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1 Like That

This song was released in December 2014 with a music video to follow up in January. It instantaneously became a hit. It features one of their friends, Nate Maloley, who is a fellow rapper and has met a bad bitty from the state of Mississippi.

2 Wild Life

This song is one of Jack and Jack's most popular songs. Released in August of 2014, this song has proven to be their most successful. The catchy chorus and verses led that song to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 many times. It has been recognized by many other Viners and YouTubers as well as actors and singers.

My favorite song and most listened-to song out of 357 on my iPod.

3 Groove

This song will make your feet just wanna move! Groove is one of Jack and Jack's pop songs. It's upbeat and has a good chorus. This song was released in November, but due to a lot of editing and the addition of many special effects, the music video did not come out until May 2015.

4 Tides

"And you gotta keep your chin up, keep your head held high, just forget about the bad tides, let 'em roll on by." One of Jack and Jack's many inspirational songs. "Tides" teaches people to forget about the bad things in life, stay positive, and live with good vibes.

5 Wrong One
6 Flights

Jack and Jack's second song release, "Flights," is Jack Gilinsky's favorite. He loves to listen to it as well as perform it. Ever since its release in February, it has been one of their hits. They performed it at Magcon, Digi, and other private events that they have done. They always seem to perform this one, and it's a great song.

7 Paradise

"Get away from it all, not a care in the world, watch the sun hit the water as the waves curl." One of my personal favorites, "Paradise" can always set that mood. It can make you feel really happy. It can bring tears to your eyes if you just think about how far they have come since then.

When performed live, this is always a great one to watch. They get so into it.

8 Cold Hearted

"Ooh, got so many things I wanna do to your body." Released in August of 2014, "Cold Hearted" is one of the three of Jack and Jack's sexual songs. It shows how the girl is cold-hearted, yet he still wants her. This song was released in August of 2014 and has been one of their greatest ever since then.

9 All Weekend Long

My favorite one ever! Has a bit of new rap, fast rap, and vocal singing. In love.

10 Shallow Love
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11 Doing It Right

"Doing It Right" is an inspirational song where Jack and Jack convey the message to forget the haters. It shows how Jack and Jack receive hate on the internet every day for what they do, and they just ignore it. They know that what they are doing is something that makes them feel good and that they are living their life by "Doing It Right."

12 California

I'm surprised this song didn't reach the Top 5, not to mention the Top 1! It's definitely one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. It's the type of song you would listen to every day and not get bored of it. This song needs more recognition. Plus, I prefer it more than Like That.

13 Right Where You Are

"Girl, I've been grinding all day, just so I can grind with you all night." One of Jack and Jack's many sexual songs. It talks about how he is on his way and wants the girl to stay "right where you are." Many of the lines are like "Gonna lay your body down, pay you a visit."

It was released in December 2014 and is not a very popular one. It is not frequently mentioned by their fans and is one of their least popular songs. This song deserves more recognition because it is one of my favorites and has very catchy verses.

14 Distance

Distance was their first song released on iTunes. At the time, they weren't known as musicians. They were known as boys from Vine. Since the release of that song, it all changed. It was basically their big break in the music world.

Although it was not their most successful song, it is one of their popular ones. If you get to see it live, which is a rare occasion, it brings tears to their fans' eyes.

15 Beg
16 How We Livin
17 Calibraska
18 I'm In
19 2 Cigarettes
20 Indoor Recess

Indoor Recess was their first song to be released. It was released on SoundCloud, and it had the option to download it. However, it has never been released on iTunes. It's a good song with a catchy chorus.

21 Cheat Codes
22 Party of the Year
23 Bucket List
24 Bloom/Bouquet
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