Top 10 Heaviest Slipknot Songs

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1 People = Sh*t

The intro and the breakdown before the last chorus are two of heaviest riffs they have ever done just behind the intro and the breakdown from All Hope Is Gone.

This song is incredibly heavy, especially with that intro and those breakdowns.

This song is brutal!

And it's not even the heaviest from Iowa! Just listen to Heretic Anthem

Nothing is more death metal influenced than the intro.

2 Eyeless

This is a very heavy song for nu metal standards, especially the main riff and the outro.

The outro is one of the heaviest riffs ever.

Yes, the outro is very doom metal.

3 Disasterpiece

Not only is it a super heavy song, it's also super aggressive. Need proof? Listen to the first sentence and my point is already proven.

Easily the heaviest Slipknot song of all time. Even the first lyric is so heavy.

The heaviest and also the best. Left behind is above this?!

This is one of the most death metal Slipknot songs ever.

4 All Hope Is Gone

What's heavier than this? The answer is clear, nothing. This song is just full of blast beats and crazy riffing, plus one of the heaviest breakdowns and one of the craziest intros of all time. The lyrics are very intense, about the rarity of hope during conflict. This song is death metal at it's finest.

This should definitely be considered the heaviest, just listen to those riffs and those drums, this is death metal rather than nu metal!

We have made the present obsolete
What do you want? What do you need?
We'll find a way when all hope is gone
We've seen the fall of the elite
Bury your life, take your disease
We'll end the world when all hope is gone

This song is melodic, but it's EXTREMELY BRUTAL!

How the hell is this not number 1?! It's just full of blast beats and crazy riffing! It's the closest they got to death metal!

5 Psychosocial

This is the heaviest of them all. That breakdown is so disgusting head banging material.

This song has a ton of heavy riffs in it!

Very heavy, yet it's their most popular.

Doesn't get heavier than this. This is Slipknot's biggest headbanger.

6 The Heretic Anthem

They should do more songs where they all sing instead of just Corey.

If you 555 and I 666.
If you 555 and I 666.
If you 555 and I 666.
What it's like to be a heretic.
If you 555 and I 666.
What it's like to be a heretic.

So aggressive, makes me want to smash through a wall.

Very aggressive, this song screams loud.

7 No Life

Classic nu metal song, heavier than it sounds. The chorus has some of the most aggressive vocals.

8 Left Behind
9 Spit It Out

The style of riff makes this song so heavy.

God damn it this song is crazy especilaly the way Corey sings the chorus!

10 Eeyore

Come on, this is way heavier than Left Behind and Psychosocial. This list is pretty much a popularity contest.

Yeah, this song is so fast and brutal.

Super fast and aggressive.

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11 (Sic)

Psychosocial is way more heavy than this song, but this is heavier than pretty much all the other songs above it.

Almost as good as eyeless, but not quite haha. One of their most iconic songs for sure though.

This is a very aggressive song compared to most of the others on their first album.

How can we have a top 10 heaviest Slipknot songs list without this being in it?

12 Scissors

God this song is insane this one is 10000% their heaviest song in all aspects from lyrics and motifs to the drumming, riffs, and vocals. This song is like fighting a homeless man while coming down from meth on a bad acid trip after pulling yourself from the sewer where you were scratching yourself for 12 hours earlier because you heard people talking above you.

This is the heaviest of them all! Everything about this song is dark. The riffs, the lyrics, everything.

18? There is only 6 Slipknot songs on the list of the heaviest songs of all time, and this is one of them!

Second half of this song is downright brutal! Especially when it's tuned so flipping low!

13 The Devil in I

This is definitely the heaviest Slipknot song. Just listen to it and tell me it isn't like the darkest song you've ever heard.

That opening riff is the heaviest piece of music Slipknot have ever done.

This is the heaviest song tied with Eeyore, and Left Behind is heavier?

This is a very creepy song musically.

14 Everything Ends
15 (515)
16 Wait and Bleed

The verse riff is a huge headbanger; it's like a thrash metal and death metal breakdown. The vocals during the verse are more melodic but still very screamy.

This song is really heavy compared to others on the first album.

This was heavier than I remembered.

17 Before I Forget

The intro is quite heavy.

18 Surfacing

Fast and very brutal. The vocals scream so loud!

19 Iowa
20 Metabolic

The complete opposite of melodic, should be higher.

Can't be beaten, simple as that.

The intro is brutal!

21 Gematria (The Killing Name)

Just a very fast song with a lot of technical riffs, lyrics so aggressive that the song was banned in live shows, and screamy vocals.

This song is a nonstop barrage of heaviness and the lyrics are so aggressive.

This is a very fast song, and it has such a breakdown.

Extremely fast and intense. Should be #1.

22 Skin Ticket
23 Solway Firth

This song is like doom metal fused with thrash metal.

This song is the heaviest song since the Iowa album.

24 Sarcastrophe
25 Three Nil

This song is just like old school death metal.

Only 2 words to describe this song: Death Metal.

Damn, that's aggressive.

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