Top Ten Ways to Get Rid of an Earworm

To start, earworms are a piece of song repeated inside the head, typically caused by specific songs that usually consist of a catchy or repetitive tune or chorus. Earworms are among one of the most annoying things to get stuck in your head, as it drives the vast majority of people insane; fortunately, there are some methods that do work for most or some people. Here are some effective top ten methods of getting rid of an earworm; it is not guaranteed they will always work for some. It is worth a try to consider using these methods whether an earworm enters your mind.
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1 Listen to the Song

The most effective way of letting out an earworm is simply, listening to the current song that's stuck in your head. In order for the method to work, you'll have to listen to the whole song without skipping/pausing the song. The method works in most cases if the song has an ending part; if the song ending consists of a loop ending, then it's likely the method won't work, or is less effective.

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2 Let it Fade

It would seem unpleasant; letting the earworm fade is an effective method, but it would usually take as minutes to hours. The most important technique is to simply ignore the earworm and let it play inside your head, eventually fading away; don't fight or try to force rid of it, otherwise this method will fail, for you. It is recommended to use this method as a last resort in case all of the following methods fail.

3 Solve Stimulating Puzzles

Puzzles are a good method of eliminating an earworm; preferably solve a challenging word puzzle, math puzzle, or do crosswords; although make sure it's not too hard/easy. The difficulty of the puzzle should be considerably challenging and stimulating enough for your mind in order to focus solving the problem.

4 Start a Conversation

If possible, Initiating or getting involved a conversation is known be an effective method; whether it's casual chit chat or any topic, conversations can be stimulating enough and distract the brain from earworms. Talking to yourself also works for some people to an extent.

5 Find Song Replacements

If the current earworm playing seems unpleasant to hear on your head, listening a particular song to your liking can be a good way to rid of the current earworm. every time that catchy tune comes up in your head, bringing the other song up comes up handy.

6 Sing its Lyrics

If possible, if the earworm consists a piece lyrics, and have it memorized in your head, you should be able to sing it either mentally or coming up from your voice in order to slowly eliminate the earworm.

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7 Read a Book

Reading quietly can sometimes be a good distraction to the earworm in some people; as long as you keep your mind focused on reading, this works especially when in a considerably quiet environment.

8 Exercise

For some, sufficient exercise or doing other strenuous activities can be a good distraction to the mind; jogging, running, other gym or sport activities, are some activities that help rid of an earworm or at least decrease the severity of the earworm on some extent.

9 Chew Gum

Chewing gum or other food in your mouth is known to be a very effective method of stopping earworms. As the earworm usually is associated to short-term memory, doing other movements in your mouth can also be an effective distraction to recalling short term memory, disrupting the earworm.

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10 Play a Video Game

For some, video games are effective distractions when it comes to earworms. Action games, strategy games; any game that's fast paced or consists of stimulating gameplay comes best at distracting the mind, gradually eliminating the earworm.

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11 Listen to Another Song
12 Listen to Nursery Rhymes
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