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1 Nichkhun Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, known mononymously as Nichkhun, is a Thai rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor.

Nichkhun is amazing he can act, dance, sing and speak Korean, Thai and English. He have a cute face and he is funny he is lovable and he have a sweet heart, and a great body. He act well as I saw in his drama (one and a half summer) he is perfect, and I love him so much.

Cutest laugh! Could listen to it all day. When he smiles so do his eyes and it makes my heart melt. Extremely attractive that he knows English so well, because (being from Canada) that's the number one thing I'm looking for in a guy. Over all, cutest and most cuddly member

He is seen to have many talents as seen in running man, like seriously what is he not good at. Also at times he can be extremely surprising and cute and I just love him.

2 Wooyoung

HE is AWESOME! He's cute, sexy, hot, great voice, and great dancer. I love him in Dream High. I'll always support him.

Wooyongie is too adorable and an extraordinary dancer.

My heart flutters whenever he makes his cute face expressions...

He really is an angel...

Woo young oppa saranghae
His the most handsome in 2pm
He sing good dance good act good
And his kind, gentle!
So please vote for woo young oppa!

3 Taecyeon

My most favorite member of 2pm is taecyeon because he is not just good looking he is gentle, he is good at rapping, he is good at dancing, he is respectful, he is good at cooking, and especially he can sing. Taecyeon sang " no love " and many fans of 2pm commented that rapper Taecyeon can sing very well and he is getting more and more better.

I started to like him when I saw him in 3 meals a day. He's very cool and optimistic in everything he does there. He treated everyone nicely so the guests seems very comfortable with him. Surprisingly, he can act too... I've watched him in Let's fight ghost and captivated my heart again.

Taecyeon catch my eyes when his appearances in WGM with guigui. Because of him I start being 2pm hottest and get to know more about 2pm. He is funny and yes a bit silly sumtimes and CHARMING of course. I'm in love and crazy about him. Fighting taecyeon.

4 Junho

Junho for me is the epitome of great talent, character and overall personality. He already had the mesmerizing beauty and great potentials since the beginning, but he still worked hard (even harder than the others) to hone those talents. He deserves all his success and more. He is such an inspiration.

He is a man of my dreams...you just say it and he has it all perfect... singing/ dancing/ acting/ composing & lyricst/ acrobatics/ fashionista...he can be super sexy/ really hot/ overloaded with cuteness and mischivousness...when not acting he is just like a ordinary boy who shows different emotion(love/ care/ anger/ jealous/ shy... )...his smile is worth dying for...he is damn pretty and handsome and a real gentleman for sure...respectful to his seniors and helpful to juniors... BLACK HORSE OF 2PM. MR PERFECTIONIST JUNHO.

Junho has it all.. He is so sweet,so sexy and so handsome.. has a heavenly smile,great dancing ability and a devine voice..I like his style and his personality..He is an amazing idol who can easily be loved.. I am addicted to his magical smile and I also adore his acting..

5 Junsu

For me he should be on the top of the list of 2PM members' ranking :D He has amazing voice, can compose songs beautifully & dance well! When he's on stage, he shows his charismatic style and enjoy performing as well as he's sincerity on delivering his performance to the audience!

Junsu Oppa is handsome guy actually... In my opinion he is a top guy amoungs 2pm members...

He has a perfect voice and cool. He sings very beautiful and makes the people melt )

6 Chansung

He's amazing as the actor in level 7 civil servant and he's cute, quiet, and reserved. He backs everyone up and doesn't try to steal their spotlight. He's the one who should get recognition even though know one gives it to him.

Most handsome member in my opinion, soothing voice especially in the song "I'm Sorry" on the Grown album. He has such nice and big eyes. His passion for photography is so amazing and attractive. And last, he is perfect height and nicely toned

Sometimes, he looks totally innocent and babyface-ish, then next he looks all tough and gangsta-like. One thing's for sure, Chansung moves so well! This man can dance as smooth as butter that it would melt, and I absolutely love butter. He's really cute, quiet and good looking :) (HE'S ALSO GOT ABS <3 Hot :3) He doesn't try to steal anyone's spotlight in the group, and I just love him

7 Jay Park

He was the funniest member of 2PM, one of the cutest, and the MOST talented, as claimed by the group and JYP Entertainment pre and post debut. He has been wronged and misunderstood horribly by the media and his members and company, yet he still manages to make a comeback and win countless awards and millions in minutes as a SOLO artist, earning more money than he ever made in 2PM. JAY PARK OPPA FIGHTINGG~

8 Jang Wooyoung

I really like jang wooyoung oppa because he so cute and best singer/dancer

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