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1 Carnival of Rust

My boyfriend spoke of this song highly.. He always said that it's his favourite song of all time... I checked it out.. And It became MY favourite song too... I just LOVE this song.. I always hear to this song... Its got BEAUTIFUL combination of soul and rock... It always reminds me of my boyfriend... I'm glad to find this song on the 1st rank..

Not only is this song the best song from Poets of The Fall, but also one of the best songs ever made.
This song has it all, from mesmerizing guitars, to top notch vocals and an overall aura which cannot be denied.
I have yet to find anyone who has disliked this song.
Carnival of Rust, for the win.
This definitely is, Music at its Finest!

It's the best song I have ever heard, the way it starts and the way it ends, the voice, everything in this song is so special. Sometimes when the world is so over you, listen to this song, it will surely help because only some songs have the power to touch the soul.

To be put simply, it is the best song I have heard in many months, simply because there is so much passion in it. Singers recently have started worrying more about following a fad and so they all sound the same. This one steps out of the normal and dances to the beat of its own drum

2 Late Goodbye

Late Goodbye the first song that POTF put out is undeniably #1 in most fans heart..for good reason too.Beautiful vocals and melody which makes every repeat listener attempt to sing along is just what makes this the classic poets of the fall experience.

This is just one of the best song of not only POTF but among all rock band for ages. Love the lyrics which is actually a poem. "And we keep driving into the night. "You don't only listen to it but also try to sing by yourself, don't you? Best lyrics. And obviously Carnival of Rust would be 2nd best.

A mesmerizing song.. It makes me forget myself and takes me to another another world. No matter how many times you listen to it, it still sounds the same. Love it.

Its got an ethereal quality about it.. An awesome song with great acoustics and a dream in itself.. Lovely lyrics which can be visualized effortlessly..

3 Cradled in Love

This song should be on the no. 2 position. In fact I believe it is better than Carnival of Rust. I am just putting it on No.2 position because Carnival was first in its own league, otherwise this song is far better.. At least to me. I heard Carnival and I learned it on guitar after a week.. But after listening to this I practiced 18 hours non stop to learn it.. You can imagine how much I liked it

I would have been very, very, very surprised if I had seen this song any lower in the list. I can understand why 'Carnival of Rust' is #1, but 'Cradled in Love' is equally good, if not better. It is one of those rare songs that you fall in love with, for life. You will listen to it over and over again, at different points of your life, and it will make sense every single time. Thank you POTF, for this incredible song.

In my opinion this is one of the best songs by the band if not the best. Personally, I think all the songs by Poets Of The Fall rock! Its really hard to choose which of their song is the best. My Personal Top Five by the Band is (Not In Order):

1. Late Goodbye
2. Carnival Of Rust
3. Cradled In Love
4. Fire
5. Lift.

And I recently listened to Psychosis! And It Rocks! They rock so awesomely that its hard to choose one song

One of the greatest of songs from Poets of the Fall... I would just stay whole day listening to this same song because this song is just mind-blowing and whoever thinks the songs of American singer is great, must surely love this song because this is just the best!

4 Dreaming Wide Awake

This song was me and my girlfriends favorite song to sing together until the day that she was taken from this world too soon. I sang it at her funeral before kissing her forehead and telling her that I love her one last time. When I hear this song so many strong emotions flow through me

The only fault in this song is the Chorus and rest of the Song does not match! Otherwise This song is quite good enough to be in at least in the top 10 for sure.
"Another Place or Time
Without a great divide
And we could be flying deadly high
I'll sell my soul to dream you withe awake! "
Awesome work by Marko and Olli!

This song is just so too creepily good to describe in words...

Those who have broken hearts can nly feel the meaning and depth of this song.

5 Lift

Do we need debate when it seems too late
Like I bleed but wait, like nothing's wrong?

You lift my spirit, take me higher, make me fly
Touch the moon up in the sky, when you are mine
You lift me higher, take my spirit, make it fly
Where all new wonders will appear

POTF are the real maestros of guitar. Each song has truly out-of-this-world guitar riffs. But the one in "Lift" is the king of riffs. Moreover the lyrics are special.

I know it is difficult for any POTF fan to choose the best, but I personally feel this is it.

Actually this should have been named as Illusion and Dream 'because that's what one gets after hearing to this. Really Great song and deserves top position

Lift is an amzing song that shows how someone can make you see the light at the end of the tunnel. It also shows how some of the worries are just in your head and there are people who can bring you back to reality and you can once again enjoy life

6 Passion Colors Everything

One of the hidden gems of POTF. very Underrated Song! The lyrics, the pick up, the highs, the way Marco sings it.. Just Orgasmic!

"the face I wear behind my grin"
"Money doesn't bring me joy, it's more like darling dead weight"
"it's underrated how we overrate"

It deserves to be at least in the first top ten songs of this list!

This song is just filled with so much life, it'd be a shame to not have it somewhere at the top of this list!

