Top 10 Best Jimi Hendrix Songs

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1 All Along the Watchtower

This song, Hendrix's cover of Dylan's poetry, is just simply so great! I cannot see Dylan disagreeing that it raised his piece to outstanding heights of peak artistic talent, in dynamic ways! If I were in Dylan's spot, I would be astounded, I could have been interpreted so greatly!

I'm glad to know somebody agrees with me. All Along the Watchtower is the greatest J. H. song and is orchestrated perfectly. Probably would make one question whether not one but several angels gave him the tune. Maybe it's just that Hendrix is one of a kind.

2 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Above all other work that the magic of the Experience put out, never had there been a song to shake the scene of not only psychedelic music, but the rock foundation in general. Honestly, "Watchtower" is as good as it gets, but something about "Voodoo Child" just speaks, and speaks damn loud.

One of Hendrix's most biting riffs, and the solo is legendary, almost impeccable. I do believe this should top this list.

Voodoo Child has the meanest intro in the world. No one else has ever come up with something so cool and creative. Granted, there have been some really cool songs, but nothing is as mind-boggling as listening for the first time to a recording of Hendrix playing Voodoo Child, whether it's the original, or any other live version.

3 Purple Haze

Little Wing, Voodoo Child, All Along the Watchtower are all beautiful and full of vibe but Purple Haze is simply so hard and "to the point" that no matter where it's played or who listens to it, it's always an instant hit.

INCREDIBLE song and the guitar playing is insane. The lyrics are cool, and I don't know how it's not number 1. I have to admit I love all Jimi Hendrix songs, but this should be 100% number 1.

It's a very hard, electric, acid, psychedelic riff, and the lyrics are very psychedelic, but the best part is the whole song. All Hendrix songs have too much quality.

4 Little Wing

This song should be number one for its guitar work. It highlights much of Jimi's style with chordal hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. The haunting melody and words are magical and deserve a good listen. Sharing this song with younger players might inspire them.

My favorite Jimi song ever. The intro is excellent and fun to play on guitar. Also, the song has a great rhythm to it.
"Butterflies, zebras, and moonbeams.
And fairytales.
That's all she ever thinks about.
Running with the wind."

The mastery of song is in the endless interpretation of the lyric. The composition, the key, can cross all genres, making it even more beautiful to play with any instrument or style.

5 Hey Joe

Hey TheTopTens, why isn't this song number 1? Seriously, a classic that cannot be ignored! Awesome sound, Jimi makes it sound like he's playing an original song. (It's a cover song)

Toss-up between this and Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), but ultimately went with this for the lyrics.

Jimi Hendrix is the best! Enough said. Hey Joe has so much passion thrown into this marvelous song that you can't even rate it according to normal standards.

6 The Wind Cries Mary

To me, this song means so much. It makes me think about life and how short Jimi's was. The solo is very powerful.

Simplicity and the talking way he sings it.

This should be in the top 5. It made me cry, not as much as Along the Watchtower though.

7 Foxey Lady

When my big bro and I first heard this song, we started dancing like Garth, and we looked like idiots. My favorite song, and the second is... hmm, All Along the Watchtower.

This song is from Wayne's World, the movie's awesome but not as awesome as this song. I don't mean awesome, I mean AWESOME!

I love it when ZZ Top plays Foxy Lady and tells the story of how Jimi taught Billy Gibbons to play it when they were all very young.

8 Fire

Not the best, but should definitely be higher! The drumming and singing are awesome! An incredibly groovy song.

This song is so awesome. The guitar, the vocals, the bass, and the Power Drums!

Has one of my favorite lines from any Jimi song - "Move over Rover, and let Jimi take over!"

9 Crosstown Traffic

Super catchy and great, absolutely love this song.

Should be top 5. This is such a great song.

10 Castles Made of Sand

Castles Made of Sand is one of the deepest and most musically inclined of Hendrix's repertoire. It definitely deserves a place at 5 at least.

Such a masterpiece. This song sends your mind afloat.

Underrated song! Really, really great song.

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11 Bold as Love

This song smiles, towering in shiny metallic purple armor. It is life-giving and taken for granted.

I love it more than any Jimi song, and it is also in my top five tracks. What John Mayer did to it was pretty bad, but I'll never stop loving this track. I wish there were good videos of Jimi performing it live. I love Jimi's vocals, and people often overlook that. This track showcases both his guitar and vocal ability.

No doubt, "Bold as Love" is the best song, not only by Jimi, but we are talking about the best song ever. The best part is the end, for me, it is the expression of psychedelia, a distorted guitar that screams, "They're all bold as love." The lyrics are perfect too. He talks about colors and finishes the speech saying, "A rainbow like you."

