Top 10 Best Iggy Azalea Songs

Since breaking onto the music scene, Iggy Azalea has been turning heads and moving feet with her blend of catchy hip-hop beats and insightful, bold lyrics. Whether she's serving us summer anthems or pouring out her heart in more introspective tracks, Iggy has proven she's got what it takes to make waves in the world of music.

Known for her flashy style and unapologetic confidence, Iggy’s music isn’t just about rhythm and rhymes, but also a reflection of her journey. From the sunny Gold Coast of Australia to the glitz and glamour of the American music industry, she's faced challenges and ridden the waves of success, and it all reverberates through her music.

So, what makes an Iggy Azalea song the best? Is it her infectious beats that get you moving no matter where you are? Is it her powerful and often cheeky lyrics that always leave a strong impression? Or perhaps it's how her music speaks to you, giving voice to emotions and experiences in a way only she can? The best part is that there's no right or wrong answer - music is as personal as it gets, and what tops one person's list might be different for someone else.
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1 Fancy

Everything about Iggy is just amazing. She is beautiful, a great rapper, has a nice body, and is the realist.

My favorite song. It's catchy, and shoes her rap skills.

Its good but gets stuck in my hed.

2 Work

Unlike a lot of her other songs, this one tells about her life and the struggles she faced and it really pulls at your heart strings. Definitely her best song by far!

I fell in love with Iggy when I heard this song. Love her music. Love her as a person. Love her so much.

This is the best Iggy song there's no doubt! It's so catchy and the lyrics is pure art.

3 Black Widow

In my opinion, this is the best Iggy Azalea song. It has a good beat that you can't help but dance to.

This is her best song in my opinion, even better than Fancy. One of the best songs of the year.

Her verses in this song are better than any sung by Lil Wayne.

4 Bounce

Song is boss. Iggy slays!

This song is awesome

5 Problem

Her rapping is good but the credits do go to Ariana Grande.

6 Change Your Life

I love Iggy Azeala she is my favorite singer and I can rap to get music and I am only ten but started rapping when I was littler and I wish I was a rapper.

7 Beg for It

Beg for it makes my life so much better. Love Iggy so much, she is spittin some awesome lyrics in this one. Love her and her music

Awesome I love it

I like this song of her even more than fancy and I think it should be in the top of the list

8 Team

This girl looks so cocky in this music video, solid confidence. PLUS an awesome song. Like this girl!

Team is AWESOME. Plus she be looking' good in that music video. Love Iggy and all her music.

This is pretty good. And this is coming from a person who does NOT like Iggy Azalea.

9 Trouble

It's just so catchy

This song is good

10 Heavy Crown

Come on! This one deserves to be #3

The Contenders
11 Savior

This is her best song.

12 Goddess

Goddess is amazing! I will bow down to Iggy any day.

13 Walk the Line

Just listen to the lyrics...

This is what Iggy azalea is all about she is amazing I love all her songs but this one is the top

14 Impossible Is Nothing

Same, it inspires me everyday. And every time I listen to it.

Impossible is nothing changed my life and it is so special to me

15 My World

Come on she's hip hop queen!

16 New Bitch
17 Don't Need Y'all
18 Take My Pic
19 P****
20 Mo Bounce

Great all the way I want to bounce now.

Mo votes ha ha funny pun

The Beat go hard

21 F**K Love

Love this song forever

22 Peach Body
23 Just Askin'
24 No Mediocre

This is so damn catchy

25 Iggy SZN
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