Top 10 Best Pop Songs of All Time

Pop music is more than just catchy hooks and danceable beats. It's the soundtrack to first dates, road trips, and moments that'll stay with you for a lifetime. While other genres might shy away from talking about the broad array of human emotions, pop dives right in. From heart-wrenching ballads to songs that make you want to dance on tabletops, the genre's versatility is truly something to be celebrated.

You're not just voting for a song. You're endorsing a piece of musical history. And let's not forget, the artists behind these songs put their heart and soul into creating something magical. Whether it's the vocal prowess of legends like Whitney Houston, the innovation of artists like Michael Jackson, or the fresh talent of newcomers like Billie Eilish, these songs represent the pinnacle of what pop music can be.
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1 Thriller - Michael Jackson

The pop song, which is considered by a lot of musicians and music producers as the cornerstone of the music industry. Indeed, this album or song broke a lot of boundaries, set many records, and made history. It gave us magic. Again, a top spot for the King of Music!

Deserves the #1 spot. I love the top few songs. They're great, and I thought everyone had good taste. When I got to This Is You or whatever it's called, I stopped reading the list. The choices you guys are making are burning my eyes. Stop it.

This is one of the only good entries on the list. When asked about the best pop songs, who the hell says Problem or Baby? This is coming from a metalhead, but at least I can recognize good and genuine music when I hear it. This song is both.

2 Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

MJ's the King of Pop, so it seems fair that he should get the top spot on the list. I like Thriller (probably MJ's second-best song, in my opinion), but I think this is probably his best song. Even for those that disagree, you gotta admit it should be in the top 100. It's not his most famous song for nothing.

Unbelievable song about a guy who has a one-night stand and later finds out he might be the father of that woman's child. It's a great song and is Michael Jackson's greatest song as a solo artist.

To me, the top 10 belongs to Michael Jackson. He had so many great songs. It could be justified. His music is definitely better than anything from this century.

3 I Want It that Way - Backstreet Boys

This is truly the best pop song. Everybody knows and sings this song, regardless of race or background. Black, white, Hispanic, African, Indian, Italian - it doesn't matter where you come from. Everybody knows this song, and that makes it one of the greatest, if not the greatest, pop songs ever. It's so awesome and so catchy: You are my fire, the one desire. Believe when I say, I want it that way.

A great song, much better than other songs by the Backstreet Boys. It is a song that has changed pop music. It was much different from other male pop artists at that time and thus changed the singing style of male pop artists. But sadly, this song is always underrated because it is a boy band song.

A '90s classic pop song, one of the best pop ballads from the Backstreet Boys. Ranked at #10 by Rolling Stone/MTV in the 100 greatest pop songs. A must-listen pop song. They're my favorite pop group. It is a definitive pop song of the '90s.

4 ... Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

Britney revolutionized the Pop Era. She is not only an excellent dancer but also has the best personality. She is humble, the best mom, sister, and daughter a family member can have.

Unlike most songs on the list, this song is one of the very few to have a number 1 hit worldwide.

I love this song. I can't stop listening to it, even after hearing it thousands of times.

5 Bad - Michael Jackson

This song is almost great to me, but not quite. I just feel like the hooks of this song sound a bit forced together. The chorus, while almost catchy, doesn't really go anywhere. It just repeats itself until it's time to return to a verse. This may be pop music blasphemy, but from this era, Prince is so much better than Michael Jackson, at least to me. Raspberry Beret is so much better than this song.

I watched a bit of Netflix and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (a series you should totally read). They played this song in it, and I was totally in love with it! It also featured Applause by Lady Gaga, another great song! Both definitely should be on this list! But bottom line, Bad is an excellent song!

Great song. It doesn't matter that you are not alive in this world. You are always alive and remembered in our hearts. I love you forever. The one and only KING OF POP, MJ.

6 I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

It's not exactly "pop". I would say it's more soulful. It's my favorite song by Whitney and actually the first song I ever heard by her. It's an awesome song and maybe one of the most romantic songs of all time.

