Top 10 Best The Icicle Works Songs

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1 Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)

Incredibly catchy song. I can't understand how people prefer other Icicle Works songs that aren't even as good as this one. Nobody is going to take this song off the Number #1 spot.

In this list, I agree with this selection as number 1. Because this is the most energetic Icicle Works song they have at the moment!

Was this song on MTV before? I think I saw it there. But this is the song I decided to pick. It's too darn good.

2 Love Is a Wonderful Colour

This should be the second greatest hit, but in terms of Best Song Ever, this should be the most clear option to take as a number 1 song. No doubt about it.

This is a great song, one of my favorite songs by Icicle Works.

This song is very awesome. Why isn't it number 1?

3 Out Of Season

One of the greatest songs in Icicle Works' entire career as musicians. Respect to them all. They're such a good band and one of the most respectable, with the best playlist from the 1980s!

This is such a beautiful and melodic song, close to my heart. I don't know why people give votes to other songs that aren't even as good as this one. I only want to see this song ranked much higher. I think it could even be number 1.

Such a beautiful song. Did anyone listen to its introduction?

4 Understanding Jane

So what about the other songs here? I mean, this song is definitely awesome! And it could maybe be my favorite, but are the other good songs here forgotten just because this is the best?

How is Whisper to a Scream much better than this? I would love to see a more detailed explanation of that.

Not even a classic from the '80s, but still one of the best songs of the decade.

5 In the Cauldron of Love

Great track. I love the album version more. I will keep this song in my hands every chance I get.

I'm in the Cauldron of Love with this song. It's one of the best, easily an affirmation.

Get this to number one, please!

6 Hollow Horse

I have this song on my list of favorite New Wave and Post-punk songs. It's too good and doesn't need autotune to be great, just like many of today's singers do.

I so agree. Those songs are good, but this one is better than the rest of the list.

This was one of Icicle Works' best hits of their time.

7 Starry Blue Eyed Wonder

Magnificent song. You should listen to it right now since I can't stand to see it ranked low on the list.

8 When It All Comes Down
9 Chop the Tree

This song shouldn't be outside of the top 10. It's such a decent song that it deserves the number 10 spot on the list, at least to be honest.

One of the most beautiful but underrated songs of all time.

Not even one of their greatest hits, but it's a good song and it surpasses the decent limit. Come on, vote for this one!

10 A Factory In the Desert

I want this song a lot higher than it is right now. Come on, vote for this good piece of art.

This song is so underrated. I think it needs to be ranked higher on this list. Consider it, please. It's a good song, if not a very good one too.

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11 Reaping the Rich Harvest
12 Rapids

Worth it. Just leaving comments on this classic. It's one of the top 8 Icicle Works songs ever. I'm pretty sure about it.

13 Evangeline
14 As the Dragonfly Flies

As I said for the other, this one too.

15 High Time
16 Who Do You Want For Your Love?
17 Up Here in the North of England

One of the best songs ever in the North of England.

18 Lovers Day

Good one. It's the best to me, or at least number 2. If it's not the best, it's certainly up there.

19 Into the Mystic
20 Little Girl Lost
21 All the Daughters
22 S**t Creek
23 Traveling Chest
24 Hope Springs Eternal
25 Seven Horses
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