Top 10 Best SHINee Members

The Top Ten
1 Taemin

When I first started listening to them, Taemin stuck out to me the most. His dancing skills are amazing, and although he may not have the best voice in the group, he is definitely improving greatly and so has nontheless a really good voice. Also, being the youngest in the group I think he has a lot of potential still to add to his already extremely talented person. He also has that innocent aura about him that's very appealing and a genuine smile.

Perfect maknae who love to eat but hardly get fat.
A hardworking idol who have been rumored to be dancing for a very long time even if it takes midnight or morning <3
I just find him amazing through the ways he work hard that makes me want to inspire him the most.
If I have to define him he would be my everything because there are other words that could describe him in my life unless I'm forced to., but it would take forever for me to finish K...
I should stop taking now. laugh out loud

2 Minho

Minho is... Indescribable. He's cocky, humble, sporty, lazy, funny, awkward, fierce and cute all packed into one. I love how although he's an idol, he isn't afraid to go all out or do something embarrassing. He isn't afraid of looking ugly when he's all sweaty playing sports. He's so passionate, and that's what draws all of the Flamers to him. I admit, he may have gotten a slight nose job. I am currently not that delusional that I go crazy when I see antis. Yet. But anyway, his looks are almost all natural. Yes, he may have looked horrid with the debut hairstyle (the one where his hair went down his neck), but he is still incredibly dashing.

He is basically an all-rounded idol. He is witty, sporty and yes, he is talented, no matter what the antis say. His voice is unique, deep and throaty, which makes him stand out from the orchestra wannabes.

He may be competitive, but he has a sweet and caring side to him too. Just watch Hello Baby. He was an amazing 'appa'. (They look so scarily alike though, Minho and Yoogeun.)

Conclusion: Minho is perfectly imperfect, in the most beautiful way.

3 Key

Gosh, I don't know where to start.
All of the SHINee members possess extraordinary talents, yet Key is the one that appeals to me the most.
He is one of those "perfect, yet not perfect" people.
In many minds, he is talented in almost every category, which is true depending on the topic (yet it is still only a matter of opinion). That is what makes him "perfect".
But... When you picture a perfect person, do you not picture a boring, annoying, intelligent smarty-pants? Key, in my opinion, does not represent such "irritance". I can assure you that he doesn't look up to such a person like that, either. He prefers a more... Spontaneous one, perhaps?
Either way, my nerdy language has shown you the devotion that true Lockets have for our one-and-only Almighty Key.
Oh, and ladies, don't post such selfish thoughts of Key to yourself. Psh, if you ask me, THAT is what I call a person Key would NOT want to be around.

4 Jonghyun Kim Jong-hyun (April 8, 1990 – December 18, 2017), better known mononymously as Jonghyun, was a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, radio host, and author. He was the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Shinee, and participated in S.M. Entertainment's project group S.M. The Ballad... read more

He is the best, he sings very well, he dances very well although none of you sees that! And of course he is the best because he tries really hard every day and he is always practising! And also he is really funny and sometimes dorky but that's the jonghyun that everyone loves oh and I forgot to tell you about how he thinks about everyone in shinee, the members, he wants to protect them and listens to they're worries, he is a wonderful hyung and a funny donsaeng! And I love his smile and everything about him, oh and key said in a program that he is his type! Wich means that if he was a girl, of all of the shinee members he would choose jonghyun! He is perfect and that's what I think of him! Bye bye kisses to jonghyun oppa

5 Onew

Onew is like something that is considered the background, but it incredibly magnificent, both demure, humorous, and yet mature. His voice is like feeling velvet and chocolate, and he's so talented in acting, singing, imitations, and leadership. To me, he isn't a dancer, but can pull through when the need is there and should have been a highly desired member in the KPOP industry, though he isn't as flashy. He's kind and an incredibly sweet gentleman, and while his looks are underestimated, his smile is so soothing, his smirks are tempting, and his eyebrow arch is delicious. He is humble, to the point where he did not even realize he is the lead vocalist. As my ultimate bias, I believe he deserves so much more for his talent and perseverance - from surgery, to stage fright, and to being it is needed. He is the leader and is pretty good at it too. Even though he's a good person, he can be awkward and klutzy, hence Onew Condition, which is the most adorable thing ever. Onew is so under appreciated, but he never complains. He is a good role model, with the different sides of humor and elegance around him. He, to me, is the epitome of KPOP magnificence!