Top 10 Reasons Selena Gomez is Better Than Miley Cyrus

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1 Selena is much prettier

Selena is the best. She is way better than Miley, cuter than Miley, and always she is very beautiful. She care a lot about her fans. She love all her friends that's why Justin Bieber is deeply love with her.. But Miley, she just try to imitate and copy others. Selena is best. Love you sweetie. Keep rocking. Selena is the best!

Selena Gomez is much better much prettier and much cuter than Miley Cyrus I just hate Miley. Selena gomez is so popular. Selena gomez cried many times 4 her fans She is better from every look of Miley I love you so mucch than any one I am a big fan of Selena Gomez you rock

The first time I saw Pie-ley I was like what Liam is WAY outta her league! Then when I saw Selena I immediately went to her photos and I stared at them ALL DAY! By the way Selena is WAY outta your league Justin, it's the truth so get over it girly voiced freak.

Selena is so pretty! Miley shaved her head is to skinny and is being so in appropriate! A little to personal in her music videos! Selena has gorgeous hair eyes body and sings better! I like mily better before she shave her haed! But I've always like selena better!

2 Selena's show is cooler

I give Wizards of Waverly Place an 8/10. The main characters are very strong and get over their own problems without assistance. The story blew me away and was inspired by Harry Potter.

I give Hannah Montana a 1/10. I am actually happy to hate this show the same way I do so with Nickcoms.

Hannah Montana was a great show. So was Sonny With A Chance (Starring my favorite, Demi) but Wizards Of Waverly Place wasn't as popular, and I sat there bored when that came on.

I was never a Hannah Montana fan but I did like her song party in the USA... Selena Gomez is better than her in any way and she is a great role model I want to be like her that successful

I used to watch Hannah Montana and WOWP but later just switched to WOWP because it was more fun to watch it than the other one.
I have no idea why you would want to watch the story of a girl who wears a wig to sing.

3 Miley looks like a raccoon with all that eyeliner

Miley Cyrus does not look like a racoon. Selena Gomez however, tries to look like Miley and Demi but she's to uglty.

Oh Gosh! This one made me laugh so hard.

Look at her now.

4 Selena has better music

Miley always have better music. She was more successful till now. Miley always hits billboard where selena bellow Miley. Real fact. People listen Miley's songs because they have better taste.

You heard a year without rain? It had so much efforts in it, so, do not vote for Miley Cyrus. also, you heard naturally compared to wrecking ball? Miley Cyrus is naked on that video!

Selena actually has talent, she doesn't need props to get attention, her natural talent gets her the right attention.

At least Miley's music can be interesting in its awfulness.

5 Selena cares more about her fans

Miley says she wants to smack kids, even if they're her fans. She hates kids, even kids who are her fans. Selena is my #1 role model and makes her fans feel special. She has said quotes I've told my best friend, and now my best friend (from Selena's quotes) doesn't want to commit suicide. My best friend and I like Selena better than Miley. Plus, Selena even said "leave my fans alone! " to the security. She cares about us, thank you Selena.

Yeah selena is an awesome role model I've always looked up to her and loved her she makes her fabs feel special unlike stinky cyrus she dresses her age, loves her fans, doesn't pole dance on kids shows and she is beautiful. Oh and she doesn't twerk for attention by the way miley don't expect t win any awards just from twerking you have to have real talent like selena gomez I love you selena you are my rock

I like miley but Selena is just the best est ever person in the whole world in fact I've looked up to Selena since I was young so I suppose that is the true reason not cause of these silly reasons up here. But Selena I love you so much and your perfect just the way you are. Remember that you r beautiful Selena and I will love you always. Keep smiling.

Selena has done a lot of philanthropy. This shows she is not a selfish jerk like Miley. She couldn't care less how she corrupts young people.

