Top 10 Best D12 Songs

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1 Fight Music

Lyrically one of the best rap songs, individually every single verse has something unique in it.

The lyrics are insane, the beat is Insane and makes you want to hit something. Should be number 1.

Great hype song, but Bizarre's verse was a bit odd. That's the only reason it's not #1.

The best D12 song, in my opinion.

2 My Band

Just great verses from all involved. This is the best D12 song ever. RIP Proof.

Best song ever. Eminem at the end was so cute with his salsa!

Great beat, hilarious lyrics!

Great tune haha

3 Purple Pills

I see dumb start happening, like vanilla ice tryna rpa again lol best line. Slims verse is easy top ten verses by him. Quintessential Eminem as he combines a wicked flow+rhyme scheme with equally disturbing and funny subject matter, all while taking time to throw shade at his mom. Everything that made the real slim shady a classic (and best Eminem song in my opinion) is hard at work in verse 1 and a killer beat and funny music video make this an unforgettable classic

Proof best ever on this

My number one

4 How Come

Love the idea behind the song.

This is a very unique and reflective song about the group in general

My favorite D12 song

Proof raps better than Eminem in the verse he raps.. cool chorus.. best d12 song ever

5 Under the Influence

It's an Eminem classic.

An absolute classic.

6 American Psycho 2
7 Good Die Young
8 Rap Game

Incredible lyrics and flow. I'm a huge rap fan, and this is onw of my favorite songs

9 When the Music Stops

Not only beat alone makes me jam to this song, but every member had a great verse. Eminem, in his prime, delivers a great verse, as he shows throughout the entirety of the album, weaving through tight rhyme schemes while keeping a consistent flow. The other members of D12 follow suit, each verse having moments of brilliance and memorable punchlines.

This song getter better with every word from start to end.

The best! In fact the whole The Eminem Show is best!

10 40 Oz.

Good hardcore hype song

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11 Revelation

Definitely must be in top 5. Great lyrics, instrumental, this song even has a solo in the end

12 S*** On You
13 S*** Can Happen
14 American Psycho
15 One Shot 2 Shot

Underrated but funny

16 Git Up
17 It Aint Nothin' but Music
18 Get My Gun

Funny song premise - hooked on it. Great beat, great lyricism.

19 Loyalty
20 Ain't Nuttin But Music
21 Pistol Pistol
22 Girls
23 Words Are Weapons

This should be way higher. At least top 10.

24 Blow My Buzz
25 Devil's Night
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