Top Ten Most Messed Up Eminem Songs

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1 Kim

Eminem has a lot messed up songs but this one takes the cake. It's basically Eminem fantasizing about murdering his wife.

It is just... Pure violence. He talks about murdering his wife, Loving her, hating her. It is disgusting... But I still love it!

I just listened to this song. This was messed up. The whole time I was thinking what

All of Eminem's songs are great love this one.

2 '97 Bonnie and Clyde

Has to be the worst. He takes his infant child to dispose of the mothers body.

This songs basically about what happened after Kim.

I think taking a toddler with you to dispose of there moms body is pretty messed up

3 Insane

When a song starts with the lines, "I was born with a d**k in my brain, yeah f****d in the head," you know it's not going to be a pleasant listening experience. I can't even write the lyrics that immediately come after those lines because it would just cause my comment to get banned.

This song is just sick. Eminem went way overboard on this song. I mean it's fantasy of Eminem being molested by his dad as a kid.

This song glorifies pedophilia. Seriously eminem you make Tyga look like Jesus

This may be messed up but admit it, this song is great!

4 Fack

Rip Eminem's pet gerbil. Died up his ass through a tube.

This song is just gross.

Gross just gross.

The amount of detail this song goes into about shoving a gerbil in his ass is kind of scary

5 Kill You

Its not really that bad. He just says that if you f with shady, he will f'ing kill you

This song is pretty violent.

6 3 A.M.

It's basically about Em killing people while on drugs.

7 Buffalo Bill

Disturbing... just disturbing. He pretty much raps as the murderer from the silence of the lambs and very casually and graphically talks about murdering, dismembering, skinning, and terrorizing female victims. He then talks in the chorus about skinning and wearing the skins of the young girls he kills. He also talks about a pit where he throws the dismembered body parts and also about hiding the bodies in the walls. I personally think this song is worse than fack personally because fack is just weirdly sexual this song is like murderously graphic so it takes the cake for me.

Great song, but definitely one of the most messed up. WAY more messed up than "Kill You"

8 My Darling

From this list, I liked this song the least. But why is Stan here? It's one of his best songs, it's a masterpiece.

Em has a conversation with the devil in this song.

9 Ghost Stories
10 Stay Wide Awake

Not only is the topic of the song disturbing, but the way Eminem makes you visualize it is horrifying and brilliant all in one.

Think about this though: while he's telling the story of raping a women in the second verse, he rhymes every word of every line...all while making you visualize it crystal clear.

Yes, Kim is his most messed up song, but this should at least be top 5

This song will be the soundtrack of my nightmares, especially that umbrella part...

This dong will be the soundtrack of my nightmares, especially that umbrella part...

Even if this song is messed up, I still like it.

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11 Criminal

The first verse is just constant homophobic lyrics!

Love all these songs and their just jokes geez you people need to calm down

12 Amityville

The first words of Bizarre's verse is 'I slit my mother's throat'!

This is one messed up song.

13 Stan

Why would someone put stan up? The moral and story of the song is amazing, it's describing that you don't realize something until it's gone which is a huge life lesson, and the actual lyrics and the way he changes his voice to adapt to different characters shows how it's actually one of his best songs..

I love this song too, and I know it's Eminem's best song. But I still think Stan's mind is messed up. I don't really know if the song is messed up.

Who put Stan in this list? This song is lyrically one of his best. You people know nothing about real music.

Eminem fan drives into a lake because his letter doesn't get a quick response!

14 Same Song & Dance

The lyrics are so disturbing; they can only come from a scarred person. Slim kidnaps a girl named Tanya, who is not his first kidnapped. He mistakes her struggling for dancing, and her screams and sobbing for singing. He puts her to sleep and starts planning to make a coat out of her skin.

Who writes a song about kidnapping someone?

15 Ass Like That
16 Music Box

I was just listening to this song and thinking it should go on this list.

Just messed up. If you don't think so then listen to it.

What a story. this one and Same song and dance, but I don't see it on this list.

One of my favorite songs no idea why love how he is lyrically and how messed up it is

17 Puke

Definitely not top 5 but I think it deserves this list.

Should be in the top 10

18 Ken Kaniff (Skit)

The sounds are simply disturbing!

Should be in top ten.

19 Guilty Conscience
20 My Name Is

Hey kids do you like violence, wanna see me shove 9 inch nails through each one of my eyelids are the first words in the first verse to the song!

21 Drips

Come on it's disgusting

22 Mockingbird

While this one isn't nearly as lyrically messed up as the others, the lyrics and how true it is send chills down my spine.

This is all true adding to the sadness of the song!

How is this song messed up at all?

23 Must Be the Ganja
24 Love You More

It's about his abusive relationship with Kim.

25 My Mom
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