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1 Linkon

If this guy is George Lincoln D'Costa, then he should be higher. There are many singers, but no one can beat this guy. He sings in different ways, sometimes slow-paced, sometimes low-paced, right when it needs.

The prime Lincoln was the best.. His vocals was too good. One of the greatest vocalists of Bangladesh.

2 Asif Akbar

Asif Akbar is the most popular singer in Bangladesh, undoubtedly.

He is the best singer in Bangladesh.

3 Arnob

Arnob Da's songs are really beautiful and different from other songs. It's like a whole different level of music. Arnob Da and his songs can't be compared with others.

I love to listen to Arnob Da's songs more than anything. I hope we keep getting such awesome tracks from him always.

Arnob is the best singer in Bangladesh. He has the ability to do good live music, which is almost like the original track!

Working as an independent artist in this country is not an easy task. He is the Maestro, a jack of all trades.

4 Ayub Bacchu
5 Faiyaz Hossain

Not a powerful singer for singing power metal, but his voice is clean and soft. He could be a great singer in the future with upcoming albums.

6 Mizan Rahman

He had a devastating voice when he was in Warfaze. He was the best hard rock vocalist when he was in Warfaze. He made Warfaze so famous. None can be compared with him.

I think he is a world-class hard rock vocalist.

7 Porshi
8 Oyan Hossain Rashed
9 Andrew Kishore

The best singer in the universe with a beautiful and strong vocal quality.

Andrew Kishore is the greatest playback singer of all time! So, he deserves the 1st position among the best singers.

Andrew Kishore is the best singer of Bangladesh. His voice is amazing, and his singing style is unique. Other singers are nothing compared to him. He has received 8 national awards as the best playback singer.

His songs are the most popular in Bangladesh. He has sung more than 15,000 songs. No one can beat him.

10 Habib

He is extraordinary, a true legend with his hetero style of tunes introduced in Bangladesh.

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11 James

I came across a few of your English cover and Hindi tracks. Your vocal is unique and great. If there is a chance for you to come to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I will definitely come to see your concert.

Toni Olovo.

I live in Canada, in Calgary city, and I'm a big music fan, especially of concert music. James, your voice is awesome. I enjoyed each and every minute of your last concert.

I've been following James for quite a while. Just an old homeboy from my home city. Congrats, James, keep up the good work!

12 Raef al Hasan Rafa

It's a good thing that he didn't waste his talent only on drumming and backing vocals. He is a better singer than Sumon.

Better singer than Ayub Bachchu. His high-pitched vocals are quite good.

13 Balam

His best works were when he was in Warfaze. I heard he has become a pop artist. I've never heard a single song of his as a solo artist.

14 Runa Laila

She is, was, and will be the undoubtedly No. 1 singer of Bangladesh.

15 Tahsan Rahman Khan

Best singer in Bangladesh. One day, everybody will realize who Tahsan Khan is, Inshallah. His lyrics are just amazing.

Tahsan Khan is an extraordinary artist. He is one of the best modern singers of Bangladesh. He stands out for his unique lyrics and reveals emotion beautifully in his songs.

He is not only a singer but also an actor, musician, lyricist, model, and teacher. After all, he is an extraordinary genius.

Good personality and a great singer.

16 Jon Kabir A Bangladeshi musician and actor, Jon Kabir is known for his role as the vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Black. He has contributed to the music scene in Bangladesh and has also made appearances in television dramas and films.

Wish he had stuck to music only. He perhaps had the best potential but used only a little bit of it.

17 Tuhin

The powerful and energetic vocalist.

18 Arfin Rumi
19 Topu
20 Zohad Reza Chowdhury
21 Sabina Yasmin

She had a heart-touching and sweet voice. We won't forget her!

22 Shahid
23 Shafikul Alam Saif

He has really good vocals, especially when holding his notes.

24 Imran Mahmudul

For me, Imran Boss is the present best vocalist in Bangladesh. His voice is unparalleled. He is second to Andrew Kishore Sir on my favorite list.

His voice is the best of the best.

25 Mainul Ahsan Nobel

Noble is a very talented singer. We love Noble.

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