Top 10 Best Songs of 2014

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1 Chandelier - Sia

This song will forever be one of my favorite songs ever written. It's a masterpiece. Sia is an incredible artist with one of the best voices I have ever heard, and she is a genius in songwriting. It's the first time in a while where I felt like somebody was making something meaningful and from the heart.

The fact that Sia wrote a song about her life with such a controversial message about addiction to alcohol, depression, and suicide blows me away. Her vocals on this song are top-notch and just soar. They are soothing and powerful, while having this echoing, spine-tingling feel.

It's amazing how this song has a dark and sad undertone, but still has an uplifting factor, and speaks to people like me. The lyrics pull you in, and I never get tired of hearing them. Every lyric is either meaningful, uplifting, or just extremely interesting to hear. Unlike a lot of songs from this year (*cough* Turn Down For What, Talk Dirty to Me, and #Selfie *cough*) that would be nothing without the beat, this song's beat is fun to listen to but doesn't distract from the actual song. I could listen to it with no problems without the background music because Sia's songwriting skills and singing are that good.

Also, there's one key thing about this song that I haven't mentioned yet, that helps make it so wonderful: the music video. Yes, it deserves all the praise it gets. No, it is not "creepy dancing." The dance was beautifully choreographed to tell a story. Every movement in the music video had a purpose, and it was wonderful. And let me say this: I am not a fan of Maddie Ziegler. I don't dislike her, but I will never be a fan of her. That being said, I think she danced astoundingly in the video. She played a character and nailed it. Overall, I think this song was a masterpiece, both lyrically, vocally, and artistically. This song and Sia deserve more love.

2 Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park

I by far love this song, as well as all other Linkin Park songs! It starts off really slow and it's pretty suspenseful, but it is definitely worth the wait. Besides, who doesn't love the work that Linkin Park does, not only in their words but in their other musical talents as well.

Great song, it by far overtakes the others in my opinion. That may or may not be just because I love Linkin Park and Paramore, and other bands of such, but in my honest opinion, considering I listen to everything and have heard all of the other songs on this list except for one, it's better than the others and deserves to be put at #1 to me.

3 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

While Mark Ronson may not be singing much in this song (with Bruno Mars doing most of the work), the song itself is good in many ways.

WHAT? How come this is in 11th place? I mean, people, have you heard it? Sorry, but I just think that this song should be in 1st place.

This just has... IT. I don't even know what makes it so great, but it is. Nothing can quite top this for the undisputed song of 2014.

4 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

How is this number 4, and everybody says they hate it? I love it. It's my favorite song from 1989, along with Welcome to New York. When I first heard it, I misheard the lyrics, thinking she said she had stuff coming out of her brain instead of having nothing in her brain. After hearing it more times, I loved it. She is amazing.

It gets me up and happy. I love her old and new songs. She has wonderful music. Swiftie forever.

Ever since I heard this song, I felt so bad. I hated Taylor Swift so much, and then she released this. I have to say, it is probably the best song of 2014. I just thought Taylor Swift would never make a good song and would always make breakup songs, but this is the masterpiece of 2014.

5 Rather Be - Clean Bandit

Great song with great lyrics and sound. The mix of piano and violin adds a different yet lovable sound to this song. It's a lot better than most of the tired-out hoo-hah that's coming out every week.

Also, the commenter who thinks this disrespects women for wanting men is mistaken because, in the music video, the main singer is a lesbian.

This is my favorite of the year. It has a lot of influences, with a '90s dance beat, classical strings and piano, and a '70s disco "pew!" What's not to like about this song?

This song is really cool. It's part of the great three of 2013-2014. This song is one, then Latch by Disclosure and Sam Smith, and Cool Kids by Echosmith.

6 Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

I don't want to get killed, but I seriously adore this song.

The vocals are quite adorable. Ariana's voice is fun and pleasant, and Nicki Minaj did a really good job too. I prefer it when Nicki does pop, as rap doesn't suit her as well. Jessie was really fun to listen to.

Now, the beat is bouncy and fun. It is really intriguing. I don't get why everyone hates this song. It's not that bad. Plus, no matter how much I listen to it, it's still nice and uplifting. This is a proper pop song. 5/5

This is by Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande. It just says Ariana Grande! Oh well, still a good song, even if Ariana is the only one getting credit here.

7 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

It's amazing. I love it, and it's so catchy. Taylor, you are amazing. I don't care if people think it's stupid or pointless. It's crazy good, and I love it. One line is so true and makes me laugh: "Boys only want love if it's torture." I've got a blank space for my favorite singer, and I'll write Taylor Swift's name.

While this isn't my favorite song from 1989 (that would be Style), it is one of her strongest songs and one of the best pop songs of 2014. The production has held up surprisingly well, and the lyrics are a brilliant deconstruction of her image.

8 Say Something - A Great Big World

This is amazing... I'm blown away, and you will agree with me if you listen to it. Sure, covers are good, but the original is exceptional! I love it. Truly remarkable and should not be ranked seventh. It is first to me and always will be. It makes me cry, and I love it so much. The video tears my heart apart. When the grandfather lets go of his wife's hand...

This isn't about what modern 'pop' songs are, because they are just people complaining about their exes! This is about love, about not letting go of your love and spirit. Many people will agree.

My grandfather had cancer when this song was out. I loved him so much. The doctors gave him a treatment that would either work or kill him, and as I write this, I'm crying, but he survived, and many do not! This song deserves first place, and it only received 4 percent of the vote. What has happened to people's sense in music? Watch, like, favorite, and subscribe. This song has a meaning - a meaning so powerful it helps everyone overcome depression, and it is exceptional. Out of 100, I rate it 100 percent!