6 Selena is a better singer

Selena Gomez is Pretty, A great singer, shes down to earth and she is Way prettier than any of the girls in the world! I think she should of made 1'st place on the best female singers. Top Ten list! Selena Gomez is my Role model and I think that she is WAY nicer than Miley Cyrus, WAY prettier than Miley Cyrus and A person who has a true BFFl! ( That's My Opinion! )

Well, both their songs are good. But, Selena's music videos are... More appropriate and better. But, Selena's songs and voice is kinda better than Miley's. Miley, I used to adore you, after I saw Wrecking Ball... I realized... I DON'T LIKE YOU!

I disagree. Selena is a huge throat singer, and in some of her songs like "hands to myself" she's basically just randomly gasping. At least Miley can actually partially sing

Honestly I think they're both very medicore singers, but at least Selena's songs make sense. like I guess I get wrecking ball, but '23' is literally about clubbing and drugs. Selena's 'Slow Down' is so catchy and adorable. I love it

7 Selena doesn't have to wear a wig to look good

That's right!

Selena Gomez's hair is far more prettier than Miley's own!

Selena had so much more talents than Miley are. I don't understand why she got so many haters and they say that she's copying Miley! HIS IS SO UNFAIR!

YES! This reason is the one I'm searching! Selena doesn't need any wig at playing Mikayla but Miley needs the wig at playing the role of Hannah Montana!

It was a character & Miley gave her hair away for charity unlike Selena. She'd rather look pretty than help Cancer patients.

Yeah! Exactly, she doesn't need a wig to look pretty because she is naturall graceful. Unlike that idiotic sucking Miley Cyrus...

8 Selena dresses her age

Selena dresses beautifully on the red carpet, while Miley wears stuff inappropriate on the red carpet.

Miley Cyrus looks like well you know and that looks inappropriate for kids

9 Selena has better taste in clothes

Oh, this one is so true. Miley is like wearing last year clothes. And selena is burning hot with the hottest clothes in Hollywood!

I am being completely honest when you say that Alex's style on WoWP was the best I've ever seen on Fisney. Ever. Miley was one of the worst, Hannah Montana and now.

To be honest not all female celebrities have great sense of clothing.

This is so true Mileys clothes are horrible wait she doesn't wear clothes!

10 Selena has more friends

Laugh out loud. This one is so funny ;) but very true... You see selena hanging out with Taylor swift and all those other people but who hangs out with Miley? No one

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11 Selena is more down-to-earth

Miley is way better than selena. Selena is also a nice girl but Miley is better singer and more successfull.

Selena is awesome.She is nice and a awesome singer and actor.
It is plainly seen that she is more down to earth than Miley.

12 Selena didn't pole dance like Miley

She should audition to be a character on Degrassi. She'd be awesome for that.
Miley is the kind of person who after a few seasons in on her show, you knew she was going to be messed up. But Selena, however, is beautiful, a great singer, down-to-earth, has a boyfriend that lasted longer than three weeks, and everybody KNOWS she won't become a messed up Miley. If/When she and Justin Bieber break up, maybe she'll write, I don't know, one song about it? Selena Gomez always smiles in her songs. In the Shake It Up theme song, you can actually HEAR her smiling. In all her songs you can.

Miley Cyrus had changed too much, once I used to look up to her but not anymore...
I just think that Selena Gomez has a lot more respect for herself and doesn't need to do stuff like this to get fans and be noticed.
She just has a more sophisticated presence and seems like she thinks a lot more highly of herself.

Miley Cyrus used to be a nice girl. But now she's like a Degrassi character! Oh, god, I'm surprised she didn't get married last year! I agree with Dylan; Miley is so... Disgusting!

This is insane. Miley pole dances (ew! ) and kids still like her?! Selena does what's right because she knows she is a role model, unlike immature Miley.

13 Selena is doing something with her career

She has Spring Breakers, Aftershock, Hotel Transylvania, WOWP 2, Behaving Badly, Getaway (With ETHAN HAWKE)and will be in 13 Reasons Why, What boys Want, Hot Mess and Change of Heart. On top of that she has an album coming out in March, a fragrance, nail polish, Dream Out Loud, a deal with ADIDAS, Ambassador for Ryan Seacrest Foundation AND UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

And what does Miley have? A flopped film (laugh out loud! ), Another flopped film (So Undecover)-7% by Rotten tomatoes. An album that is still YET to come out (Really Miley? ) and her dogs... Oh at least she has Liam who is hot yet equally terrible at acting!

