Top 10 Best Michael Jackson Dance Songs

The Top Ten
1 Billie Jean

This is such an amazing piece by Michael. It is just so fun and unique as a whole! I would definitely recommend this as a song to learn.

This has to be the best. The best dance move in the world (the moonwalk) came from this song.

Billie Jean is a song that tells you to dance, and you just cannot refuse!

2 Smooth Criminal

Now Michael Jackson did the moonwalk and the lean, and all sorts of epic dance moves. Smooth Criminal is number one. He is the best singer and dancer to ever live!

I don't care about the word "Dance," but this is the greatest song of all time, so I vote for it.

This is probably the best dance song of Michael Jackson.

3 Thriller

What more can be said? It's the most iconic song he ever made! I can do the dance, but it's nowhere near as good as Michael's! This is the song I go to first when I want to dance!

'Cause it's a thriller! Ha! I just can't get enough of this song.

This is the most memorable song of all time.

4 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

This song makes you do the shoulder shake for sure!

If I hear it, I just start dancing!

5 Beat It

This is one of his greatest songs and a great dance song!

6 Bad
7 Black or White
8 They Don't Care About Us
9 Dangerous

Easily in the top five. And you don't dance to They Don't Care About Us. It's long, with great music and singing, but not very dance-friendly.

10 Blood on the Dance Floor

Blood on the Dance Floor, oh! Love the video. Love seeing Michael dancing with the partner doing the Imperial. Blew my mind. I'm a big Imperial dancer.

The Contenders
11 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
12 Ghost

Really hard moves in this song! One of his best songs ever, in my opinion.

13 Remember the Time

This song is one of the coolest dance hits by a legend called Michael Jackson.

14 The Way You Make Me Feel

I put this song on when I do the dishes. It makes the job go by faster.

This song would be perfect for practicing ballet.

15 Jam

This song has a good beat, and you cannot listen to it without dancing. When I go dancing, the song "Jam" is the song when I move the most.

16 Rock with You

Always makes me want to dance. Off the Wall was his best album.

Why isn't this higher? It's the grooviest song ever.

Everybody can dance to this song…

17 Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
18 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

People who can't dance can dance to this song!

19 Dirty Diana
20 Who Is It

I went through this list and thought, "Which one has the best beat?" This one came to mind. Amazing.

21 You Rock My World
22 In the Closet
23 Heartbreaker
24 Give in to Me
25 We are Here to Change the World
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