Top Ten Most Important Music Events

Many great rock operas, concerts, albums, T.V. performances over the years. Here is my list of top ten events that make classic rock the most important music genre of all time. Think about the historical significance of the following list entries.
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1 Woodstock

Get 500,000 hippies together with drugs. Throw in some of the best bands ever. Recipe for disaster, probably. Yet way less deaths, and assaults, and general trouble than any city of that size in that time span. Legendary story on how this was pulled off.

2 Beatles On Ed Sullivan

This was not just the most important musical event. It changed the entire world on a fundamental level. Before the Beatles, the world was about old people. After the Beatles, the world was about young people. That can only happen once, and it happened literally overnight.

The Beatles changed everything. This show was the first time we saw it live. Music changed, T.V. changed, clothing changed, hairstyle changed, set design changed, we changed. I'm grateful it did.

The most anticipated and one of the highest-rated television programs of all time.

3 Jesus Christ, Superstar

The greatest story ever told, performed to rock music. Religious zealots protested, while religious moderates recognized that giving young people a realistic description of Jesus's last 7 days, using popular mediums like theater and rock music, probably did more good than harm in enhancing awareness.

4 Altamont

Everything good about Woodstock was ripped apart less than a year later. Probably the cause for the end to multi 100,000 people concerts. No one is owning up to the logic used in hiring Hell's Angels for security purposes.

5 Newport; Dylan Goes Electric

Lots of boos here. Let's see. Dylan meets the Beatles, gets them high and voila. Norwegian Wood and Maggie's Farm. The best example of positive cross-pollination ever. Despite the boos, Dylan proved right.

6 Live Aid; 1985

A great music event in history! Concerts on both sides of the Atlantic donated millions of dollars to famine relief in Ethiopia and surrounding countries.

Queen, especially Freddie Mercury, stole the show.

7 The Last Waltz; Performance, Album, Movie
8 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; Album Release

The highly anticipated album marked a significant point in rock music and rock album development. Words, album concepts, album covers, odd instruments, odd sound effects, lots of colors. All became relevant.

9 Beatles On Apple Rooftop

After the Beatles announced no more live performances after 1966, everyone wondered if they would ever see the four Beatles perform live together again. Turns out, just this once. U2 and Homer Simpson and friends staged the same publicity stunt, which I believe was paying homage to the Beatles.

10 The Song Remains The Same; Movie, Album

A heavy blues classic. Strong depiction of one of the greatest bands' stage performance and cultural presence.

The Contenders
11 Eurovison
12 Bangladesh; Concert, Album

Be a Beatle, get a Beatle, get Clapton, get Dylan, get some Monty Pythons, get some Indian music. This event was for Bangladesh's cause. Throw a concert.

13 Led Zeppelin debuts
14 Elvis debuts

As John Lennon said: before Elvis, there was nothing.

15 Leo Fender invents the Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars
16 Monterey International Pop Festival (1967)

On a purely musical level, this was the best festival of all time, although not as important as Woodstock or Newport.

17 Rocket 88 (Ike Turner) becomes first "Rock-n-Roll" song
18 Michael Jackson's Motown 25 Moonwalk
19 Nirvana MTV Unplugged
20 DJ Alan Freed coins the term "Rock-n-Roll"
21 Cliff Burton dies

That is why the most popular metal band wasn't as good as they were in the '80s.

22 The Launch of MTV (August 1, 1981)
23 "Rapper's Delight" becomes the first Top 40 rap hit (1979)
24 The Day the Music Died (February 3, 1959)
25 Madonna performs at 1st MTV Video Music Awards (1984)
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