each others. Oh my! Kim Hyun Joong is one of the best individuals I have seen and sincerely followed in a long time. Great things are coming soon from him, so if you do not know KHJ, you will be left behind.

Kim hyun joong is the best leader... He had sacrifice too much for SS501 and went to many schedules just to promote SS501.. He is protective and lovely leader that love his SS501 brothers so much.. He even takes all the blames that people throw to him though people didn't know what exactly happened to SS501 why they left DSP.. I really feel sorry for him.. I don't care what people says about him.. For me, he does his job really well as a SS501's leader.. Fighting Hyun Joong Leader!

2 Leeteuk ~ Super Junior Park Jeong-su, better known by his stage name Leeteuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor.

Just see how Super Junior has gone through all the ups and downs (accidents, controversies, loss of family members, etc) and still thrive like they are now. One of the main reasons for the group's close bond and success is due to their leader.

Not to mention, Super Junior is filled with members with huge personalities and slight craziness. Leeteuk is probably the only one who can manage them.

After what he went through in 2014, you can't help but wonder what this man's heart is made of. But I'm pretty sure having the members staying beside him is also one of the reasons he could survive the tragedy.

A leader and members who are close to each other as families, what can be better than that?

We should thank Leeteuk for being a caring leader to super junior and being a caring person to us elf's. He went through lots of hardships from being a leader, but that doesn't stop him from loving and caring the other members and us elf's. We know how much he loves us elf's and the other super junior members. Maybe for him, elf's and super junior are one big happy family. He is best the leader I have ever seen. He loves us elf's and the other super junior members very much! He will always care about the other members and us elf's. We LOVE him as much as he LOVE's US!

Amazing leader that led the group through so many hardships and gain the amount of fame they have today. All the members have said more than once that they have only been able to get so far because he is the leader. He's their glue, their parent, their big brother, their shelter, etc. He's been through more trials than most people but he can still do his job with a smile and he's always one of the first people his members call for when they need help. Voted by fans, other celebrities, etc. Leeteuk is always in the running for the best leader.

He's always the best because of his caring, his accountability, sweet heart and he's the important person who can link all members ~ He shows us the way Super Junior live, the way they work, the way they love, the way they share their heart to all fans, and their supporters... He's also keep his promise, yes, always... Because of him, everyone always keep believing Super Junior, always waiting them, cheering them, cry for them, smile for them, live and love with them, and become their strength, their forever friends, their second family... Super Junior Lee Teuk IS THE BEST

3 Taeyeon ~ Girls' Generation

At first it may seem like she isn't always there for her members and that was why I never believed she was a good leader. But after much observation, I soon came to realise that she is always quietly looking out for them and she knows them very well. She just doesn't express it so openly. She never wanted to become a leader, but after assuming the role, she has done a marvelous job.

Taengoo is the best kid leader in the world!
Always trying to show a strong front and let her fellow sisters take the spotlight. Treating her members like sisters and not just simply girls who need to follow her instructions. She cares for them equally.
Standing up for her members and fans and staying composed and leader-like when she needs to. A very approachable, respectable, friendly, dependable, etc.. Leader! Silly, cute, adorkable, lovable, and just everything!

I choose her not only because I'm a sone, but because she can do her job as a leader very well. SNSD have 9 members, and it is not an easy job to be a leader. But she has success being a leader for 7 years! That's very amazing, SNSD debut at 2007, and at that time she's still at the age of 18, but she still can be a very good leader until now, she's the best leader I've known.

She thinks about her members first and fit in right when she needs to. She doesn't seem try to outshine others cause she believes every person deserves the spotlight. A good leader is not always the one who leads but also knows when to step back just to ensure everyone's ok. She cares for the members like a mother would and treat her fans nicely. That's why I choose her

4 RM ~ BTS

Specifically with leadership, I feel like he knows what he's doing. I don't know what's in his mind when he's on the job. But I do hope that he himself knows that he is very good with leadership. Not about how he cares for his members or his looks, I don't care about that right now. He catches my attention on that job he has specifically. I notice his leadership skills more then him having a fun time with the members. I find that only when the other members are not busy he rests, but I still have a feeling that he can't rest because the leadership has become somewhat of a paranoia. I can't explain but I hope he rests well. I may be over thinking it but I'm a 20 year old male with no sleep time according to my job and taking care of my family and kids. So I can see it but if I'm wrong then I'm wrong I guess

RM has been known to lead ever since his pre debut days. He would lead the trainees and tell them to prioritize teamwork even though they're all competing to debut. Now he leads BTS really well too. I know RM has a lot of burden just because of this. He had to relearn English properly because they're mostly promoting on the west now, he produces, writes the song of others too but he doesn't show that he's tired of it. (members could be helping him out too to ease that burden) I think he really influenced the members a lot in a good way. Like they're all driven into the need to be a voice. Before, Taehyung and Jungkook were a little bit mischievous and now when they get interviewed I can really tell that they've matured a lot. I think being around with rm who's a very deep person influenced them a lot.

