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1 The Black Parade

This is pretty much the only album where I have every single song on my main playlist. It's my favourite album of all time, and has one of my favourite songs: Famous Last Words. Cancer is also a brilliant song, it's my go to for when I'm sad, along with Disenchanted. Welcome To The Black Parade is an iconic song that most people who aren't fans of My Chemical Romance know this song. Other songs in the album are sleep, The End., Dead!, This Is How I Disappear, The Sharpest Lives, I Don't Love You, House Of Wolves, Mama, Blood and Teenagers. It's an amazing and iconic album that everyone should listen to in their lives.

Just an unforgettable album. The only My Chemical Romance album that's lowest moment was still amazing. Even though it doesn't have my favourite song, (Vampires will never hurt you) it had the most incredible songs. I think it the the best song, Welcome to the Black Parade.

4. Bullets. Some moments of masterpiece, and a load o' forgettable stuff.
3. Killjoys. Incredible album, but didn't feel like My Chemical Romance, which is why a lot of hardcore fans didn't like it.
2. Revenge. Helena, To The End, YKWTDTGLUIP, I'm Not Okay, The Ghost of You, The Jetset Life, Thank You For the Venom, and by this point, the rest of the album blurs, even though they're incredible still.
1. Look at the track listing and try to make a ranking list. That's what I thought.

2 Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

This Album is absolutely perfect. It is my favourite album of all time and has given me a hell of a lot of strength when life gets tough. Dissapointing to see The Black Parade a full 13% votes ahead of Three Cheers. Don't get me wrong The Black Parade is perfect as well, but this one takes the cake. The Black Parade is too overrated in my opinion. Can you even comprehend with masterpieces such as Thank You For The Venom, I'm Not Okay and Helena. This album of which(orthough some people may not see it) is very creative and innovated, and carried the 2000's into a new sound. 10/10 album.

I understand that a lot of fans discovered My Chemical Romance through The Black Parade, but I believe this album is their greatest work, and personally my favourite album of all times. I don't need to skip a single song in this one. You can hear the dedication and detail put into every track, even the Interlude is mesmerizing. A concept album with a very defined story, outstanding instrumentals and killer lyrics. A true masterpiece.

3 Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

I really wanted to vote for the black parade. But I just felt like this was the one to vote for. The music videos are really cool even though there aren't many of them. Besides we all need to admit that red-head Gerard looks awesome.

1. Danger Days
2. The Black Parade
3. Conventional Weapons
4. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
5. I Brought You My Bullets...

(Haha please don't get mad at me for putting older albums on the bottom, I love all of them and I feel bad ranking them, but just because they're at the bottom doesn't mean I hate them)

Way to go off with a bang.

4 I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

1: Skylines and Turnstiles
2:Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
3: Gerard vocals, like for real the pure emotion in the songs. I love how raw it sounds, it reminds me of Kurt Cobain in a way.

In my opinion, this album is better than Danger Days. I mean come on! This album is honestly so great. Deserves to be number 3.

It's my favorite. So emotional and beautiful. Just listen to Demolition Lovers or Early Sunsets, you'll get it

5 Conventional Weapons
6 The Black Parade Is Dead!
7 May Death Never Stop You

All of the best songs, in my opinion. It is really awesome and I love it!
Though, Black Parade is also awesome, I just felt like this one is a close second

It has their best songs. That is a fact. Why isn't this masterpiece higher in the list?!

8 Life On the Murder Scene
9 iTunes Festival: London 2011
10 The Mad Gear And Missile Kid
The Contenders
11 The Black Parade: B Sides
12 The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts
13 Hesitant Alien - Gerard Way

Doesn't really count but

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