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1 Monster

There are many different interpretations of what is borne from many objectives. Words stay tattooed in veins for as long as blood runs through them, and possibly long after.

2 Roses

Surviving in a mangy world is a mangy problem, and getting along with it isn't always possible. What do you do when a hundred over-done faces fill the room you're in, and you must fake indifference and watch their cold, dark silhouettes disappear?

3 Trapeze

Do you ever catch yourself just holding onto a rope, knowing things other people don't and won't ever find out? You'll never tell no matter who the person is, and you can't help but remind them that this world is a whirlwind, and you're still holding a trapeze. You'll never tell them of your long-expired freedom, or why you take those empty but meaningful midnight drives.

4 Halloween

What would you do or say to someone if you knew that, on Halloween, you'd hand them their keys and they'd never come back? Everyone'll tell you that you can find a hobby now that whoever is gone. They'll steal them.

5 Isabella

You don't wanna tell her. Everyone thinks she's crazy, everyone can hear her crying through the walls. Her music's loud, but you're the only one who doesn't mind it, and her parents aren't the sanest they could be. You don't wanna be the first, but you'll have to, for little Isabella.

Tell her she's lost and she'll never be found, not until she finds herself.

6 Yellow Butterfly

It's all my fault, it's all my fault, but please forgive me so...

A little yellow butterfly is what you talk about, what you talk about, when you're lying in the dandelions. "Let's play hide and seek," she says, and you close your eyes, hearing her little five-year-old footsteps in the grass. You play with the yellow flowers in front of you, lightly counting under your breath, the river roaring close to you.

Then, there's a scream, and with that, a life is taken and torture is given...

7 Walk Away

Face the fact: even when you're screwed, there's nothing you can do. No fairy godmother to pull you from your tight spot, no Superman to come and rescue you. You just have to try and run, forget they have your name tattooed upon their arms, in hearts.

You can't just give up love, it can't be forced. Run away, run away, run away.

8 The Broken Ones

Haven't you ever felt a familiar twinge when you see someone alone without a smile? She's not crying, but she doesn't react to anything, and she reminds you of someone, maybe yourself. You love those who are broken, telling them what you learned over a period of years and lifetimes: you don't have to drive with your headlights off, pocketknives aren't gifts from God. Maybe you see a part of yourself in them. Maybe, just maybe.

9 Tell Mary
10 Fighting for Nothing

Don't you ever wish that when you were younger, you knew better than the clumsy, mindless things you decided on doing? Simple solutions make happy things last longer than a shoeshine on a muddy, mucky day. When you're older, you numbly listen to advice you're given, "Hey, it could be worse. Could be born with that disease instead of catching it first."

Remember your days where you fell apart and ask yourself, anyone, anything, was any of that truly worth it? Are your fights reasonable or reasonless?

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11 My Ugly Mouth
12 The Last Great Star In Hollywood
13 Setting Up Sunday

How is this song/band so underrated!?

14 Inventing Shadows

Does he even see the sun? You hear him mutter, "Yeah, thank my unlucky stars," and you hold back the lightest of a whimper. Let me help you, let me bring you from the dark... I've never seen anyone invent shadows the way you do, the way you take the light and somehow shape it to a darkness.

You've dimmed my world, and I've tried to stay as long as I could, but I couldn't just...

15 Rebecca

Fall in love with someone older, and you're suddenly a little doll...

16 I Will
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