He suffers alone, he's willing to work hard to exchange for his member's happiness. He had made so many sacrifices, and the fact that he still looks happy in front of others justifies he has a very strong mindset. All of this are qualities of a great leader. BTS has come so far, as being the BIGGEST boy band in the WORLD, with amazing music, had changed many lives (their music had helped me out of my depression), are mainly the efforts of ONE person! REALLY shows that Rap Monster is NO JOKE..

He is such a good leader! I don't know why he is so low here, he should be #1! His aura is very manly but calming, which I think makes him such a good leader, since everyone loves him. He contributes a lot to BTS, especially through his dance. You can really tell how hard he tries to improve. He is so smart he is able to add deep meanings to BTS songs. One good example of how he is a good leader was when in Burn the Stage V was about to cry but Rap Monster comforted him. Rap Monster, if you're reading this, I love you! Oppa saranghaeyo

5 Onew ~ SHINee

Onew is the kindest and the most caring leader among all others in Kpop without doubt! He is so cute and lovely. His cute eye smile can make your day brighter. He is like The Sun - So warm and bright. He is just too cute to resist. He is very clumsy even on the stage and that's what makes him even more cuter. He always looks out for the other members, is very responsible, very caring and is very clever. He got 2nd place in the whole school and has amazing hot abs but still doesn't show off. Onew is a very down to earth person! Though he is the elder one in the group, he is actually a baby. He has an angelic voice that can melt your heart. His eye smile and his laugh are the best in the whole world. If you had a bad day, just look at a picture of Onew smiling and it will definitely put a smile on your face. He has that effect on people! The cutest, sweetest, kindest, most caring, loveliest, clumsy yet most responsible, cleverest and the most talented leader in Kpop. SHINee is for sure ...more

Onew leads without making it known to everyone. He is an amazing leader to SHINee, and is very humble. He is polite, witty, a variety star, loved by everyone who comes into contact with him, and he is the always smiling, charismatic person, Lee Jinki. He is by all means hardworking, and is very versatile. Onew is our crazed chicken lover and we love him for that. He takes tremendous care of his dongsaengs. He may be quiet on the surface but deep down, he is carefully absorbing everything around him and is listening to other people. He is understanding, pure, and clumsy but very loveable. He is fragile, and keeps things to himself because he doesn't want it to affect SHINee. His sunbae's love him to death. Everything he does is Onew Sangtae

The most caring, loving, down-to-earth, sweet, cute, clumsy, babyboy Onew is a God sent Angel! Who wouldn't love this adorable kitty! He has got this unbelievable charisma that has a very strong magnetic power and pulls everyone towards him. His voice is what Love would sound like! He is very gentle and has such a big heart and a very PURE personality. He is one of the very few idols loved by almost all famous Kpop stars. Suju, Snsd, and not oly SM artists but members from other company also, They just love him so much for his polite and sweet nature. His dongsaengs love him so much. They always look up to him. Onew is the pillar of SHINee and each of his members are the lucky son of a gun to have him.

Onew is such a sweet person and always seems to care deeply for his members. Shinee have had rough times but I think it only made them closer and that they all treasure and love each other even more. They came out on the other side together and I think lot of that has to do with Onew's big heart. Onew also have one of the most beautiful voices in pop In my opinion ♥️

6 G-Dragon ~ BIGBANG

He has the good fashion sense, compare to others leader. He always made new stuff and new fashion sense that others have not yet been to this world. He is good in producing nice music. He lead the group well. He once say that he met a good maknae. So I think that he thinks himself as a member also, when he is in a game or in a normal life. But when comes to music, he leads well. I found his charisma in leading. I inspire what he do, how he care. He don't just look on to his fashion wear but to his members too. Whenever he is making the bigbang albums song. He understand wells and know which part of the music suit the member voice. So what if he is been to the drug matter before? It doesn't spoilt the fans image for him. Is the couragement he needs and not discouragements he need from the fans. So no matter what, he is the best!

