Best Gorillaz Albums

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1 Demon Days

I love most of the songs and sometimes they put images in my head. I like all the others, but this is my favorite.

2 Plastic Beach

Almost every track is good. Normally, only two or three tracks are good. But on this album, wow, everything is like awesome.

My top 5:

1. Plastic Beach
2. Demon Days
3. The Fall
4. The Now Now
5. Gorillaz

Humanz almost lost all faith in Gorillaz. I'm happy that he made The Now Now so quickly after, which restored my faith.

3 Gorillaz

Their first album is the best musically sounding one. On my list, it just barely beats Demon Days by a hair. It's such a great album with a huge mixture of genres. Although its lineup is weird, it definitely beats that with how amazing the songs are. It's an underrated album that changed music forever.

The best album is totally this one, no exceptions. My top 3 in the album are:

1. 19-2000
2. Clint Eastwood
3. Tomorrow Comes Today

Noodle's look fits her perfectly. No album can beat this one. The music in the album goes with it perfectly and is so bouncy.

1. Gorillaz
2. Demon Days
3. Plastic Beach

4 The Now Now

Gorillaz should stop using guest artists. I love what Damon Albarn did with his 2011 masterpiece, The Fall. He had something cool going. Then he abandoned it in Humanz. However, due to the lack of guest artists in The Now Now, you got that same synth kind of thing going but more polished, and not dreary whatsoever. I hope we get more stuff like The Now Now from Gorillaz in the future.

In my opinion, what makes this album stand out from the others the most would be the lack of collaborators and how all the songs are solid (or that none of them are the type of song that you would skip on Spotify just to "get to the good ones"). Damon pulled this one off perfectly by giving us something that sounded different from all the other albums and gave us a break from the enormous amount of collabs featured on Humanz. Who knew that Gorillaz would be able to produce such a quality album in just the span of one year?

5 Humanz

It is literally the best Gorillaz album of all time. Every time I listen to it, it reminds me of a trip to the beach or a visit to a carnival. 10/10 album.

How do people not like this? I think people don't realize that every Gorillaz album is a different genre. But this album gave me many emotions. Summer 2017 would have been horrible without this album.

Not my favorite, but it seems to be a favorite for a lot of people who are otherwise not into Gorillaz, even though all their albums are so different from each other.

6 The Fall
7 D-Sides

Excuse me, but you all are sleeping on D-Sides. It might be a B-sides album, but Hong Kong is an unforgettable song that should have been on the album. 68 State would have been a great interlude, and Stop The Dams is amazing. Plus, the remixes are good as well. It should be ranked above The Fall and Humanz. You can basically call it Demon Days 1.5.

8 G Sides

I admit: I was not so much for the remixes on this album at first, but they grew on me, and to be honest, they somehow fit on the album. Just like the other albums, G Sides has a nice setup, variation in sound (minus their album The Fall), and such. I can't really choose whether I think it ends well or not, but it's definitely worth checking out for its variation. Examples include: Faust, Hip Albatross (not to be confused with Albatross by Fleetwood Mac), Latin Simone (has the English version), Left Hand Suzuki Method, The Sounder, and 12D3. I find D sides to be somewhat better, but this one has a special feel to it that is somewhat better and hard to explain.

9 Song Machine, Season One
10 Tomorrow Comes Today
The Contenders
11 Spacemonkeyz Vs. Gorillaz: Laika Come Home
12 The Singles Collection
13 Feel Good Inc EP
14 Demon Days Live
15 Cracker Island
16 Meanwhile EP
17 Phase One: Celebrity Take Down
18 Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades

Seeing that this is just Demon Days and D-Sides combined, shouldn't this be number one?

19 iTunes Session
20 Roadkill: The Mixtape
21 The Apex Tapes
22 We are the Dury
23 The Static Channel
24 The Last Cult
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