This was a monster hit back in late 1992, and everyone was so stunned by her vocal skills and much more.

The vocals in this are beyond superb. How she reached those high notes, I will never know.

7 Purple Rain - Prince

I cannot believe that Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande are ahead of The Purple One. This is possibly the best song ever. I shouldn't have to explain why. If you've never heard this song, enjoy this nine-minute masterpiece.

Prince behind Britney Spears is like dinner first and breakfast last.

Why is Call Me Maybe, one of the most annoying songs, higher than this masterpiece with great lyrics and vocals, and that badass guitar solo?

8 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Great for the bedroom and school environment with my teachers in their office. It really gets the mood going for the activities going on!

No. 17, Call Me Maybe, is such a good song, the second most popular song after Gangnam Style. And add more Selena Gomez songs. I hate this list!

This totally belongs on this list. It is just perfect pop. Those strings make the whole song.

9 Poker Face - Lady Gaga

This song should be at the top. It shows what true pop is. All you haters, stop hating just because Lady Gaga wears stuff that you would never wear. She is not gay. She likes to express herself, and that's how all singers should be. Don't hide behind curtains and pretend to be who you aren't. You should express yourself like Lady Gaga.

Lots of well-layered pop hooks in a perfectly simple song, which pretty much repeats the same chord progression throughout. That is how the greatest pop songs are created, in my opinion.

This is one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs. Lady Gaga is the queen of pop forever, and this song is a masterpiece, like all her others. She is better than Madonna and Britney Spears put together. This song is so catchy!

10 Someone Like You - Adele

I am from Iran. I love this song so much because it tells a story that is happening wherever humans live.

Adele is a beast. How come this isn't at the top of the list? This is REAL POP MUSIC. She never disappoints.

Her voice is awesome.

The Newcomers

? Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead
? Secrets - OneRepublic
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11 Firework - Katy Perry

Why is it number 18? I think those who made this list have gone crazy. It really deserves to be at least in the top ten, and I said at least, remember that!

This is the best pop song I've ever heard. This song rules the world of pop. It's very inspiring and catchy.

This song is what all pop songs should be. It's inspirational and powerful!

12 We are Young - Fun.

Nice song, but I still don't get why just because you are young, you have to reap the world. How do sunglasses talk?

So let's set the world on fire!

Uh, heck yeah, it's pop!

13 22 - Taylor Swift

I love this song.

14 Problem - Ariana Grande

I love your song. It's the best. Ariana is the best singer in the world.

I don't usually listen to Ariana Grande, but this is one of her best.

This is the best song ever, and her voice is so strong. I love it!

15 Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

She is excellent! And Party in the U.S.A. is definitely one of her best! Its lyrics are good, the beat is good, and she sings it in a terrific way!

Awesome song. I love it, even though it's not in my top five favorite songs. It's in the top 20! So far away from five. Probably #16-11 in top twenties.

Miley Cyrus is awesome. I love the song Wrecking Ball, but Party in the USA is my favorite Miley Cyrus song of all time.

16 Beat It - Michael Jackson

Epic song from an all-time epic album. My vote goes to this one. Love you, Michael.

The best song of all times!

Great, awesome song.

17 Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
18 Apologize - OneRepublic
19 Angels - Robbie Williams
20 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

This song is one of the few good songs in the present decade, but it's overplayed. Still a good song, though.

Think of a party. Think of a dance floor... I am very, very sure you think of this song.

This song is amazing!

21 Tonight - Enrique Iglesias

What a song! One of the best! Should be on top! Come on, all fans of Enrique!

Wow! I just listened to this song, but it's amazing! Totally yes!

This should be at the top. What a moving song.

22 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

Love this song. So catchy.

Iggy is the best rapper!

23 Counting Stars - One Republic

Seriously, if you guys don't vote for this, you're not human or don't have any sense of good music.

24 I Bet You Don't Curse God - Christina Grimmie
25 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Nikki Blonsky
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