Based on the success of BIGBANG and the one of a kind brotherhood of the guys I think G-Dragon is a true leader. He let every member shine in his group and you notice very well that he's taking care of all of them. He has strenght, charisma and an unbroken will to let anyone know that BIGBANG are the true kings of K-Pop. Many idols admire him, his persona, his producing, his music and his fashion sense. He is a role model and also very human too. For me now and forever my first choice of a pretty damn good leader!

Not only did GD manage to bring to the world the young and talented BIGBANG, but he's also a sweet and lovely person. He also writes/takes part in writing most of the band's songs (Japanese, Korean, and English), and they've all become such hits. He even writes out solos for some of his fellow members. He also produces some of the band's music. Not only is he a rapping talent, he's also a vocalist talent... If you ever hear his beautiful falsetto, you'll understand. The young, talented GD and BIGBANG!

I love both sides of being G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong himself. He is the King of Kpop. He proves a lot in any area of his life. His rap, singing, dancing and even fashion styles of clothing. He is the great and rare leader I've ever know. Since I also became multifandom in any kpop groups and knowing its leaders, when I see GD, I automatically admire him in everything. He is an independent, self-produce and rare artist and leader of all time. No one can replace him.

7 Suho ~ Exo Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

He's an awesome leader and he really cares for them like a family/as a parent or older sibling. He carries medicines just for the members and he also deals with the constant teasing they do. Personally I think he really cares specially for tao, chanyeol, kai, sehun, and Chen. Tao because he is so adorbs, chanyeol because he yelled at him a lot before during training days, kai because he knows he is not comfortable with cameras, sehun because he is the magnae (sehun even said he is the best) and Chen because he always comforts him when he cries when they win an award. He is awesome

Our super leader, you've worked hard to reach for this far. Your wait for the debut is finally paid off. Thank you for being birn as a nice person, a humble person for human being. Your kindness never fade. You're nation's pick now. Eris are proud of you. We love you so much. Thank you for always take a good care of ypur members. Esp sehun, he said that even though he come home late, you always wait for him and you always ask him for come home early. Thank you for staying up late when there's a member need you. You always be with them through thick and thin. When there's a time on mcountdown you're alone to receive the award after the storm,you try your best for not to cry in front of everyone. Thank you for always being strong after all of those black memories. Thank you for being a good and supportive leader. We love you!

He is a leader of a boy group that cannot be replaceable nor impersonated. Suho has suffered a lot everyone who is interested in kpop would be completely aware of the famous departure of the three ex members. As a leader you could see clearly in his eyes his strong will to make exo a group that will leave the world in shock he was determined... so much that at times he couldn't stop smiling because he was so excited to be.a leader of a huge group with huge responsibility as well as pressure. When the three members left he was lost, he wasn't certain how to prove to the whole world that exo are not people who would give up so easily, they weren't hypocrites nor were they not interested in music. Even though the members tease him a lot you can see the love in their eyes and the respect in their smiles portraying that one of kpops biggest leaders is standing in front of them.

Suho, even though he doesn't like to be referred to as the mom of exo, is so caring and loving towards his members that exo-ls generally call him the mom of EXO. He always pushes for the interests of the boys first, and we can see how much he loves his members.
Even when he's tired and on the verge of a breakdown, he holds it all together and avoids crying in front of his members, so that they don't get worried.

Exo-ls are so proud of our precious leader!

8 $.Coups ~ Seventeen

He does so much to make sure the other members are healthy and happy and he always goes out of the way to make sure they are taking care of themselves. He never forgets to thank them for believing in him even though he feels like he's not a good leader. And whenever they have to do something where they could get hurt he always volunteers because he would rather get hurt himself than risk anyone else.

Scoups, his real name is Seungcheol, allows 12 other boys to lean on his shoulder whenever. They struggled to debut but they are now a well known name in Kpop and all around the world. Seungcheol suffered from anxiety during tour and took a break. He is now back and better. People make fun of his anxiety for what? Mental health is not something to joke around with. He loves his members and has said before that his members are more important to him than the agency. Not only does he love his members but he loves Carats. Yes, Seventeen is my ult and I might be coming off as biased but it's truly hard to lead a group with so many members and many looking up at him. He brings himself down at times but the members and Carats love him for who he is and we thank him a lot for being one of the greatest leaders. Thank you Seungcheol for everything you've done for Seventeen and Carat. Please support Seungcheol and Seventeen <33

We all know why scoups is the best leader of seventeen. man would go different heights to protect his members even if that means going against the company. he fears nothing when it comes to protecting members. However, I'm also glad that part of him toned down a bit because we didn't know that brought him a lot of pressure so I'm glad other members take the role sometimes. ps. It's hard to keep a group together with a lot of members and them being together for 6 years already I think scoups leadership plays a role on that.

