Top 10 BTOB Members

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1 Sungjae Yook

I wish more people would recognize this group's potential. They are great singers, especially Sungjae. I really love how he express his feelings through a song. I hope you can also express it more naturally and manly. Other person would really love it. You know. Hahaha. I love you BTOB.

Sungjae was ALWAYS my bias in BTOB, not after his acting in School 2015, but from the beginning. I always knew that he's very talented and so handsome... He's just PERFECT!

I'm sure most international fans like me have started following BTOB because of Yook Sung Jae...
I also love the other members equally but Yook SungJae stands out the most for us

Greetings from overseas... I'm from germany amd here about nobody likes kpop but I believe that especially btob will get more attention. but I have to say that when I'm down I just have to see sungjae and I'm happy again. so please keep up the good work and have fun.
please ignore my bad english... love ya

2 Minhyuk Lee

Minhyuk is super sexy but also super cute at the same time. He is a really good rapper and one of the most athletic kpop idols out there.

He is a real man with amazing charismatic character. I noticed BTOB first because of him. He's sooo super idol and sooo good in sport. I love him! Please give him a great support as I do

He's really cute and handsome. He's good at rapping. I love his clothes becuse it looks cool. I love you minyuk. I will always support you.

He is the most athletics idol! Please support and give him a lot of love! Oh and watch lets go dream team

3 Ilhoon Jung

The gwiyomi creator which will probably haunt him forever but he is also a great composer and rapper.

He got me at thriller

4 Changsub Lee

Changsub is really cute and talented... I always like him especially when he do weirdo actions... He may be one of the weirdest idol but he really makes me happy every time I saw him do that... So talented and cute... Love you Changsub oppa..

Changsub is very good at singing, not saying other members are not good but yeah. If you look carefully, he may be attractive... But out of all let's just say everyone in btob is perfect...

I saw him in real, first time he wasn't attract me at all. But while he sings and trying doing fool, I just loves him. He is cute and bla bla bla. >///< he is the most friendly and the adorable one

He is so funny and so cute! He is a very good singer!
He is always happy and smiling! Anyway, stan Changsub.

5 Hyunsik Lim

He is so amazing! His talent in music! Btob is so underrated compared to other idol groups!

He has a wonderful voice, he is charismatic, sexy and so cute when he smile! He is adorable! :-P

Sooo handsome and cute at the same time. He is also an amazing composer and singer.

He's an amazing composer and has a killer smile!

6 Peniel Shin

The most down to earth and HANDSOME member of BtoB. The way I see it, he gets the least spotlight among the members. It's kind of sad how underrated he is. Nonetheless, he's still the best and my bias!

7 Eunkwang Seo

I personally think that EUNKWANG is the best singer of BTOB but he is also a very good leader and takes care of his members.

The kindest leader ever. other member said that he never angry even when they do something bad. he is such a lovely leader ever! And his voice is really great

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