Top 10 Best Family Force 5 Songs

Family Force 5, a name that resonates with fans of energetic and eclectic Christian rock, has been setting the stage alight since their inception in 2005. Fusing elements of rock, electronic, and crunkcore, this Atlanta-based quintet has been successful in carving out their own niche within the music industry. Known for their electrifying performances, infectious hooks, and genre-defying sound, Family Force 5 has amassed a dedicated fanbase that appreciates their distinctive style.

These tracks not only showcase the band's undeniable talent and musical prowess, but they also capture the essence of their unique sound and the indomitable spirit that lies at the heart of their music.
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1 Love Addict

Best. Song. Ever. Why do you think they use it for their finale at every concert? Because it totally rocks your socks off! Seriously though, this song is a musical gem like no other.

I LOVE Family Force 5, and I guess I'm a Love Addict because I'm addicted to loving them.

2 Kountry Gentleman

It's the most played song on my iPod! No matter what mood you're in, Family Force 5 busts it out with their take on modern music: fun, energetic, and totally dance-worthy!

"My mamma raised me in the dirty south- a Kountry Gentleman- so you best watch your mouth... "

I'm from the south, but regardless, this song is great. It doesn't rely on a repetitive chorus as the driving force behind it.

It's their first song. I love it, so do all my cousins.

3 Radiator
4 Drama Queen
5 Never Let Me Go
6 Dance or Die

Definitely one of the best. I love Crouton's voice in this song. It's a very catchy song.

7 Chainsaw

Great song to listen to, even better song to work out or do stuff to! It's just so hype!

8 Wake the Dead
9 Cray Button

How is this not in the top ten?! It's such a catchy and fun song to listen to!

Saw these guys at Winter Jam. Loved watching them hit the Cray Button.

10 Fever
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11 Party Foul
12 Earthquake
13 Zombie

Zombie has 65 plays on my phone in the last week... By far my favorite Family Force 5 song! It's really catchy and just all-in-all a great song. You can dance and have fun with it, and get caught singing it. So, in my opinion, their best song!

The music video for this one is AMAZING! If you're a zombie fan, then you will love this song.

14 Superhero

This song should be a lot higher. I love how this song talks about Jesus.

15 Cadillac Phunque
16 Face Down
17 Keep the Party Alive
18 Wobble

Wobble is a fun song to dance to! I'm sad it wasn't in the list. The song is very catchy and makes me sing it out loud all the time! "Lemme see you wobble!"

19 Can You Feel It
20 Lose Yourself

It's really catchy. This is one of their most popular songs (1 million+ hits on YouTube), and they have performed it at a lot of their concerts. It puzzles me that it is ranked 19th.

22 Supersonic
23 Let It Be Love

FF5 has done significantly more purely Praise and Worship songs ever since Solomon/Soul Glow left, and this song is at the forefront. Really great lyrics and message, as well as having a great tune. It's in my top 5.

I'm not a huge fan of their normal style, but this song is really good. More of my style.

Chainsaw was my favorite until I heard this song.

24 Peachy
25 Replace Me
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