I dunno what to say 'cause I don't have the words. Seungcheol-oppa is one of the best, but really, one of the best leader. My ultimate group is Seventeen, so I know a lot about him and the team, and yeah, I really think that he's the best. I'm also a multifandom so... I can compare my words and no one can change my mind.

9 Bang Chan ~ Stray Kids

Bang Chan and the rest of Stray Kids have worked so hard. He always cares for the other members, and puts them before him. This may not be related to being a amazing leader (although he is), but he is always so kind to Stays. I'm proud of you and the boys, for not only being so talented, but for remaining the humble and great people that you are.
- a (very) proud stay

He works really hard, writing and producing their songs with Changbin and Jisung. Chan is talented - he can sing, rap and dance really well. He cares so much for the team, is not overly strict (acts like the maknae sometimes tbh) and even did a series of V-lives where he shared his favourite music with us and talked to us about anything difficult we were going through. Overall, he is just a super talented, kind guy with a sexy accent.

Skz has faced so much at such a young age ... and as a leader Bang Chan had to face a lot of brunt of it, and look at him still being so happy and taking care of his members, like, ALWAYS! Not, to mention he's so TALENTED!

He is a very hard working person and he deserves the world. His group is the group who started my love for koop. I think he deserves everything ever. He works day and night for his group and for his fans.

10 YunHo ~ TVXQ Jung Yun-ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ.

Yunho isn't just ambassador to the media which is pretty much where expectations of group leaders end. He wasn't appointed leader because of age, popularity or good looks. He is humble and resilient. He is respected by his member (s); he truly keeps the group in line & handles their problems as much as he is capable. Where other idol leaders worry about getting camera time or rest in-between, Yunho is busy relieving some of the burdens off of managers and staff. He may be clumsy & aloof sometimes, but he is excellent at reading people & situations. This inbred skill has come in handy throughout the years when he has stepped in as a crisis negotiator between friends or other celebrities.

Although others think that Leeteuk is best leader, but for me not to bashing anyone but Yunho is best leader... He can endure the TVXQ's problems nowadays with success and keep TVXQ like before.. It's really hard from 5 to 2.. Can you feel that?

Many bashed him bout the split but he take that alone even Changmin told him" can you lend your problems to other"? Ah Yunho.. We know that you're the best leader..

Fighting oppa! Cassiopeia are and always support 5 members of TVXQ! We waiting for you

Because he is the leader of DBSK, the group has broken world records in terms of fans and sold thousands of copies of records, also has managed to overcome the departure of 3 of its original members and follow like TVXQ renewed... Has kept the band stand to show everyone that Cassiopeia and TVXQ's not over... Besides being a great singer, dancer and always leaves everything on stage... And obviously a very sexy

JYJ left because Yunho isn't an ass, and he's a genius. Toho is selling MUCH better than did before, and as a whole are doing much better. Fandom registration multiplied, funds raise exponentially, and endoresements through the roof. Though honestly no K-Pop act has ever been on DBSK's lever, Yunho's helping make sure it stays that way.

In all honesty though, how are Taeyeon, GD, and Leetuk up there? Leetuk isn't a leader, SNSD's is Tiffany (though she's called manager, because they don't particularly need a leader), G-Dragon is an obvious case.

The Contenders
11 Shownu ~ Monsta X

The reason I became a Monbebe is because of Shownu. Rarely do I see a leader in Kpop groups that is so talented, patient, kind, humble and selfless like Shownu. He knows when to be strict to his members, and he knows when to have fun. His members adore him and literally has zero complaints about his leadership. I mean, he even gave some of his lines in their song 'Beautiful' to Hyungwon because he thought it would make the song better. With how competitive the Kpop industry gets, getting lines in a song is basically like a lifeline. You don't see members willingly give their lines to other members without prompting, it just doesn't happen yet Shownu voluntarily gave up his. That is why Shownu is one of the best leaders out there.

I just became a fan of Monsta X when I heard their collaboration with French Montana and Shownu was the first member to grab my attention. From what I've researched (net) and what I have observed, he maybe one of few leaders that their members really respect and adore. He is acts like a dad to them maybe that is why the members are very comfortable around him. He is not really good at public speaking but I think it is one of his charm. He's the kind to act on things instead of speaking which to me is a really great attitude for a leader. (Action speak louder than words.) He's also very passionate and open-minded. Plus his looks ain't bad! (Ahem! ). I hope I get to see them perform live. Proud Monbebe here!