7 Revolution Roulette

This song has the best bass line I have ever heard.

8 Illusion & Dream

Carnival of rust is an amazing song... And with even better music video... But this song is so great too... Just listen to it, you will certainly like it if you like carnival of rust.

I came to know the difference between illusion and dream after listening to this song, awesome song! Guitar work is too good! Would love to hear the next album soon!

It's so beautiful specially the starting. It just feels so good to hear it. Gives a pause to mind no matter how disturbed I am. LOVE I! No words to define its beauty... Seriously

I did not like the vote thing because I've listened to all of POTF's songs and all of them are great. and I wish if I can give my vote to all of there songs. but this song illusion & Dream one of the best... love ya poets of the fall

9 Temple of Thought

The lyrics are absolute gold! Would easily make the perfect wedding song. It's so beautiful and filled with positivity that is stands quite starkly in contrast to contemporary sad music. Top of the list for me.

This song is just so amazing! I used to love Carnival of Rust and Lift, but since I the day I listened this song, it's on the top of my "Most Played" list! Awesome song! Deserves to be on the top spot!

This is one of the best Poets Of the Fall songs! Try it, people, you'll fall in love with it. It does something to you, gives an amazing feeling. The lyrics is good too!

If I ever get married this is one song that I would like someone (husband maybe) to perform. The most beautiful love song especially as an acoustic version!

10 Where Do We Draw the Line

I didn't even think to listen to this song until I saw everyone's comments on here. Before then, I had listened to pretty much everything else, especially the Alchemy album. Now this is my favorite song, and it really bums me out that they didn't think to put this on what is pretty much their greatest hits album.

This is really an awesome song.. I've heard it many times.. The lyrics are superb.. You can really compare it to cradled in love... And yes.. Many people haven't heard this song. So would urge them.. This song really deserves a top 5 spot.. If not top 3

I think it is the 2nd best introspective song from the stables of POTF, after carnival of rust. Only reason for it being 2nd last is that no-one has ever heard it. Just give it a try and vote, you won't be disappointed.

This song is so beautiful... You won't be disappointed by this song. It's really beautiful. If you're having a tough day, just listen to it. It's one of my favorite songs.

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11 Sleep

This is the POTF's song I like the most. It is very touching and it forces you to listen it again and again. Although the first one that I heard was a different one, searching in YouTube took me to this one, I love it.

This song helps me drift off into the sweetest sleep no matter how hard my day turned out to be! It's like a great lullaby! Do listen to it!

This song can give you peace and comfort! I really was impressed the first time I heard it! You really can rest in peace then for sure!

When I've heard this song it made me cry. After this dong I started to listen to them, so Sleep will be always in the first place for me.

12 Locking Up the Sun

This song absolutely deserves to be in the top five!
This song Is one of the best rock songs ever
A good combination of great riffs and vocals

Makes me feel hopeful and heroic.

13 Overboard

Great song, a symphony of acoustic and electric solo, combined with ecstatic drum beats and, as expected of POTF, beautiful and meaningful lyrics. This was the best song of the album, no doubt about that, next to Lift and Illusion & Dream.

Awesome beat, awesome vocal, awesome vocal. An awesome experience overall. In my opinion, one of the very best POTF has ever composed. Ranks right up there with 'Carnival of Rust' and 'Late Goodbye'.

One of the best I've ever listened to..
Should definitely be at the 3rd place rather..

14 The Poet and the Muse

Poets of the fall is an extremely underrated band. On top of that, what I feel is their best song, is completely unknown ( as it does not feature in any album). This song is amazing in so many ways. The lyrics are perfect, the vocals are beautiful and the guitar solo is jut heavenly! If poets were more well-known, this dog has the potential to be the next stairway to heaven

Should be in the top 10. Tells you a whole story (see Alan Wake) in just one song! Brilliant!

I don't know why this song is not in top 10 but what I feel is this song is amazing..

Highly underrated song and band. touching song, with an amazing story to tell!

15 The Beautiful Ones

One of the best POTF songs ever.. Should on top three... Makes me emotional, thoughtful, pleased when I listen this song... Great lyrics, outstanding vocal of Marko Saaresto, peaceful background make the song a masterpiece... The lyrics has such kind of pleasure or power of attraction anyone would try to listen this song again and again... Really love this song

This song is so heart touchingly beautiful, so hypnotic that you'll be on the brink of tears. POTF just keeps amazing us with songs like these. This one definitely, without a doubt needs to go up.

So hypnotic and surreal - definitely their best song yet! Similar to Given and Denied, but occupying a whole new level of awesomeness!

This song deserves to be on the top 10 list..

16 Sorry Go 'Round

Oh god how is this so low in the list! Definite top ten. True POTF fans would realise it suits them a lot more than other songs. Give it a thumbs up!