In this song, we can appreciate that Jimi is not just the best guitarist (no Slash or others. Jimi is the best guitarist, we all agree, right?), but we can also see Jimi as a very good lyric creator, we can even say he is a poet. It's very difficult to make a top list of Jimi's songs, but because of this song and many others (not just the songs that appear here), for these songs and others (e.g., "Valleys of Neptune," "Castles Made of Sand," "If 6 Was 9," or the slow version), we can say Jimi Hendrix is the best musician in history, at least for me.

12 Manic Depression

Great opening followed by a great solo which, in my opinion, is one of Hendrix's greatest guitar solos, a true masterpiece on the guitar.

13 Red House

The first song of Hendrix I listened to, and GOD, that was good! The lyrics are kinda funny! You gotta vote for it!

14 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)

Jimi Hendrix's best song, and one of the greatest songs of all time. It is a psychedelic masterpiece, with the instrumental section near the end (Moon, Turn the Tides...Gently, Gently Away) being underrated. Everyone says All Along the Watchtower and Purple Haze are the best, and they are amazing, but this is the best. Along with Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven, and Free Bird, this should be considered a rock anthem.

This song is absolutely breathtaking and, in my opinion, Hendrix's best. Psychedelic perfection.

15 Angel

This song is so beautiful because it doesn't show off Hendrix's flashiness with the guitar, but instead shows it through his lyrics. Mitch Mitchell's intense drumming style and Noel Redding's bass licks give this song the emotional boost it needs for me to consider it Hendrix's best song.

One of the most beautiful songs you will hear. No more needed to be said.

16 Star Spangled Banner

This is not only one of the most iconic Hendrix performances, but it also delivered one of the most important messages our country needed to hear. By intermittently interrupting the national anthem with simulated sounds of gunfire and women screaming, he told the country that no matter the war or turmoil we face, our country will still overcome it because in the past we have done the same thing numerous times. It is truly powerful, and it doesn't even contain any lyrics. I consider this one of the greatest musical achievements of the 1960s, and for a very good reason.

17 Spanish Castle Magic

This song isn't higher? Are you kidding me? It's one of the nastiest head-banging songs of Jimi's. Look up on YouTube Jimi and the EXP playing this live in Copenhagen 1969!

This song is sick! A Top Ten for sure!

18 Are You Experienced?

This is not my favorite Jimi Hendrix song, but I'm voting for it because it is my second favorite and my favorite (All Along The Watchtower) is already at 1. This should be higher.

The only song, which definitely needs no drugs to get high.

Favourite Jimi song! Love this sound so much!

19 Machine Gun

The most unbelievable guitar solo ever...the tone, the feel, the choice of notes, the fluid link throughout the entire solo is just a wall of sound unlike I have ever heard before or since. Jimi was touched by God during the playing of this song that night at The Fillmore East in NYC.

I don't understand how this isn't top 3 AT LEAST. The fact that this 12-minute jam was recorded live is truly impressive. It's dark, has a great message with gripping lyrics, and the emotion from the band is apparent. One of the greatest songs ever made.

20 If 6 Was 9

You are so right. Ahead of his time? Man, keep in mind this was almost fifty years ago and his guitar playing sounds like something that hasn't even been invented yet, especially on "If 6 Was 9," "Night Bird Flying," and "Bold as Love". The best ever, period, exclamation point, end of discussion.

"Sing on Brother, Play on Drummer."
This song is so sick. He was so ahead of his time.
RIP Hendrix.

21 Night Bird Flying
22 Hear My Train a Comin'

Undoubtedly the best guitar track I've ever heard. Sweet bluesy riffs and soloing, Jimi does not fall even slightly short of perfect on this number with his guitar.

How is this only 30? One of the best Hendrix blues rock songs. His performance is magical, especially at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969.

I have little respect for this list until this song receives a higher position. Jimi showcases his phenomenal talent in this song. He releases it both acoustic and electric. Both are mesmerizing and flawless. He fills it with the wah pedal and has beautiful licks and runs. One of his finest.

23 Voodoo Chile

This track is so powerful, probably the most powerful Jimi Hendrix song because he says, "Cause I'm a million miles away and at the same time I'm right here in your picture frame," and other stuff like this. Plus, it sort of shows you what voodoo is like. They say that loud drumming is supposed to bring back spirits, and this song has really loud drumming and a pretty complex drum solo. This would have to be his best, everything is great here, instruments and lyrics.

Sometimes you can see how skilled a musician is not by what they pour out of them, but by what they hold back. How he lingers over every note, the intensity of the drums, the poetic lyrics... He's laying it all out on the table for us. THIS is Jimi.

24 Freedom
25 Highway Chile

Amazing song, should be a lot higher.

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