Although I'm not a fan of Monsta X, Shownu's one of the few leader in kpop in my observation that portrays excellent leadership. He can be strict at times but can also let loose and have fun when the situation calls for it. From what I've seen on the interviews and events, he's practically the wall of Monsta X and it's pretty clear that all members adores and respect him. I think one of the members always calls him dad or something.

Shownu is one of the best leaders in kpop and In my opinion too underrated. He is so caring and loving when it comes to his members. He is not a leader that is loud or has a big ego like some leaders. He has a gentle soul that I think a lot of people misinterpret as him being slow or something. I think it was a hard blow for him when Wonho had to leave MX, I think they were really close. Shownu is In my opinion one of kpop's best dancers and he also has an amazing voice ♥️

12 Yong Hwa ~ CNBlue

He is the best leader in K-Pop, have a entertainment show that I saw, BigBang's Seungri asked Yong Hwa is it CNBLUE's member buy clothes are use his personal card to pay? He answered yes. And in another show, CNBLUE's member also said that when the year they debuted, only Leader Yong Hwa was working and doing all activities, and when their name were getting known, Yong Hwa could show some kind of attitudes to them. Not only these, Yong Hwa get all the income will absolutely divide with his member. He such a good brother and good leader. Keep it up Yong Hwa Oppa.

He has his share of frustration, dissapointment, and drama in life but when he face his members he never shown any sign of it. Instead he show them a strong, realiable, and dedicated leader that they can rely on. This is to make his members be inspired and not be discourage at all. Facing the so complicated entertainment industry, he show a stronger, passionate, and determine leader of his band. Always leading his group in achieving their goal. As an artist, he is always appreciative towards his and their band's many fans. As an individual, he is matured in his age, talented, charming, charismatic, passionate, responsible, and kind hearted. His cheerful personality also added to his charm. Bonus factor is that he is extremely handsome.

Yong Hwa is the BEST! He worked hard for all the songs he composed...he's not selfish. He acts a very good hyung to his dongsengs and never leaves them behind. He could have gone solo but still worked hard to raise the CNBLUE's name because he loves this band and its members. He's very humurous, kind, thoughtful, and caring. He is so talented and does not step on other people. Jung Yong Hwa is really one of a kind. Though he does not really dance like other kpop bands/groups, he still has other assets to showcase in order to reach the top. Their band is really STRONG! He's not snob to his fans actually. He's getting more handsome everyday :)) he never loses hope. He never forgot all those people who helped him. He doesn't cheat...everything is good about him. He gets what he deserves and he deserves everything nice. Jung Yong Hwa and CNBLUE fighting!

Yong Hwa is probably the best leader in K-POP right now. He is not only Multi-talented doing everything from composing songs to singing to acting to variety shows to MC-ing, he also promotes the CNBLUE albums with as much sincerity as going on a world tour. He ensures all his band mates were giving importance and helped them grow as well. When they were a rookie band in Japan he single handedly promoted CNBLUE and ensured that all the earnings were split amongst the four band mates thus encouraging the feeling of loyalty and brotherhood by his actions.
He dares to take risks and is also very smart, intelligent and avoids scandals that can hurt the image of the band.

13 CL ~ 2NE1

CL is such a loyal leader. She genuinely cares for the other three members, and does so much to keep them happy and ensure the best working conditions for them. She always considers their opinions when helping with concert planning, performance preparations, etc. Once, she even stayed up overnight to surprise the members with handmade shoes! (check out 2NE1 T.V. season 1)
Her personality is great, her fashion is good, she's extremely talented, she's independent, strong, brave. She's everything you look for in a leader.

CL is younger than Bommie and Dara and yet when she was appointed the leader, she took charge like a boss. She doesn't baby the girls or mistreat them. She gets work done. She encourages them without coddling them and knows when to push and when to let her group member work things out themselves. All this can be seen if you've watched 2NE1 T.V.. CL has put up a strong front at 17-18 yrs. old just so she can be the strong hand when her group members need it. I have no doubt t that should things go not the way YG wants, CL is the one taking the blow for the group (also shown on 2NE1TV during their first big concert).

She's just an amazing leader who is respected, admired and loved by Bom, Dara and Minzy (yes, I know she left).