Screw Behaving Badly. I literally think it is on par with the Miley Cyrus films. Both are very one-dimensional and negatively portray teenagers. But Wizards of Waverly Place is a reasonably awesome franchise! I love Ben T. Looney, but there are some disney Channel shows that he unfairly bashed/needs a new perspective on.

And now Brad Pitt said he will be working on making a movie with Selena! Now that is what I call success, when older, mature and much more talented people in Hollywood want to work with you. Long Live Queen Selena!

Now she doesn't even really have Liam... He just talks to her when he has a new movie out and is seen walking with her hand in hand after months of literally ignoring her... Shame.

14 Miley has a bad short hairstyle

Miley's hair cut is not so bad. She looks cool asusaul. Agree Miley's long hair cut made her look pretty but now she is not looks bad either.

Smiley has a great haircut. It's her hair her opinion.

Her haircut reminds me of puke.

Another dumb reason.

15 Selena wears clothes

Oh gawd! This one cracked me up. It is true. I have nothing against either one of them, but Miley was naked, swinging on a wrecking ball. Selena would never do that.

Cracked up when I saw this.

16 Miley has a lisp

Really? Didn't know this. And this is a dumb reason.

No wonder why selenator got so many hate. They are so stupid and mean

17 Selena doesn't do drugs

Didn't Selena go to rehab for abusing prescription drugs and alcohol? Both of which are more harmful than marijuana (which is the only thing Miley does).

Yep, I'm pretty sure Selena doesn't do drugs, but Miley clearly does drugs.

Didn't she go into rehab for a few weeks.

Selena doesn't sing about drugs look it up in we can stop she says dancing with molly

18 Selena has more respect from her fans and friends

I'm not a big fan of selena but she shows respect and that's pretty cool

19 Selena acts her age

I think that's what makes people like her more.
She's down to earth and definitely know how to have fun without showing off or whatever that Miley does..

Meh, it's not bad to act like a child. Plus, she is a child trapped in an adult body.

Selena is a kid. That's all

Age is no time for maturity.

20 Selena is nicer

Some selenators are too much. Selena is not so bad okay so why you?

How rude selena's fans are. Very gross.

21 Selena is smarter

She's even smarter than Bieber & Princess Peach, & thus, Miley Cyrus could voice the now 5'10" & on steroids with long, thick & perverted thighs Amy Rose the Hedgehog. Now stop putting down Miley Cyrus! They are both smart & have long, sexy & sulfur-producing (or so that's what it looks like) thighs nowadays when they are exposed. & Selena Gomez probably took a dump on Luigi's supremely bulbous nose in fiction, just like how Miley Cyrus took a very large dump on Mario's enormous & supremely bulbous nose. No, I think it looks very much like they would.

Selena is smart Miley is not Selena is 10 times smarter than Miley Miley sucks as heck if she didn't change every body will like her but now she is a Hutchie momma and a lil brat! I hate Miley Cyrus

Another dumb reason.

22 Selena is friends with Taylor Swift

Which is exactly why Miley is better than Selena. At least Miley is upfront about who she is. Selena's just a Secret Mean Girl along with the rest of Taylor Swift's Squad.

Now they feuded for some reason, and as a result, Taylor Swift's best friend is Ariana Grande, who can actually be compared to Miley Cyrus in ways.

23 Selena is a UNICEF ambassador
24 Selena doesn't twerk

Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus could both be Mexican-American. Also, they don't need to have sex with each other.

Miley twerked on the Mexican flag (racist! ) and Miley also twerked at the VMAs while licking a foam finger. But Selena doesn't do anything inappropriate, luckily.

25 Selena starred in a better show
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