Top Ten Best G-Eazy Songs

Best G-eazy songs, the bay areas rapper on the come up.
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1 I Mean It

I Mean It is his reminder to everyone that he is real about everything he is saying.

Best song of the history

Easily his best song.

2 Me, Myself, and I

Me myself and I lyrics and video is the best of all the songs. This song and singer should be at no. In the world

This is the best song I've heard in a very long time...the lyrics are on fire!

Why is this song at #22!? It should at least be in the top 5.

3 Almost Famous
4 Been On

This song is just great. I think that it's way better than most of his songs - and most of his songs are great.

He raps about how other rappers talk about reaching the Platform Eazys been at already.

I'm having a class presentation on this song tomorrow.

5 Everything Will Be OK

This is the deepest song that G-Eazy has wrote, about his life, instrumental fire, lyrics fire, I love his storytelling, Kehlani is awesome too.

This is G-Eazy at his most rawest and most vulnerable as he illustrates the dark areas from his past.

6 Far Alone

This song is amazing. The remix is dope, but the original track is fire. Hearing G with E-40 is so dope.

Rapping about being solo and independent in the game.

Best song on the list. But wheres zombie land

7 Tumblr Girls

So damn underrated. The lyrics and production put to this is just a flawless combination for your feels

My absolute favorite G-Eazy song! How is it not playing everywhere?!

Eazy talks about his infatuation with a certain type of girl.

8 Lady Killers

G and Hoodie Allen hop on the track to show the fans (especially the ladies) how much of a player they both are.

9 What If

It's just true like I mean it just states what might have happened if things were different

10 Sad Boy

It seems like very few rappers talk about how the life of luxury is extremely lonely. G's perspective is really true. He got everything he wanted but doesn't feel anymore. The fact that he feels he can't confide in anyone about otherwise he sounds the he's whining about comfort is really sad. The sample is really gentle and I love it.

The Contenders
11 Random

Def his most underrated song.

12 Some Kind of Drug
13 Achievement

Has an absolutely fire beat and a great example of G-Eazy's flow.

I love this song

14 Him & I - G Eazy & Halsey

There is a very atmospheric feel to this song, and Halsey did a great job on the chorus, though I hear that the "aha" part wasn't sung by her. Anyway, I rate this 9/10.

One of G-eazy's most popular songs, should be way higher.

It's amazing, and it helps that halsey's in it, too.

15 Calm Down

Best G eazy song why not top 10?

How is this not #1? So lit

His best song

16 Drifting

My all time favorite

17 The Beautiful & Damned

Damn awesome flow

18 The Coolest Job

He raps about why he has the best job ever.

19 Forbes
20 Low Key
21 I Don't Believe You
22 These Things Happen
23 Make-Up Sex

G raps about how how good the sex is after fighting with his girl.

24 Complete

The emotion in this song

25 Opportunity Cost

The best, how is this unranked?

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