I Adore CL, I've witnessed both sides of her alter ego. She is sweet but fierce. The way she talks is also with manner but with cuteness as-well. When she speaks in any language I can understand. Unlike other Artists. She doesn't have a bit of jealousy in her. I can see her performing on that stage in Madison Square gardens withing the next two years. If their English album hurry's up and debuts.

CL! The Baddest Female in Seoul City. What else do you want. CL is the best leader in K-pop. I mean it. She can rap awesome, dance and now sings. She is destined to be a leader because she has this charisma in her. Not only that, but she is gorgeous and I hope she will continue her awesomeness to be a leader in 2NE1!

14 Victoria ~ f(x)

This goofy flexible Chinese leader is like a mother to her members! She takes care of them the best compared to the other groups. Victoria fighting!

Victoria she so perfect to be the leader of f (x) and she my bias like sulli... I support to her every Kdrama she have <3 I totally love victoria and f (x) and I'm very proud she's the leader of f (x)... Victoria fighting guys...! Fighting F (x) more love and support for me! Love you!

She's very kind to the members and is like a mom to them. Instead of being snippy about being so much older, she takes care of them and befriended all of them.

Vic -eomma is a daebak leader. She really works hard managing her activities in China and also with f (x). She has matured a lot since debut considering the fact that she couldn't speak fluent Korean at that time. She really cares for the members and they look upto her.. Victoria unnie fighting! F (x) fighting!

15 JR ~ Nu'est

No doubt. He never fails to impress me. He became NU'ESTs leader at the age of 16. And he's held his head up high, regardless of all the struggles and obsticales thrown his way. He's truly an amazing leader. He's proven why his country gave him the title of Korea's National Leader, indeed.

He's just very humble and selfless. NU'EST has through a lot because of something that can't be controlled by him, yet, he blames himself for not taking care of his group well. He's nation's leader!

I love JR so much, so humble & caring leader! Mature but also really cute at the same time! National leader indeed!

This guy is seriously the best leader I've seen so far. How can you not love such a selfless angel?

16 JB ~ GOT7

JB once cried to 2PM's Nichkun because he felt like he was lacking as leader. GOT7 had just reached their 2nd year as a group then and he could feel that his members were feeling depressed and homesick. After that day, the group has only reached newer heights and their friendship is goals, for lack of a better word. The group's bond is unique. They're not than just friends. They're family.

JB doesn't just give his support. He helps them. He sweats beside them. He encourages them. I remember when Jackson was getting a lot of hate, JB had said that he looks at Jackson and wishes he can do his China schedules for him. If that not the definition of a leader then I don't know what is.

You can tell that JB has come a long way. He used to have anger issues and be more serious, but he changed and turned out to be an amazing leader!
He cares a lot about the other members, he hypes them up and always joins in on the fun, matches their energy AND AT THE SAME TIME he makes sure they are also cared for and even keeps them in line.
You can tell he is a great leader because when GOT7 left JYP they left as a group and even now that they have gone their separate ways they're still a family!

He's literally kept them together after they left the company. Got7 is not a group they are family. He's the best period.

He's the best leader ngl... I stan lots of these groups too but the commitment JB puts into the group is amazing. He writes their songs, is also in 2 sub units and basically is the dad of the group

17 Kahi ~ After School

She wasn't just the former leader, main dancer, main rapper (when Bekah graduated), lead vocal, co-choreographer of After School.

But she was the one..

.. Who hand-picked the original members of After School.
.. Who teaches the members their routine if they have a hard time.
.. Who waited for 10 years to finally be a singer.
.. Who abandoned everything, even her own family who don't approve of her dream, to reach her goal.

She's even one of the foundations of Pledis Entertainment, together with their CEO Han Sung so and the first artist under the agency, Son Dam Bi.

If there's a leader who embodies being a REAL leader, not just for the label and image.. It's PARK KAHI.

Determined and really caring Leader. Hands on in every way. Choreographer, Adviser, concept maker, motivator, Friend, and a true leader!

She is the leader of AS forever. Sorry Jungah but this is the truth

Kahi should be in at least TOP 10.
She's one of the most talented KPOP Idols out there.
She can sing, dance, rap, write her own song, play piano, she's the co choreographer of AS, she's a good athletic. She can play drums too! Kahi Is known as my rolemodel for a reason. She's the best! Kahi unnie jjang

18 Sunggyu ~ Infinite

Sunggyu, in my opinion, is the best leader. Though he may be stern and strict at times when it comes to performing on stage - singing and dancing - he is actually very sweet and thoughtful of his members, and he would notify the manager if the members are feeling stressed. Besides, he is very easy-going and goes with the flow of other members instead of just caring about himself, and he doesn't even mind being called nicknames like "Last Gyu" during Ranking King. Other than his wonderful personality, he also has charming looks and a beautiful voice he uses for singing. He really tries his best at dancing and he can even rap. Multi-talents leader, Sunggyu, definitely wins over other leaders.