9 Problem - Ariana Grande

This song is awesome. It has a good sax beat, and even the Iggy Azalea verse wasn't terrible. People who say this song is awesome get thumbs down, but in reality, this is way better than Shake It Off and All About That Bass. I don't understand why people hate this song.

This song is amazing. I absolutely love Ariana and this song. I was so surprised to find out that this song was ranked 63rd. I came here expecting it to be in first place, much rather this song than John Legend's All of Me.

Come on, really. It's one of the hottest songs right now. It should be number one. John Legend's All of Me is not even a song. I'd rather listen to Sam Smith's Stay with Me.

10 Animals - Maroon 5

The video may be bad, but the song is very good, with absolutely great vocals and lyrics. Adam Levine has a great voice, and Maroon 5 got the beat. I have played this song at least 500 times since it was released, and it still doesn't feel old.

It's a well-made song, seriously. Everybody in the world has to listen to this. Forget One Direction. Maroon 5 is way better.

This song is very good, but I prefer female voices over male voices.

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? Change Your Ticket - One Direction
? Ghosts - Big Wreck
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11 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

I like this song but feel it should be rated a place or so lower, maybe 16th. Iggy Azalea is an Aussie, and I am an Aussie, so obviously, I would like her songs, and she is quite a good female rapper, actually. And don't forget that Charli XCX also sang this song. Personally, I think she has better songs.

Is this the worst song you've ever heard?
That's why it has a Grammy nomination!

I LOVE this song. It's better than Black Widow.

12 Break Free - Ariana Grande

Honestly, this is not her best song, but the music video and the song itself are very original and creative. It may be a bit overrated, but Ariana does a nice job hitting all the high notes.

This song is addicting. It is better than Blank Space, and I think this should be number one.

"Stripping in space" the newest trend, thank you, Ariana Grande.

13 Stay With Me - Sam Smith

Why does everyone love "Fancy" anyways? This song is kind of underrated. It has outstanding vocals and heartfelt emotion. It should be higher up.

It's an alright song. I mean, I didn't really like the song at first, and it's alright, but not my favorite.

He's the reason I still have an inch of hope for today's music. This song is BEAUTIFUL and should be in at least the top three.

14 La Vie En Rose - Jumaane Smith

This is probably the most famous song in the history of France. Roughly translated as "Looking at life through rose-colored glasses," it was extremely popular in the post World War 2 1940s, especially among the millions who had lost everything and everyone they loved, but at least finally had peace.

No mere "pop" singer can touch the deep meaning of this song, but Jumaane and Jackie do have the musical chops to do it justice.

Loved it! Maybe a whole new genre for Jackie? She has the lower, warm, rich tones that could embrace more than just Classical Crossover. Diana Krall the second?

Jackie is a phenom in so many different ways. I hope she enjoys school but gives a few concerts a year and keeps recording. Can't wait for her PBS special.

Truly one of a kind. Can't get enough.

15 Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira

Rihanna and Shakira collaborate on this, and they go together perfectly. The song is a nice mixture of Reggae, rock, and pop, and it's so good. Everybody needs to check out this song if they haven't already.

I LOVE this song. Two of my favorite singers come together and make a song, and it worked!

Never heard it, but I adore the title!

16 Dark Horse - Katy Perry

As a Katy Perry fan, I must confess that her most successful hits are not her best songs. However, this one is very nice, even though it does not compare to "Choose Your Battles" or "Double Rainbow", which are the best songs of the Prism album by far.

I love this song. I made my family listen to it so many times. I went to see Katy Perry at the Yum Center. I got the tickets from my mom for my birthday. I almost died! I wish I were friends with Katy Perry.

This song is the best from Katy Perry. Her voice is very professional. I am a great fan of Katy. I love being a KatyCat.

17 Team - Lorde

This song is amazing. Lorde is an incredible singer. I adore her.

She's great! Why is this song not even in the top ten? WHY?!

Lorde did a better job here than in Royals.

18 A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

In a world where most music means nothing, we've still got Coldplay, bringing us legendary music with each and every album. This song ought to be much higher. Where's Beck? Or U2? Or Jack White? Or Tom Petty? Or Noah Gundersen? Or The War on Drugs? These voters have a lot to learn.

Coldplay is just so amazing. I agree their older work is better, but still, Coldplay is just infinitely remarkable. I could say I love them a billion times, and it wouldn't be enough.

Charted in a lot of countries. It became number one in Luxembourg, Lebanon, Israel, Portugal, and the US Hot Rock Songs, number two in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Croatia. This song saved my life and made 2014 very perfect.

19 Maps - Maroon 5

This amazing song should have been somewhere on the top!

20 Love Runs Out - OneRepublic
21 Made to Dream - Jackie Evancho

Very beautiful, very personal song from Jackie - with meaning for all of us.

Written for Jackie, this track appears on Jackie's Awakening album and will influence your thinking.

22 Come with Me Now - Kongos

One of the only hit songs to incorporate an accordion, and it sounds gorgeous!

Such a great song. I don't know why I haven't found them earlier.

This is definitely the best hit song of 2014.

23 Empire - Shakira

This song is so underrated. It's a great song. And why is this No. 28 and Problem by Ariana Grande No. 7 on the list? This song is pure trash and overrated. Those two songs should switch places now.

Shakira is gorgeous, and this song is brilliant! Finally, we see and hear a powerful ballad from her. The video is amazing too.

This should be in the top 10 at least!

24 Go Time - Jackie Evancho

Most versatile and beautiful voice of this generation!

A fun piece! Jackie sings anything well.

25 Open Fields of Grace - Jackie Evancho

Jackie's stratospheric high notes create a heavenly ambiance.

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