Whaaat is this?
Really guys 23? Come on people ever heard the drums? This beats Lp And Metallica. I've never such beautiful drums. This song deserves to be in the top 10...

Checked the Lyrics? They're cool enough

I have been listening to this song all day on repeat and I STILL haven't gotten tired of it

17 Smokes and Mirrors

Deep and ephemera song, with great lyrics and instruments, should be in top ten.

This song is amazing!

18 15 Min Flame
19 More
20 Given and Denied

Carnival of Rust and Cradled in love are without doubt really awesome songs, but because they're already on top, and this extremely, if not equally, awesome song is not where its supposed to be, I'm voting! Wish I could vote for Sleep and Late goodbye too. 15 minute flame... Aa there are so many of them!

This is the best song ever. No wonder, it is from the best band! The meaning of the lyrics and the music is mind blowing. This is my favourite song and I love the poets for giving the world such meaningful music. All hail Marko, Olli, Captain, Jaska, Jani and Jari (aka Poets of the Fall)!

Beautiful and amazing song. The lyrics are just wonderful because it talks about how you should spend your life. You could die any day. "Fall like a leaf in the wind on the ocean of blue like your eyes in the twilight theater"... Plain genius.

My favourite song was Carnival of Rust... Till I heard this.
The lyrics are so so beautiful and define what the poets are all about. The allegory combined with Marko's voice... No words to describe it...

21 War

I found this song while playing Alan Wake, and I fell in the moment the music started. This has got to be my all time favorite song, hands down. It's playing on my iPod no matter the mood. The different slow and faster pace within song just amplify the sheer beauty of it. Wonderful song, deserves to be #1!

Such an amazing song it is really incredible. I listen to it daily because the lyrics reminds me that people actually care about me. It's my favourite song by Poets of the Fall

War is just an amazing song, the lyrics are wonderful, the melody too (like all POTF song) it's with this one and The Poet and his muse that I discover the band and now it's my favorite band, go listen that song!

This song is amazing... Simply amazing. Even more if you played Alan Wake 360's game. Highly recommended, Check the official video too!

22 All the Way / 4U

The song slowly transforms from a slow and soft melody to an emotional and passionate rock ballad... The piano, guitar and Marko's voice... No words to describe it.. Would you go all the way for your love?

The way the slow temp. Mixes with heavy, powerful music... I love it there.. I keep on lisnin' to this song.. It never grow old for me... I just love this song from my heart.. I wish it make it to the top.. Carnival of rust is great too.

I'm currently in love with this song.. Especially the second part of it, so powerful, emotional, sweet, great.. I have no words... Their songs enlighten me..

Its very hard to select a best POTF song as almost all of them have something unique and they are amazing.. But this song has so much emotion, passion and the tune in from 2:09 just melts my heart.. Without doubt, POTF is one of my favourites and one of the best alt rock bands in the world..

23 Roses

I'm a huge Poet of the Fall fan - heard every piece of music they've ever made or performed - and I'm immensely disappointed that Roses isn't even on the list. It's easily one of their greatest creations. The lyrics are deep, the guitars are beautiful, and the vocals are captivating. This song deserves to be in the top 10.

I love this song so much! Especially the chorus, and the intro. It's so beautiful. Please vote for this song and help it make it to the top ten. It's my favorite song.

51? Are you kidding me? Should be in top 5 at least!

So when I'm crying alone
Yeah, when I'm cold as a dying stone

Grow me a garden of roses
Paint me the colors of sky and rain
Teach me to speak with their voices
Show me the way and I'll try again

Such a an amazing and addictive song! I just want to listen to it over and over again...

24 Someone Special

I Love this Song, Evergreen Song you can listen on any day..any time..I am now listening this Song for 3 three years and still get goose bump..I would love to see "'Someone Special" in Top ten..You have missed something in your life if you have not listened to this Song..

This is where it all started. You don't know Poets of the Fall if you haven't heard this song. Mark makes a mark. Go for it, folks. Beg, Borrow, Steal but you've gotta get this feel.

Blasphemy! If all this while this number wasn't on the list... All I can say is... Its blasphemy! This song defines them.. This is poets of the fall..

The first time he sings "Where you'd least expect, there's someone special" always gives me a warm feeling.

25 Daze

So contagious, once you get hit by its music, impossible to "Not think" of it or "Not listen to it again.. and again... and again..."

Believe me, I am a fortunate victim of its music and the band on the whole.
This track right now has over 300 plays on my iTunes play count.
Bless you Poets of the Fall. Thank You for existing.

Come on guys vote for this. A new song and a new level of addictiveness!
Set the world on fire with bittersweet desire
"To chase away the night, let the whole world burn
Set the world on fire for bliss in sweet denial, oblivion and peace
Will you let me burn? "

The song is new, fresh and addictive. as always poets have the meaningful lyrucs and the magic of marko's voice and his variations is heavenly. it will go high in he list, I am damn sure

Should definitely be in this list somewhere.

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