Words can't express my feelings for Sunggyu. He is just such an amazing leader. He is not self-centered and he even takes care of his members. And often worries about them more that he worries about himself. He really has a great responsibilities and never fail to lead the group so well. Each of the members in infinite are so close to each other, they even share out their worries and personal things to each other. They are the most sincere group I've ever seen in all kpop bands. And they are truly a family. When they are tired of practicing for their performance, Sunggyu takes the members out and spend time together and tell every single one of them to just do their best on the performance. The songs the sang,the dance they performed, are all sincere. And the most important thing is he always does his best in everything. He is truly an inspiring leader to me. It doesn't matters if he's not the best leader. Because to me, he is the best of best!

Sunggyu deserved his place as one of the Top 5 best Korean singers. He also known as the best leader. It's great to hear that the members said they respect him.

You have to see Sunggyu in real life, the shape of his face look so nice and unique, I think he's handsomer without makeup. When you see Sunggyu's smile in real life, you would say that he have the best smile out of all celebrity. Sunggyu look tall when you stand next to him, I'm 5.5ft, but I'm not even close to his ears, and he just have on normal sneaker that day, NO heel lifts. AND his eyes are so cute, especially when he smile.

Sunggyu deserved his place as one of the Top 5 best Korean singers
You have to see Sunggyu in real life, the shape of his face look so nice and unique, his skin still look good even when he don't have makeup on, I think he's handsomer without makeup. When you see Sunggyu smile in real life, you would say that he have the best smile out of all celebrity, but his smile also the best when he smile on television anyway. Sunggyu look tall when you stand next to him. I'm 5.5ft, but I'm not even close to his ears, and he just have on normal sneaker that day, no lift. AND his eyes is so cute, specially when he smile.

19 Jonghun ~ F.T. Island

I think people mistake Hongki for the leader because he is the main vocal and always energetic. Jonghun is shy if you really pay attention, I have noticed that. He is a fantastic leader, he works quietly "behind the scenes"but you can feel his powerful aura. He takes care of the members, he knows them well enough to know how to calm them down. He has a strong sense of responsibility, he is very sexy. I could go on, but I think what I am saying is Jonghun is the multitalented, caring, sexy leader of FTIsland.

Why isn't Hongki the leader? That's what most people say, but Primadonnas know that Jonghun is just as deserving of this title as Hongki is. He is shy, awkward and cheesy, but I think that's part of his charms. He is an excellent guitarist, pianist and keyboardist. While I will admit that he ranks low in vocals in the group, it seems like lately he has gotten much better (listen to his piano performance of Beautiful World with Seunghyun). He can be sweet, sexy, cute and handsome. Jonghun Oppa, please keep on being amazing, you may not get a lot of recognition for your works, but Primadonnas support you. Primadonnas are FTISLAND's pillar. Five Treasures, One goal: to protect and support FTISLAND.

Cool and sexy, not talking much but can control his bandmates. Even Hongki, the naughtiest, the real trouble maker in group will shut up once Jonghoon ask for it. When other idols are only singing and good looking, Jonghoon is different. He's not only good looking and singing well, (but also) more important he can play instruments: piano and guitar. He composed many songs, even title songs like Neverland and Stay. Those songs were used to be OST of anime 'Ozma", sold in 50 countries (English version), and Stay will be OST for 3 programs on Japan T.V.. It proves that Jonghoon skill in composing music is great, step by step his sings will be known worldwide.

He has a strong sense of responsibility as a leader, even the members agree on that. He loves his members and he takes care of them, so much that the members said that "he is like a mother". He cooks for them and he looks after them. He knows exactly how to control them. He doesn't say much because he doesn't need to. He is very shy when it comes to speaking, but that's what makes him special. He definitely has the talent.

20 Taecyeon ~ 2PM

I only vote because its 2PM...2PM never had a leader since Jay leave the group. The members lead together as one. Because the leader place is irreplaceable. Hope you understand that and never put 2PM into this leader competition again. You do that. I'm owe you one

Yeah Taecyeon is the best and comedian! Lets Taec we're Hottest gonna support you always lest go 2pm lets go 2pm lets go 2pm!

