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1 Epic

Surprised Epic or Ashes to Ashes aren't number 1, both songs are much better than Get Out and Naked in Front of the Computer, but I guess that's why we have top 10 lists I guess everyone has different tastes.

As much as I like this song, doesn't it sound a bit like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

This is by far the BEST Faith No More song, it really should be number one. If you get the chance watch the music video, and buy the album cause its completely awesome. ONE OF A KIND SONG!

2 Midlife Crisis

It's so good and kinda gives off the whole midlife crisis vibe(I might be wrong, I'm still a teen so I've never experienced one yet) so it sure lives up to the name.

I know, "Epic" really kicks some asses but in my opinion, Midlife Crisis has better song-writing and vocals...

Flawless vocal performance. Not hard to see why this was a #1 hit when it came out.

3 Zombie Eaters

I love how it starts really calm and then it gets loud. Both parts are equally great though.

Brilliant song. I love the songs on this album after the more well known ones

4 The Real Thing

They opened with "The Real Thing" when I saw them a few weeks ago, and I nearly burst out of my skin! So hard to pick a favorite song, but this one might be the best--perhaps even better than "Midlife Crisis".

I just love the quiet loud dynamics, the atmospheric keyboards and Mr Patton's voice going from a croon to a scream ina an instant, just the best song they made and reminds me of being back in the day.

Epic is a classic and Midlife Crisis is more unique I guess but this song is my favourite by far. It builds up so well and the lyrics are awesome.

5 Ashes to Ashes

The band knew the end was in sight for them (at the time anyways) and went out on a first bang with this track.

The lyrics and Mike Patton's vocal delivery make me tear up every time. Beautiful, powerful song.

Truly iconic piece. If I only had ten songs to listen to, this would be one of them.

6 Everything's Ruined

I'm very surprised at the top 2, still all FNM fans have a voice.

Love this song, Mike Patton at his best.

Their best soaring instruments and Patton's vocals are the best

Complex,intricate melodies and unique arrangements featured on this song are found on the whole angel dust album, plus the Dynamics here are something else

7 Digging the Grave
8 From Out of Nowhere

Epic used to be my favourite, but when I heard this, I instantly fell in love with it, it's so good! Defiantly one of FNM's best song, and my personal favourite.

Some of the most Epic moments in their chronology comes from the chorus in the song

9 Smaller and Smaller

An epic metal masterpiece. And it only gets better from the start. Completely underrated and possibly the best symphonic metal song ever.

The scream on the third "BITE" is one of the most raw and pained things I've ever heard in a song.

A brilliantly constructed song, beautiful to listen to.

10 Falling to Pieces

This song is so good. Haven't listened to too much FNM songs, maybe 4 or 5, I've listened to and this is my favourite by them so far.

How is that awesome bass riff not in the top 10? How is that awesome song not in the top 10?

This should be definitely on top 10!

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11 Crack Hitler
12 Edge of the World

This song never got mentioned until I added it recently. This is a masterpiece.

13 Be Aggressive
14 Evidence

16? This should be in the top 10! It's so relaxing and makes me feel good every time I hear it, jazz and funk never sounded so good together.

I just love the jazzy down-tempo lounge feeling this song has. Mike's voice sounds so sweet as well.

Love this song! Their second best song behind epic.

15 Ricochet

"There's no reason, no explanation - so just play the violins"

"It's always funny until someone gets hurt. And then it's just hilarious"

Violence will never really end; it's so "hilarious" when people get hurt and die because it's dark humour. There's never a reason or explanation for something so profound and vital to our existence and progression as a species and as a life. Not everybody wins, not everybody lives. Life gives some people a ricochet effect. Life throws death at them instead of itself.

So just play the violins. Because violins are symbolism for the unexplainable and the untouchable in the case of music. What you can't touch, what you can't comprehend, is the inevitable. Life happens. So does death. And it's hilarious.

16 We Care a Lot

While Mike Patton is undoubtably has one of the most versatile and crazy voices around and would bring Faith No More to commercial success and an overall more versatile and experimental sound, Introduce Yourself is my absolute favorite album from the band. While this isn't the most popular opinion among FNM fans and the public, it is my personal favorite from them. While Patton's era is amazing itself, Mosley's album (Two if you count 'We Care a Lot') is my personal favorite with its fun and funky rap feel and Mosley's monotone speaking/rapping voice completes it for me. This album can come off with a cheesy 80's feel at times, but it is perfect for me.
I I have too many favorite from Introduce Yourself that I chose this one in hopes to make it higher and it is the most famous song from the album. I absolutely love this album and it most definitely in my Top Ten Albums of all time. m/

17 A Small Victory

Fantastic song from start to finish. It blew my mind on first listen.

Definitely their best, it's so creative and catchy!

This is an absolutely great and creative song!

18 Easy

I totally love this song. No matter how heart broken you are or just simply a happy ass. You just can't hate this song. Anybody listening to this will sure get a feeling of joy deep inside its just such a pleasure to feel the simple meaning of this song, that is don't worry be happy

With this song I discovered this band and I just love it! An anthem to good feelings. Perf

19 Land of Sunshine

#1 Land of Sunshine, Epic
#2 Just a Man, Falling to Pieces

20 Underwater Love
21 Caffeine

Intense, love it. Check out the mtv version!

22 Jizzlobber

You guys know what I'm talking about. Jim Martin's heaviest riffs, Mike Patton screaming like a monster, ridiculous cathedral outro.

Should be number 1! Play this on a guitar and go crazy.

23 King for a Day

Honestly, this is their best song. It has the whole clam parts and energetic parts that a lot of FNM songs have but it sounds even better here.

An almost progressive rock song, proves than Faith No More never stops evolving.

24 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

I've never felt this much alive!

Best song

Patton sounds insane. Heavy as hell.

25 Stripsearch

I'm surprised more people don't rate this. It's easily one of their best tunes.

Easily top 10 this and last cup of sorrow are great.

Stripsearch is top 5 faith no more.

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