Top 10 Best Monstercat Artists

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1 Tristam

Tristam was there for me back when I was lost in 2012, with "I Remember" and "Too Simple". It was a dark time for me and Tristam didn't try to lighten my life back up, he taught me to embrace what I have. So many artists fake emotions to try to make songs that people enjoy, and Tristam just isn't one of those artists. Every single word that comes out of his mouth (along with every single not that is produced) has its own thought and expression of a different emotion. His songs are filled with sadness, but again, unlike other artists who fake emotions and then make you feel like complete crap, Tristam expresses his emotions, and they're actually dark. Not only that, but he EMBRACES the darkness of the situation, and comforts you. I have yet to hear any other artist write a song that's sad but comforting and embracing. It reminds me of when I found out about one of my best friends who committed suicide. I was with my other friend and after we got the call we just couldn't stop crying ...more

Tristam. The old Tristam was awesome but the new one.. is... I just.. Can't find the right word to describe him. With his unique Frenchy male voice.. With great inspirational.. True lyrics.. And all those beautiful melodies by his unique sounds, medieval toms, smooth drums... It's so perfect! For the every new song that he give us I get goosebumps and this friendly warmness inside my heart... Can't describe how good the feeling is! I also think his ideas are limitless which makes me sure that he will never fail to amaze me. My favorite songs by him are Empire Of Sound, Sublime and Before We Fade. I also extremely recommend Frame Of Mind, Crave, Far Away, My Friend and The Vine.

Is there any question, really? From someone who isn't some giant expert on Monstercat, he was the first to really draw me in. I knew after a while that there was something special about his songs and lyrics. He deserves his place as #1. He doesn't do some insane dubstep nonsense like some artists. His songs have a smooth, soothing melody to it. 10/10 would jam out to again.

Tristam is more than just a legend. He's the king of all. If it wasn't for his brother, there wouldn't be any Tristam now. His French-Canadian accent plus his inspiring lyrics completes it all. And while most artists go to Monstercat, but Monstercat went to Tristam and picked him up.

2 Pegboard Nerds

Can you really get better than PegBoard Nerds? Their sounds are so unique and diverse. They can pretty much do any genre and excel at it. Disconnected is one of my favorite songs of all time and their remixes, Like Quiet Riot and Hero are jawdropping as well. They're my favorite.

Pegboard Nerds. Kings of everything. They are the ones to almost complete all the genres. Everything they do is simply perfect. They also brought some artists to Monstercat like NGHTMRE MIU Snails or Quier Disorder. They just have to finish the house the dnb and kick it off with some trance.

Pegboard Nerds are one of the oldest people on Monstercat and I have to say their recent tracks have been the best on Monstercat. I love the intention of their Pink Cloud EP and it is a good way to use the amazing songs and popularity.

I got to admin, Pegboard Nerds are pretty good in electro music. With their own style and own technique, I think that they should be #1, although Tristam and Braken are pretty strong artists, even alone.

3 Stephan Walking

I love that Stephen Walking never does songs with vocals! In my opinion, every Monstercat song with lyrics sucks, and that makes Tristam EASILY the worst Monstercat artist

His songs are just great! With hilarious names like "One Man Moon Band", "The Difference Between Us and the Aliens", and "Porkchop Express", Stephen Walking is one of the most unique Monstercat artists

He's been there since the start and is one of the most creative MCAT artists in my opinion. One day he makes dubstep, then there's some house, and then space.

Stephen Walking is one of my favorites, I like his vocal-less space-y type of music. (Although I love vocals in songs as well)

4 Muzzy

Definitely number 1, this guy brings a unique Pendulum-like vibe to the table, never could listen to one of his songs without becoming ridiculously pumped and happy!

Come on, no. 24 - really? He deserves to be in the top 5!

Just listen to calling out...

Second favorite artist.

5 Ephixa

Ephixa can make any kind of music he wants and it will sound top notch.

Ephixa will punch your eardrums and then steal your bike. don't mess with that kid, he's got an AR XD plus epic music *vibes*

Look, Awesome to the Max, Ideekay, Division, and much more what else?

You can't get better than Ephixa I mean really? He should be first

6 Varien

Varien collaborates with many amazing artists, his instrumental style is amazing, dark and catchy. Go Varien

Varein has more of a dark, heavy, instrumental style that no one else in the monstercat family has.

7 Au5 Austin Collins, going by the stage name Au5, is an American electronic dance music producer from New Jersey, USA.

Au5 is a true musical legend, lacking only the recognition he truly deserves for his phonomenal work. While I won't act like I love every song he releases, the effort put into each song makes up for that. Tracks like "Blossom," "Snowblind," "Only In a Dream," "Sweet," "Blue," and "Halcyon" are releases on Monstercat proving he is beautifully talented and incredibly flexible. Other notable non-Monstercat releases are "Arise," "Celldweller - Eon (Au5 remix)," "Any Longer," He is easily my favorite artist of all-time, and for good reason. (If Skrillex still made dubstep and the like, a collaboration between him and Au5 would rip the fabrics of space and time! ) How he isn't in the top five on this list is beyond me.

One of the very few monstercat artists that actually has zero bad songs. The way this guy manages to combine several genres into amazing tracks with insanely impressive sound design, is absolutely crazy. Au5 really deserves to be on one of the higher spots on this list.

No one artist from Monstercat puts as much detail, complexity, bass, and production into their music than Au5. He deserves to be in the top ten

This guy is a dubstep and music legend. Every single one of his songs showcase his breathtaking sound design.