21 DooJoon ~ BEAST

Doo Joon is the best leader. I thought he should be on higher ranking than this. I really love on how he take care of other members of BEAST. He mature and that's why he can lead BEAST very well. Doo Joon also has open-minded thinking and bright personality whenever people mention about his weakness. No doubt he is one of the best leader. I support Doo Joon and I love BEAST!

The best appa of the group. Always worries about his members and their welfare. Loves surprising and teasing them, which makes the whole group lively and enjoyable. Knows when is the time to be serious and when to goof around with his members. Charismatic, charming, good-looking and a voice to die for.

I love yoon leader. He's a caring, charismatic and an awesome leader that always takes care of his member. He wakes them up in the morning and even though he picks on them, he cares for them. I love how he takes care if his member and I love him for being a great leader. Yoon leader is the best! B2ST forever!

A person who has looks, charms and most importantly, a caring personality that when they won almost any awards, he will be the first to hug all the members. Not to mention working hard alone just so that his members could have enough sleep during their concert. I love this guy!

22 Eric Mun ~ Shinhwa

When it comes to the title of "Best Leader," there is no one else in KPop I could possibly think about besides Eric Mun. Being a good leader has nothing to do with the talent you have, but rather the qualities and unwavering support they provide for their members. In this way, Eric Mun defines what it means to be the best leader.

Eric has proven time and again his loyalty to his members. He has selflessly given up contracts, roles, overall career advancements all in the name of Shinhwa, and not once has he regretted it. In fact, he's stated in previous interviews that these decisions were some of the best decisions he made...because he was able to stay with those he considers brothers.

He isn't the type who commands respect from his members, rather it is his members who hold such a high respect for him because of everything he has done to ensure that Shinhwa and its members remain together in 17+ years. His members respect and trust in him because he has shown time and ...more

This amazing leader is really underrated despite what he has done for Shinhwa. Not because he's a perfect, handsome, cute, charismatic etc etc.. But simply for what he's done for Shinhwa.

He was the one who said things like "if there's anything, you can look for me" when Shinhwa got bashed by a reporter.
He, who always put Shinhwa as his first priority, sacrifices his stellar acting career to focus on Shinhwa's activity solely.
He, who rejected a contract worth multiple times more than Shinhwa's only to make the group stay together.. Even still asked the members "can I stay with you guys? "
He, who has led them quietly from the back and let Minwoo lead Shinhwa from the front.
He, who has led the group for 14 years and managed the original members since their debut. No one left, no one dropped out.

He never boasted or even acted about being a leader and such.. He just did it, quietly. The members and fans acknowledge and respect him so much, though he never ...more

The best of the best leader! He's quiet but he's a strong and a very dependable leader. He's not selfish and he puts Shinhwa first before anything else, even before himself. That's just pure love for Shinhwa and the members. He doesn't brag about his popularity or even about him being the leader of Shinhwa. He doesn't like seeking attention. Shinhwa wouldn't be able to last this long if they didn't have a great leader. Because they have a responsible leader who's willing to risk everything for the group, they of course were motivated to do the same.

There are different leaders even in K-pop groups. Eric is one who is trying his best in background for the well-being of Shinhwa. 14 years of staying together as a group, this is very difficult, I can assure. Even friendship that lasts this long is difficult to find. While this is not all due to Eric's deed, large proportion is his.

When someone commented on his choice of Shinhwa over acting, he replied that the initial start and the reason they are here is the group 'Shinhwa' not acting or solo singing career.
Also, it's very well-known thing that he declined high worthy contract just for Shinhwa.
When Shinhwa left their initial company, there was different hardships and Eric tried his best to correct things and solve things out so Shinhwa can still be Shinhwa.
He might be 4-dimensional thinker sometimes, but he is a deep thinker. He gave amazing comment in defense of Shinhwa to an article that is clearly bashing Shinhwa and members' efforts.

I don't know ...more

23 Bo-ram ~ T-Ara
24 Irene ~ Red Velvet

Irene is the best kpop leader who tries not to cry in front of her members and acts as their mother.

Our nervous yet elegant group. Red velvet leader irene...

She voiced one of the K-pop trolls in Trolls 2!

She's the greatest leader for me of course .

25 Soyeon ~ T-ara

Best T-ARA leader ever. I watched all T-ARA documentary, video, shows and I can see she's a natural leader even when it's not her turn. She is not the type who ordering people around but her opinion and the way she delegate with members and others are really professional.

Hands down the cutest leader of all time. Cute, while really mature.

The most beautiful and cute and talented leader of all time.

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