8 Televisior

How can you not love Televisor? They bring the best Nu Disco to the table when it comes to Monstercat and the genre. They are easily one of the most underrated artists/groups on Monstercat. (I guess you could also count Rundfunk because one of the guys from Televisor is Rundfunk)

He is the ONLY artist that does Nu Disco, and Nu Disco is like in my Top 10 best types of music.

They bring the groove and funkiness in their music, one of the best in my opinion.

Best! I love automatic and neon

9 Feint

Amazing music such as We won't be alone and Fury!

Feint Makes incredibly unique and amazing music in the DnB and Electronic catagory!

10 Noisestorm

Noisestorm is a talented artist that needs to be praised. Classics like Renegade and Breakdown are some of the most well known tracks on Monstercat that are still my favorite after many years. Noisestorm deserves to be the best.

All songs I've heard by Noisestorm have Blown My Mind! Definitely some of the best songs I've ever heard. All Monstercat artists are amazing and deserve praise but Noisestorm will always be Number 1 for me..

This was an extremely difficult choice to make. nearly pushed my vote for Stephen Walking. But here we have a man who can pull off any genre,along with Stonebank. These two are the shapeshifters of the Monstercat world.
Personally,Barracuda & Breakdown VIP are his best songs out of all of them.
Except 2011 Noisestorm. We don't talk about that.

When I hear "Drumstep" I immediately think of Noisestorm. One of the best bass artists of this decade.

The Contenders
11 Aero Chord

Aero Chord somehow finds a way to keep changing his style, and every time he does, I absolutely love it! I listen to Until the End before everyone of my games, because it just gets so pumped, and into the zone.

Should be numero uno. Tristam and Pegboard Nerds are pretty sick but Aero Chord has a lot more hits and more known music than the other ones. And I think he is the king of bass

A artist with a wide variety of musicical sounds all incapsolated in that aero chord trap style. Each song grows on you with time. One of my favorite artists!

Surface has to be the single biggest monstercat release after flight and discontented.

12 Project 46

Project 46 is pretty much Monstercat's House artist. They are a legend

Project 46 has created some pretty amazing songs like "Limitless" and " Ekho", definitely one of the best house creators out there

13 Insan3lik3

You can't beat the classics, like 'French Fries' and 'Bad Pitched'.

One of the original artist of Monstercat!

0.o I didn't even know insan3lik3 was a part of Monstercat! Oh dear... I am obsessed with some of their songs!

14 Nitro Fun

One of the few EDM artists to successfully combine a fast, upbeat song with both chiptune and power. His style is one of the must unique out of all the monstercat artists.

Nitro Fun has produced some amazing and catchy tracks, which I adore and listen to regularly.

Every song he releases on monstercat are always so catchy and unique to his awesome style!

Nitro Fun has been gone for a long time, and I love his music. It's super awesome! Go Nitro!

15 Braken

All 4 of Braken's songs are awesome!

Even 3 of the 4 songs are made with Tristam, Braken is my favorite MonsterCat artist

Flight, to the stars and frame of mind are all unique and awesome love all three

16 Vicetone

They should be first

17 Rogue

How do you describe rogue. A trap artist. And nobody else in the monstercat roster can nail those massive bass drops like rogue can. The first song I ever listened to from monstercat was flight, so I got into it and went to the soundcloud page and saw that 019 endeavor had come out that exact night. Well. I closed my eyes and scrolled and randomly hit a song called Atlantic by rogue, and it fueled my love for monstercat. In my opinion Atlantic will always be one of rogues major hits, unfortunately it gets no love. It's so crazy, going from heavy trap to light electro. It's done so beautifully that I cannot find any other song from monstercat that gets me as pumped as Atlantic. Whenever I listen to the newer album mixes and I hear trap, I automatically know it's rogue. And when I hear the podcast and Atlantic is thrown in there, I wanna just break out dancing. Rogue will always be the underdog from monstercat, with little recognition, he never forgets about his music and understands ...more

So, Rouge really is #1 when it comes to trap music. That's his strong point, and he's pretty good at it saying that is an big understatement. The best thing about his music style are the bass drops. I love them, and they almost broke my headphones! When your headphones are about to break, you know you're listening to a masterpiece of a song.

I will never forget the first time I heard Rogue - Exogenesis. I instantly fell in love with Monstsercat, and even after all these years, Exogenesis is still my favorite song EVER! Along with Pegboard Nerds, Rogue is my favorite Monstercat artist.

He deserves the number one spot. He's relatively new and still small, but he's rising up to the top quick.

18 Slushii

I wish artists like him were more popular. Real EDM lovers listen to stuff besides Skrillex and Deadmau5.

19 Slander
20 Koven

These guys need more appreciation, they have some of the best songs in my opinion that should've been in par with the best on this list
Worth The Lie, One's Own, My Love are all my all time favorite songs

21 Dillon Francis
22 The Fat Rat
23 Krewella

I like all of their songs!

Killin it is so good

24 Grant Bowtie

His songs are so immersive. The sounds that distort everything else in the song help me as a music for studying. By far, my second favorite artist next to Stephen Walking.

He needs to release a tad bit more but besides that his songs (so far) are very unique and all have their own sparkle and shine.

There's so much detail in every one of his tracks you see why it took over a year to make every one of them.

All of his songs are filled with detail and uniqueness, wish I could see him on tour.

25 Mr. Fijiwiji

I think that Mr. Fijiwiji should at least be in the top 5 or 6. I LOVE every monstercat artist out there, but Mr. Fijiwiji in over the top. I think all of his songs are very creative.

Mr. Fijiwiji (Amazing name by the way) has songs that are deeper then headbangers, not that I don't like them, but the Fij takes it to a whole other level.

Out of all monster at artists I think that mr.Fijiwiji is the best and his song cinicle from monstercat 12

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